candace cui

Shame-less Self Promotion

Last year, I curated an internet-exclusive show called To .gif is to Receive.On opening night, I held a reception through Google Hangout, a live video chat service.

This year, I’m doing it again. By August 1, 2012, I need at least one artist-created .gif image from you for a bigger, better show. I’m keeping the title secret, but I can tell you that the strange preview image warping will be gone. So, if you’d like to submit, send it to me at

Why a .gif show?

.gifs are a strange form of web content, using filtered images for humor or beauty. Photographers have begun creating .gifs for the many blogs and link generators that populate our bored internet musings. What purpose do they serve? What is their function? In a format that mimics traditional animation, .gifs re-activate the idea that images can create movement in a type of illusion that intersects our eyes, the artist/creator, and the often mysterious codes and wires of a computer-generated world we inhabit without thought. .gifs are wildly popular in young internet culture, as an abbreviated movement looped into infinity might mimic our desires to replay certain moments or follow the idea that repetition can cause increased focus that leads to introspection, humor, or critique.

As artists take to the internet for their own websites, blogs, and image posts, this new method of redistribution and display can find its own humor and engagement when work becomes .gifs.

So please, send me your .gifs, and we’ll find a new way of displaying artworks at the intersection of exhibition, social media, and contemporary cultural trends.

At the very least, it’ll look cool.

-Candace Cui