Alright, everybody, here we start with the Au’s.

I imagine an Au where everybody is in a Dance School.

(Min 0:10 - 1:08) Noire is the genius dancer who does amazing movements, steals looks, and almost always is the one who gets contracted by artists looking for startling and stunning dancers for their videos, but Noire has an impulsive personality and recurrent adrenaline blows (they really love to dance) to the point where they frequently ignore the routines or changes choreography steps, something that their dance teammates find annoying and makes them go insane, but that Noire’s teachers actually love a lot.

* Candela and Spark hate each other, and hate the others, they especially hate Noire, because Noire is the typical stalker that goes around the rest of the students and dancers during their choreographies and imitates their movements. Spark and Candela are very competitive, but their teachers actually adore placing them in duets due the extraordinary chemistry that flows between the pair, and always, without them both looking for it, they are able to manage mind-blowing dance steps and scenes without making the barest effort.

(Min 1:10 - 2:16) Go and Annie are two prodigies in their own way. Go has a smooth technique and great control over his body, but he never wants to be the attention center and being in the spotlight. Annie isundervalued by her short height, but true to be told, she is so agile and fast, that almost any classmate of the company can follow her rhythm, except for Go.

(Min 2:17 - 3:22) Amelie, for this Au, is especially stunning; her teachers frequently give her solos. She’s feminine and gorgeous, and due her way to express during the dances, she is able to bring elegance and high-class to almost any choreography she is placed on, although some would say she’s a little slow, but she doesn’t need to be frenzy or exaggerated to do a great job.

(Min 4:17 - 5:10) And last but not least, Blanche. Blanche is a complicated case. They have one of the best techniques and academy lines, they are an excellent dancer with as much talent as their sibling, but in high contrast with Noire, Blanche worries so much to be perfect that they doesn’t ‘get loose’, and their teachers dislike this detail because they limit themselves. But when Blanche frees themselves to the dance, oh boy, their transitions are just fabulous.

^ Noire, 0:10 - 1:02.
^ Spark, 4:35 - 5:26.

^ Noire and Spark, 0:15 - 1:07.

^ Annie, 1:09 - 2:00.

* I apologize for the lack of Candela’s reference, she’s just too beautiful and fabulous and I didn’t find any that would fit u_u *


Bill, stop. Please. 

Edit : I noticed that some people find it offensive that I made Candela and Blanche look white. I’m sorry, that was my mistake. My explanation to that is in this post 

Edit2 : I fixed the skin color!! Hope i get it right this time. >:3

Uncharacteristically Accurate Spark
  • Candela: [takes out a jar of ping pong balls] It’s called “Guess How Many Ping Pong Balls Are In The Jar?”
  • Spark: Umm… [studies the jar] …237.
  • [the other two look at him warily]
  • Candela: Spark… how did you know that?
  • Spark: …Isn’t it obvious?
  • [the other two take a step back]