candice is such a cutie i love her

Watched The Flash Pilot, & Now Feel Horrible I Have To Wait Until The Fall For More

1) Baris/Westallen is Unavoidable - Iris West/Candice Patton is an American treasure, and I will be damned if the fandom treats her like they treat Laurel on Arrow. The fact is, Barry will always end up with Iris, just like Clark will end up Lois, & Olllie with Laurel. I will be every overprotective of her. 

The fact is, This guy

Plus this beautiful woman


These guys

Which leads me to my next point

2) Apparently People Are Shipping Barry X Caitlin 

I know that she is really smart and geeky like Felicity. I know she actually looks like Iris from the comic. I know that Barry tried to flirt with her in the pilot, but who wouldn’t she’s cute as hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some electricity between the two. (pun intended) The sad thing is though, I know what kind of person she will be in the future. Its a reason why in the pilot  she had a very COLD personality. (Pun Intended). So shipping Barry x Caitlin may be cute for now, but we all know where that’s headed. 

3) How good was those special effects for a television show? I’m glad they are going the believable route, instead of the realistic route. They know that the Flash and his powers are ridiculous, and not to be taken seriously. I enjoyed how Weather Wizards tornado looked also.

4) Sweet Lord the Easter eggs.

First we get the Gorilla Grodd reference 

Then we see them running tests at Ferris AIr, the company that Hal Jordan works for!!!!

Then I literally had a nerdgasm at the newspaper, that pretty much confirms that Bruce Wayne exists in this universe, and a certain “Crisis” happens in ten years. 

Then we find out that Barry’s father is being played by the original Flash actor John Wesley Ship.

Sweet lord that is awesome. The CW has been kicking ass with Arrow, now they have successfully adapted one of the most iconic superheros of all time. Lets get it!!!!