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Meet The Goffs-Episode 1

“Meet The Goffs” is an interview series that focuses on the cast of (My) Immortal: The Webseries.

Filmed in Toronto, ON and hosted by Justine Cargo (Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way) and Candace Meeks (?????) Episode 1 features Jennifer Matotek (Bellatrix Lestrange) and Richard Chuang (Yaxley)!


Tavia Pereira, Candace Meeks, Joseph Bradley, Nick Newcastle, Kate McLellan, and Brian explain why you should help make the web series No Boys Dorm a reality!

Candace Meeks

Candace began acting at the age of six when she was cast in her school’s production of “The Last Supper” because her teacher said she was vivacious. How a little girl can be vivacious we’ll never know but it led her seek attention anywhere she could.

After starring and acting in a few high school productions in Trenton, Ontario, Candace went on to study performing arts at Sheridan college in Oakville and acting for film and television at Humber college in Etobicoke. Once an aspiring singer, this girl realized she was a laugh and a half and moved towards comedy. An avid improviser, she has taught and coached students at the former Impatient Theatre Co. She performs and hosts shows throughout Toronto, also having performed at the Del Close Marathon in NYC. She also studied at the Annoyance Theatre in Chicago.  Along with filming (My) Immortal, Candace performed at the Toronto Fringe this past summer in Secretly Illiterate Theatre’s Tomes. She can be seen monthly performing in Tomes Adventure Hour at the central and Fan Fiction the Show at the Black Swan tavern.
Catch her in October at Toronto’s Big City Improv Festival!

everything-really-is-glue  asked:

Candace Meeks, who do you prefer? Lizzie or Violet :)


As a Slytherin myself, I would have to say Violet. Though it’s much easier to play Lizzie.

With Violet I really worked on my voice and the persona I wanted to convey; not only is she evil but she’s proud; what does that sound like? So I channeled my inner Mae West and listened to a lot of Karen Oh

And with Lizzie, I think the pride thing is also a factor. Brian wrote the character in a way that not only is she everything that Violet isn’t, she’s also still the daughter of the dark lord and there is a privilege that comes with that

So I worked on giving a little bit of spice to that sugar

Especially with Hargrid, she likes having him around obviously, but she also wants to be in charge so she really flexes that power muscle a lot. I mean she IS A Mary Sue after all