After a quick change into some more prom appropriate attire, everyone heads to the challenge room. Which has been remodeled to resemble every tacky high school prom ever.

Candace: “You’re all extremely privileged to be dancing with a prom Queen today, I just want you all to know that.”

Ellis: “Oh yeah, I heard that your brother was named prom King, right?”

Candace: “Just for that comment you can dance over there.”

Everyone finds their places on the dance floor. Some mandatory.

Dominic: “Hey, enjoy your stay in Siberia.”

Ellis: “Hey, at least the air’s clear over here in Siberia. I hope for Candace’s sake you remembered to put on deodorant this time.”


Yeah, me too bro. Although I was way more into Candace Cameron. “I hope mary-kate & ashley olsen they’re okay.”

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Come chiameresti tua figlia/figlio?☺️

Con nomi stranieri, femminili tipo:Nicole, Candace, Madison, Hope, Paige.
Maschili: Aaron, Ariel, Nathan, Nathaniel, Dylan, Frederick, Sam, Jai, Allen, Alan, Sebastian, Kaleb, Neal, Ethan, Isaiah, Seth, Lennie