Had an art trade with Candace Mckay❤ so psyched about this one! OMG~ It’s sooo beautiful, i can’t ugh. ちょー綺麗 ✨QAQ seriously, do follow her on instagram➤➤ (candkay)

also her ➤➤FACEBOOKPAGE 

she’s also on ➤➤TUMBLR

definitely check her out❣

ありがとうございますCandaceちゃん!THANK YOU☆ミ


Couldn’t get a good picture of her and that usually tells me I need a break from staring at her or I’ll hate it even more 😁
~~ so enjoy this short clip of coloring!! *shuts moleskine*
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Working on a Klimt inspired piece for this months Bad Apple auction! Just working on her face for now.
P.S. Just noticed how we reached 20k here on ig.. Just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for sticking around with me and supporting my work!!! I will have a really cool 20k giveaway soon. At least I hope I make it cool enough o.o!!! Hope to put it together this month !! Xx thanks again I love you all!! 😙😄💘
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SOOO I just spent the day working on this fun challenge going around!
It definitely WAS a challenge! It’s interesting drawing all these different styles and really studying them.
I feel like I learned a lot ^__^!
So now .. I challenge all you artists who haven’t tried this yet to do it!
#stylechallenge #candacemckay #artchallenge

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Always fall back in love with creating portraits ^_^ still much to do .. Gotta tweak up the face a bit:p!
And yep! It is Daenerys..Khaleesi?
Honestly, I have never seen GoT!! (Don’t hate me 🙈)
This is a GoT inspired piece for the @badappleartists auction this month!!
So if you’re a fan.. You’re gonna wanna tune into this one!
Follow for more info !!
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Started over on my piece for “In Dreams ” show at @1111accgallery .
The older piece wasn’t coming out right:( so far, I’m quite happy with this one.. Used myself as reference for the pose and shading ! 😝
Gotta finish her up tomorrow. #wip #candacemckay
P.S. Kind of looks boyish at this stage..But will fix that when I put in the long hair heh!!

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“I Promise” graphite and acrylic.
New piece for the upcoming @swoongalleryla “Get the lead out VII” show Nov 17th in Newport Coast CA.
Super excited for this one! ✨😁 stay tuned for more wips n such.. ❤️ #candacemckay

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