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Bambietta flirts with Bleach characters

As requested by anon. :)

We already considered how Hitsugaya would go around flirting with people. But what if Bambietta tried her hand at it? How would she flirt with everyone?

1. Shinji

“I know I made your shikai explode, but that’s no reason we can’t be friends! In fact, maybe I can…make it up to you?”

2. Hitsugaya

“So…….zombie makeouts?”

3. Gin

“I heard you like to cut people in half. That’s my hobby too.”

4. Hiyori

“Hey there. You look like exactly the sort of person I’d invite back to my room.”

5. Urahara

“My hat thinks your hat is cute.”

6. Apacci

“My name’s Bambietta. But my friends call me….Bambi. Don’t lie - that turns a deer like you on a little bit, doesn’t it?”

7. Bazz-B

“You’re hot. Come with me.”

8. Candice

“Sparks fly when we’re together. I think that’s what happens when you combine lightning and explosions." 

9.  As Nodt

"Maybe if you make out with a dead chick, you’ll be less afraid of death.”

10. Komamura

“I have always loved dogs. And hot men. You and I should talk.”

11. Mizuiro

“Hello, my power is making bombs and I am secretly very old.”

12. Kukaku

“Talk pyrotechnics to me, baby.”

13. Hinamori

“I just love the way you ferociously attacked me from behind. Perhaps I could return the favor?”

Weirdly Handsome Squad 12 guy

“Mmmmm….nameless cannon fodder…”


“Baby, you can eat me anytime.”

LMAO@ everyone getting these angry anons

We are literally just laughing them off because “Iris West-Allen” is canon af.

You guys can rant and rave all you want because we dgaf. Our ship had literal sparks. Candice killed that ep and is finally getting the recognition that she deserves. Iris knows Barry is The Flash. Life is good in Westallenland.