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A selection of Candice Tripp’s Houses of Horror (series 2)

Hill House in The Haunting (1963) by Robert Wise

The house in Henjel gwa Geuretel (2007) by Pil-sung Yim

Marsten House in Salem’s Lot (1979) by Tobe Hooper

Allerdale Hall in Crimson Peak (2015) by Guillermo Del Toro

The school bus driver’s house in Trick ‘r Treat (2007) by Michael Dougherty

Oskar’s house in Låt den rätte komma (2008) by Tomas Alfredson

Jay Height’s house in It Follows (2014) by David Robert Mitchell

Buffalo Bill’s house in The Silence of the Lambs (1991) by Jonathan Demme

The Brooklyn brownstone in The Sentinel (1977) by Michael Winner

The Vankek house in The Babadook (2014) by Jennifer Kent

Annie Wilkes’ house in Misery (1990) by Rob Reiner

Carrie White’s house in Carrie (1976) by Brian De Palma

I think The Flash was the first show I watched that got me hooked on a characters chemistry with another. It would have been Scrubs but I saw scrubs after season 1 of The Flash because I needed something else to watch, but my god do Grant and Candice have such good chemistry. Especially in season 1. They had to interact as both long time friends as well as a reporter and a superhero working to benefit each other, and it’s not stale. You can really see that these two really get along. Even in season 2 to present when Iris started developing feelings for Barry, this also accounts for good writing, but that played it self out really nice. It wasn’t a “force these emotions” type of plot device but more of a “Cards are laid out on the table, choose how you want to order them” type of device. 

I know I’m expressing this shit to tumblr and it’s like telling a snotty 4 year old they can’t have cake because it’s unclear just what kind of response I’d get from this, but I have to say, I didn’t believe in shipping before The Flash. I didn’t ship olicity on Arrow, I still don’t. Not because I don’t like the characters, I love Felicity, I just… don’t. But with The Flash, it’s odd, but it seems more natural. Like these two have known each other for a long time, they grew up together, went to the same school, and Barry has had to keep those feelings toward her inside. The first episode gave me the vibe (pun) that he’s been friendzoned and I feel that. I felt that coming from the dynamic. And I think it was because of the shit Barry had to wait through in season 1 and the stuff Iris had to wake up to in season 2 that made me so interested these two. Probably why I started following westallen stuff on here.

Right as Iris started to have feelings for Barry (the second time), I was rooting for this relationship to work through. Because they all did a great job pulling me into this relationship of theirs. So much that it actually made me scared for a while that Iris was going to die. From shows standpoint, I’m fairly certain they won’t kill her, but that thought of her actually getting killed off makes me a bit uneasy… AND I LOVE THAT. I love it that it kept me emotionally invested enough to give a shit about her dying. If I saw her die, and I wasn’t emotionally invested, I just figured someway they’ll save her and that’s that. But I’m not and I actually feel worried.

Good writing and alright chemistry is what I see on the Walking Dead

Good chemistry and clever writing is why I like Scrubs

Great chemistry and great writing is why I love The Flash.

P.S. This website has some weird and crazy people, but I’m glad to see some level headed people out here giving honest theories and opinions. It gives me a little hope for The Flash fandom.

Westallen and the people.

Earth 2:

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Harrison Wells: They’re not your people. Their lives are not your lives. Never were, never will be.


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Barry: …


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Snowb*arrys: …


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Barry (and Iris):

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NOT MY GIFS, I just thought about this and kaboom. I’m so proud of Westallen, not just because they’re together, but because their relationship is so mature, yet so cute and with little jokes. 

And, of course, I’m so happy to be in, not only The Flash fandom but, the Westallen fandom. Proud of us shipping two people who REALLY love each others, who had an amazing chemistry together since the day 1, who are each others world and who make a perfect couple. And proud of us not being racist,  blind, kind “wtf??”, not in need of montages for our ship have moments and proud of us being R E A L I S T I C S.

Proud of our OTP be real in the TV Show and in the Comics.

Westallen is love. Let love be in your life.

Sorry for any mistake.


The Flash 3x17 “Duet” Musical Crossover Behind the Scenes (2017)