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Just being able to play Iris West is putting me in a position to impact change. She is such an iconic character and so many people will know her and remember her as a black woman. Playing this role, I sometimes get blatant racism and the even more painful and complicated non-blatant racism. But I gladly put on my armour each day and take it. I have to be strong and continue to deliver, because this is bigger than me. It’s not just about this role, it’s about the landscape of film and TV. It’s about the young girls coming after me. I need to make sure I was strong enough to keep that door open for them. To show up at work and do my best, and change and impact as many minds as I can. I am deeply humbled every time someone reaches out to me to say, “I grew up reading The Flash, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Iris West after seeing you do it.”

Happy 29th birthday, Candice Kristina Patton! (born June 24, 1988)


The love is starting to come in. ❤️ Thank you to my friends and family who lift me up all year long. No money or fame or success can replace the peace I feel after each day knowing that I am truly, genuinely and deeply loved by those who know me best. Faults and all. Thank you for going to bat for me. Thank you for rooting for me. Thank you for always taking my calls. You know who you are. I am humbled to see another year. Thank you GOD ALMIGHTY for taking me this far! 🎉


Dear Haters,

It has come to our attention that you are under the impression that the only way for a particular teen choice award tweet to receive 7,000 RTs in support of Candice is through the use of bots and paying for RTs (paying?? really?? 😂).

Please be advised that it is possible to support Candice without resorting to such measures. Captured above are examples of such similar support from the last few weeks. We understand that you place high value on characters related to STEM and STEM-related content.

In line with this, may we provide a simple math problem to shed light on the matter at hand:

CP has over 362,000 followers on twitter
CP RTed said tweet
7,000 is a mere 1.9% of CP’s followers

Now, we think the question you should be asking yourselves is this: if your fav has many, many more followers and asked for support for their own teen choice award nom, why did fewer than .5% of said followers (that’s .005) hit the RT button? Hmmm…

Tomorrow is Candice’s birthday and the last day of #CandicePattonWeek, started by the lovely @cpattondaily on Twitter. Please participate if possible, and tweet out all the reasons you love Candice using the hashtag #CandicePattonWeek.

Even though @cpattondaily are having some unfortunate problems right now, let’s honor their hard work in celebrating Candice and let her know how much we appreciate her! @ or tag @candicekp in your tweets, and @flashtvwriters too if it relates to Iris/the show. 

And don’t forget to post about your favorite Candice friendships today, too!

@tyrala1: Here’s the thing about your ask to not drag the rest of the fandom, when you ask a fandom - particularly one dominated by POC - it does not acknowledge the acts of overt and subconscious racism that Iris West or Candice Patton face in the fandom. Of course not all SnowBarry fans are racist, we already know that. Statements like “not all of us” does not bring active change to the larger issue of racism in fandom. Yeah, you know people who wouldn’t do that, but do you know people in the SnowBarry fandom who actively fight against the erasure of Iris West? Example: there are edits on Instagram or Tumblr where fans edit Iris out of the romantic WestAllen scenes and replace her with Caitlin. Do you understand how deeply problematic this is? The act of editing a black woman out only to replace her by a white woman suggests that the love story is not good because it has a black woman.

Do you and your shipper friends speak up for Iris when she’s called “pointless” by other members of the fandom? Have you and your friends discussed how the ship SnowBarry was created after it was announced that a black woman would fill the role as Iris West? Have you ever learned the history of fandoms treatment of black women?

So, no, saying “not all of us” helps. That only sweeps the issue under the rug. The best solution is to listen, learn, and apply your new understandings to your fandom. If you see something negatively written about Iris, call it out. Right now the fandom is not doing enough. Do more. Be better.