She Was Back: A Steroline Drabble

Prompt: Stefan gets Caroline to turn on her humanity with an epic kiss!

It had been 3 weeks since Caroline turned off her humanity. 3 weeks since Stefan had truly discovered how he felt about Caroline. 3 weeks since the funeral of Liz Forbes. The 3 most agonizing weeks of Stefan’s life.
Caroline, on the other hand, was having the time of her life. She didn’t have a care in the world, and it felt amazing. Bonnie had come back to find Caroline on the verge of going mentally insane, and with a strong determination to get their best friend back, Elena, Bonnie and Stefan were on the mission of a lifetime to return her back to her normal self.
Bonnie explained the situation to Stefan in frustration. “We’ve tried everything. We’ve tried to guilt her back to humanity, to make her realize what she’s missing, hell we even threatened to kill Elena like 15 times which apparently wasn’t enough. No offense, Elena.”
“None taken.”
“We’re out of options.”
Stefan responded immediately. “Let me try. I know I might be part of the reason she flipped the switch but I feel like if I had even some influence in her turning off her humanity, then maybe I’ll be able to help her turn it back on.”
“That all sounds great, but what are you going to say to her. You remember me with my emotions off, I was a complete wreck. There was nothing anyone could say or do that would make me care again.”
“Yeah, well Caroline’s different, and I feel like this could work.”
Bonnie looked at Elena and realized that it could work. “Well, why not? I mean the worst that happens is that she gets even madder and kills a few people right?”
The three chuckled sarcastically, and knew that Stefan was the last hope for Caroline’s humanity.
“No progress with blondie yet?”
“Nope. This is all my fault.” Damon turned around puzzled after hearing his brother blame this on himself.
“If I had just told her how I felt at the funeral, then there’s a possibility none of this would’ve even happened.”
“Yeah, but Stefan you didn’t know how you felt. Come on! Did you think I didn’t see how you looked at her when she started singing that song? You practically fell off the pew, brother. That was when you fell in love with her. You may have liked her when you talked at the funeral, but you didn’t love her. And you and I both know that she needed to hear you were in love with her. Then maybe she wouldn’t have gone off the rails.”
Stefan listened to his brother’s words, realizing that he was completely right. But he was in love with her now- and that’s all he needed to show her. With that thought he ran as fast as he could over to Bonnie.
“Where’s Caroline?! I have an idea.”
“She’s probably running around in the woods somewhere.”
“Great, thank you.” Bonnie could see how urgent he knew this situation was, and as he turned away she could see a flash of excitement in his eyes.
“Stefan!”, Bonnie called to him as he walked out the door.
“Make it good.”
With that, Stefan smiled and vamp sped into the woods to find Caroline.
After looking for over 20 minutes, Caroline was nowhere to be found. Stefan was beginning to worry that she had gotten into more trouble. Or that maybe she had even left Mystic Falls, before his worries were cut off by the sound of her voice.
“Boo. Congrats, you found me. But seriously, stop wasting your time trying to fix me and just let me go- it’s getting annoying.”
“I’m not going to let you go, Caroline. I can’t.”
“Hmmm, that doesn’t sound like what you told me at the funeral.”
Stefan sighed, and looked down at his feet.
“It’s fine. I’m over it.”, Caroline responded.
“Well I’m not. I’m not over you”, and with that Stefan was already walking towards her with a determined look on his face. It was now or never.
He looked her in the eyes and kissed her as passionately but as softly as he could. It felt just like their first kiss. The same magical, calming and safe feeling that both of them had felt in that moment. The sun was setting, and as the sun hit their cheeks, there was a moment where he felt Caroline relax. She had let go. She was back.
Stefan pulled away after the kiss and looked her in the eyes.
“Stefan?” Caroline asked in the sweet, soothing voice that warmed Stefan’s heart. He smiled, knowing that the next three words he said would be the ones to change his life forever. It was the start of something new- something even better.
“I love you”, Stefan said almost immediately as he tucked a piece of hair behind her ear and rubbed her face with his thumb. He saw her smile and he knew that she had flipped her humanity back on. She had come back to him.
Caroline chuckled and pulled Stefan into her, kissing him with more passion than ever before. She loved him too, but she knew she didn’t have to say it. He already knew.
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