@lilyrose_miley_tierney - Day #5 (last day!) of #bts leading up to the series finale of #thevampirediaries
@craccola - from day one, you have been the most kind, generous, thoughtful, caring and loving. You made the girls feel like they were a part of your actual family. Getting to know you and your sweet Florence has been such a treat and we are so blessed that our friendship goes beyond the show. The hugs and love the fans see on camera are no different than the ones off camera. They are honest, genuine and true, just like your spirit. I asked the girls to describe you and they all agreed that you are like their Sunshine Bear (#carebears), because you are like a ray of sunshine. Every time they see you, your smile makes them smile. Thank you for being the best TV momma & role model to them. They so look up to you #tvdseason7 #tvdseason8 #tvdforever #josieandlizzie #carolineforbes #loved -
this so beautiful 😭😍 Candice is truly wonderful person and the girls also so cute

@craccola - Season 7 Caroline didn’t know she was pregnant yet while I was pushing 6 months. Thank goodness for our incredible wardrobe department! My belly started growing so fast that within a week of our fitting I started stretching seams 😝 #tvdforever #iknowmyofficewasmessy -