Look who’s a big deal with a new sponsor? Who also sponsors Russell Westbrook who plays for the NBA? What’s NBA? National Big Athletes?

Anywho, go Tobinho!

Also just saw who else they sponsored: Gronk, Giancarlo Stanton, Danica Patrick, and Candace Parker! Niiiiiice company. But stay away from Gronk! 😆

(📷: sixstarpronutrition IG)

If I were gay I’d steal her from her hideous alien looking husband.

But since I’m thoroughly convinced that I’m not, I guess I’ll just have to settle for hoping to one day become her best friend.

Chances are slight, but eh.. there’s definitely a possibility.

Candace Parker Bitches. (:

(This post was written three and a half yrs ago. I’ve since realized that I am, indeed, a lesbian.)