The Flower Girl

A Captain America Story : Bucky Barnes X OC



Chapter 3

“Is going out on the town with me really that bad?”

Bucky held a long frown on his face as they walked around the crowded market Saturday morning. Steve was off in some mission that only required a few agents so he was stuck getting baby sat by Natasha. Talk about awkward.

“It’s not bad. But if you remember our track record isn’t exactly the best so excuse me if I don’t find this a little awkward.” Natasha waves it off.

“Water under the bridge. Look you’re doing better. And we’re doing our best to get you back to that guy that was Steve’s best friend. I wouldn’t have offered to stay with you if I thought you were trying to kill me again.” Bucky stops and turns to her. Did he hear her right?

“You-you offered to stay with me?” He didn’t think any of the guys on the team, other than Steve, who tried to get out of the mission so that Bucky wouldn’t be alone, would have done that for him.

She nods nonchalantly. “They werent going to let one of their top agents off a big mission. But I knew Steve was not comfortable with leaving you alone and there’s only a few people he trusts you with. I want to be one of those people.”

“But aren’t you concerned I might…flip?” Natasha nods.

“The thought crossed my mind but it’s not like I don’t know how to handle you hot head.” She answers with a teasing wink and continues walking. Bucky’s eyes follow her before finally, his legs continue the journey forward.

“Remind me we need to pick up some supplies before we get back to the facility. Anything you need in a hurry? Bucky? Bucky??” Natasha instantly turns in alert, seeing that Bucky was not responding her. “James? What’s wrong?” He was stone solid staring off across the market. Natasha turns as well, her stance ready to fight, thinking Bucky spotted a Hydra agent or some other threat.

But what she saw was none of those things. What she spotted was tiny, blonde, and bubbly.

Natasha shifts her gaze up at Bucky who was still staring at her his eyes following her every move.

“You know her?” Natasha asks, her voice holding a bit a confused tone. Where could Bucky have met such a- “She’s your flower girl isn’t she?” Natasha put the two pieces together once she noticed the flowers scattered around the girls hair. They were cherry blossoms. “She’s cute.” Natasha compliments. Bucky swallows loudly.

“Stay here.”

“What?” She watches as he walks forward.

“Stay here.” He repeats and makes his way towards the blonde.

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