candice roman

Wrestling Opinions #4:

Female fans

My dad was watching wrestling when he held me for the first time in the hospital. I was born into a world absorbed by wrestling. We don’t like football, we don’t like nascar, or baseball, we eat sleep and breathe wrestling. We have Wrestlemania parties every year and we make giant prediction sheets for every pay-per-view.

     I am a girl.

    I can tell you every bit of wrestling history from 1980 to current day. I can tell you all about the indy world, and any top superstar’s current and past accolades. When it comes to professional wrestling knowledge/passion, I’ve got any 12 year old beat out at an 18 year old female college student. Here’s the thing about being a female wrestling fan, you can tell me I’m wrong & that I don’t like wrestling, I just like the hot guys. And I will laugh at you for about three minutes before I throw up my middle finger and walk away.

  I never understand why females get condemned for liking sports. Yeah, that guy is hot but that doesn’t mean I’m gunna base my opinion on that. Ex: I think Dash Wider is extremely attractive, I hate Dash Wilder as a wrestler. If you think so little of a female to assume that a man’s physical appearance is her defining factor, that might be the reason you haven’t had a date in a while, bud. I’m not saying there aren’t some girls who do this because we’ve all been to that really scary part of the internet.

ALSO THERE’S KIND OF A WOMEN’S REVOLUTION GOING ON IN SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT NOW (that was NOT started by WWE) So fuck yeah I like wrestling and idolize women like Candice La Rae, Jessika Havok, Alexa Bliss, and Rosemary. With such inspiring, amazing women athletes can we really be mad about the rising amount of female fans?

So, yeah. There’s that. So, you go girls. You keep talking about wrestling, keep liking wrestling, keep buying merch, making signs, because without us the wrestling world would feel kinda empty.



They risk their lives to ENTERTAIN us. They hurt, take big bumps and feel pain like us. I hate it when people say “ oh, but isn’t wrestling fake?”. But you watch movies, t.v. shows and those are fake. WWE is scripted not fake. Things can go as plan or things can not go as plan. Real injuries happen and even possible death.