Looks like it’s DEFINITELY Tapastic, guys!! Goji and I had the privilege of meeting the editor-in-chief (Michael Son) in a Skype call. After talking to him we feel super confident that Tapastic and the mobile apps surrounding it are the way to go for Parlor Tricks.

Six more days!

“It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” -Eleanor Roosevelt 


ESTJ, ENTJ: Curse the darkness. 

INTJ INFJ: We are creatures of the night. We do not fear the dark. 

ISTP, INTP, ENTP, ESTP: Three words, night…vision…goggles. 

Enchanting a pendant to show someone's true self

Very straight forward. This is a spell to enchant a pendant so that the person wearing it will reveal their true inner self (thoughts/actions) to others.

Things needed:

•Black candle
•Intentions written on paper (in your own words) 
•Black string
•Box to put pendant in (cleansed)
•Scissors or something that can cut string


**Cleanse pendant and box before or during ritual

1.Cast a circle 

2. Cleanse pendant and box if needed

3.Light candle

4. Read intentions from paper while dripping candel wax on paper 

5.Start chant

6.while chanting wrap the black string around paper with wax (not cooled completely) and pendant to bind your intentions to the pendant

7. When you feel like it is bound completely place the pendant in the box

8. blow out candle and close circle

9. Leave pendant in box for a week or longer 

10. When you are ready to give it to someone or wear it cut the sting and take the string and paper off. By now the intentions would be soaked into pendant and the string and paper can be discarded 


The wearer of this pendant could be most divine

Or the wearer could be serpentine 

Either way it’s not left to chance

The wearers inner self is out to dance

Others will see your true form bloom

There is no hiding behind your costume 

When the traits are to be admire

Other can show their desire

When the traits are that of detest

Others around will not be impressed

There it is and there it shall be 

Let the true self come out of thee