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You know what I love most about Iris West as a fictional character? It’s that I’m pretty sure that she doesn’t give the time of day to those who dislike her in her fictional world. And that’s awesome because if she lived here in the real world, I’m pretty sure she’d still not care. Which is funny because her real-life counter part is giving me that vibe as well and even though I don’t know her personally, I gotta say that it’s badass, and damn, I am inspired all the way through too!

WestAllen + Facebook Part V (based on my headcanon) (Part 1) (Part II) (Part III) (Part IV)

In which Barry and Iris get matching profile pictures :D
(partly inspired by a comment made by venusianstorms)

Imagine Candice and Paul filming the first steroline love scene and one of them says:

“No passion? HA! We’ll show them!”

And then they film the hottest scene in the history of TVD with chemistry dripping off their bodies and the crew has to take a break afterwards because it was so hot they need some air.

Then Paul and Candice high five each other on their awesomeness.