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I just came across the first gif and felt like making this set. I always found it peculiar that bedroom automatically meant vanilla in Enzo’s book. They don’t show anything particularly non-vanilla no matter who’s doing it on TVD anyway but you can tell Stefan’s got some kink in there. Lmao.

*not all of them are my gifs*

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Literally dobsley chemistry is the most lit and sexiest thing that was on TVD. I will never ever understand how Ian and Nina and not Nina and Paul continuously got chemistry awards when there were scenes like 5x14 (when Katherine was in Elena's body seducing Stefan). All their ships (Stelena, Steferine, Simara) were so well played. Now, when I watch Paul act with Candice or Elizabeth I'm just like "meh". Dobsley chemistry slays.

The thing is, TVD works really hard in manufacturing chemistry with ships that don’t have it naturally. Like, look at this:

It’s supposed to be epic with the light and the camera switches frames so the kiss becomes its own separate entity almost, so it’s supposed to scream E P I C but then you look at something like this:

It’s far less packaged and it’s more subtle but Nina’s eyes are sparkling here — and I really need to point out the shining eyes because you can’t just make your eyes shine, because that 5x22 DE kiss is supposed to be the shining eyes type of dynamic and you can see that Nina is trying to do that with the “intense” look and the shaking of her head but you can’t fake it, with Paul her eyes legit shine, and if you can’t see it above then, just before the kiss it’s like:

and while DE’s kiss, is them meshing their lips together and not really doing anything with that, Paul and Nina look like the only way either of them will continue to live is if they kiss each other.

And this:

I mean LOOK at Paul’s face. Every time I watch that scene I’m sitting there like … I can leave you alone, guys, like word, it won’t even be a problem. And then you have this:

And it’s like, I mean … OK? It clearly feels like acting to me, like a setup situation and with Steferine/Dobsley I felt like a voyeur.

Same with this, like Elena/Nina looks like she’s living right now:

and this:

it looks like, oh yeah this is nice and don’t forget the gif is slowed down for effect, it’s not this reveling, I’m completely lost in the sensation of your lips on my skin, I’m going to combust look that’s on her face with Paul and that’s because of the natural/professional chemistry distinction.

And then Simara:

SImara was the definition of angst and star-crossed romance not just because of the storyline but because Paul and Nina look like this shit is for real and there’s conviction and complete devastation in the way Nina says “I love you, I still do” and Paul looks like he’s about to die with complete sadness:

And you have this Delena scene:

And I mean, they look upset …ish. Sort of. But it falls so flat in comparison to Simara and it’s not even because of the love story or the context especially since it’s pretty much the same thing in that both couples are saying goodbye to each other for a very long time but it’s because of the Dobsley chemistry, which cannot be mimicked, like Nina and Paul look like their world is falling apart as Amara and Silas and this just looks like Damon and Elena are vaguely inconvenienced.

I can’t even do a comparison with Steroline because they don’t have any scenes like that and with Stalerie … like I think Elizabeth and Paul have more chemistry than Candice and Paul and I think you can see that they work together well but it’s completely mediocre in the face of Dobsley because their chemistry is still professional, it’s just better professional chemistry than Steroline’s.

Guys I really need more requests so please send some in. And please send some in for the celebrities listed down below, and their characters.
  • Chris Wood
  • Daniel Gillies
  • Tom Cavanagh
  • Candice King/Accola
  • Elizabeth Olsen
  • Tyler Hoechlin
  • Jennifer Morrison
  • Zach McGowan
  • Joseph Morgan
  • Dylan Sprayberry
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Cody Christian
  • Dominic Sherwood
  • David Tennant
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Ian Bohen
  • Jared Padalecki
  • Robert Downey Jr

Please send in some requests and don’t just ignore what I’m asking. 

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Nina and Ian just don't enjoy kissing each other but can u show where you think Paul and Nina enjoy kissing each other?

OK well Paul looks like he really enjoys this:

especially when compared to something like this:

And Nina looks like she’s really enjoying this:

especially compared to this where it looks like she’s actually just getting progressively more uncomfortable:

Plus Nina has this tendency to sort of push Paul further into the bed because she’s really getting into kissing him?

And she uses her entire body? Like they LOOK like they enjoy each other. And Paul will do something like run his hands up her body:

He didn’t do that or things like that with Claire, Elizabeth or Candice.

And then things like this expression?

Yes, I think there’s a level of losing themselves.