Had an art trade with Candace Mckay❤ so psyched about this one! OMG~ It’s sooo beautiful, i can’t ugh. ちょー綺麗 ✨QAQ seriously, do follow her on instagram➤➤ (candkay)

also her ➤➤FACEBOOKPAGE 

she’s also on ➤➤TUMBLR

definitely check her out❣

ありがとうございますCandaceちゃん!THANK YOU☆ミ

Working on a Klimt inspired piece for this months Bad Apple auction! Just working on her face for now.
P.S. Just noticed how we reached 20k here on ig.. Just wanted to say THANK YOU ALL for sticking around with me and supporting my work!!! I will have a really cool 20k giveaway soon. At least I hope I make it cool enough o.o!!! Hope to put it together this month !! Xx thanks again I love you all!! 😙😄💘
#candacemckay #baac#badappleartistcollective

Started over on my piece for “In Dreams ” show at @1111accgallery .
The older piece wasn’t coming out right:( so far, I’m quite happy with this one.. Used myself as reference for the pose and shading ! 😝
Gotta finish her up tomorrow. #wip #candacemckay
P.S. Kind of looks boyish at this stage..But will fix that when I put in the long hair heh!!

Bah I’ve been feeling so uninspired lately..tried to create something new today and just didn’t feel or look right to me.. I go through this a lot (and I’m sure lots of you could relate!) so I know it will pass soon.
So i drew this wee eyeball just to try and get back into it and maybe it’ll be better tomorrow ^_^ I think this little study made me feel a bit better .. Eyes are always fun and relaxing to draw 👌hope I can finish some pieces soon and create new like I’ve been wanting so badly for! Sketches will have to get me back into the groooooove for now YUHKNOWWHATIMEAN?!?
Anyways..hope you guys are feeling inspired and are having a good night!! #drawing#sketch#candacemckay #nofilter

Just a fun little piece :)
she is available in my etsy shop!
Check out my etsy to see better photos and detail of this piece!
I wanted to give her cartoony anime hair. It was fun to experiment 👌
(And yes I used myself as a reference. I change up features so it’s not exact , ya know? ^_^ ) hope ya like XX !