TAZ Asks
  • 1. Merle, Magnus, or Taako?
  • 2. TAZ or Killin' it With Killian?
  • 3. Raven's Roost or New Elfington?
  • 4. Zone of Truth, Rush in, or Hang Back?
  • 5. Red Robes or Bureau of Balance?
  • 6. Fantasy Costco or Leon the Artificer?
  • 7. Who's your favorite NPC?
  • 8. Who's your favorite enemy?
  • 9. What's your favorite relic?
  • 10. What's your favorite arc?
  • 11. What's your favorite Lunar Interlude/Moonlighting?
  • 12. What's your favorite Fantasy Costco item?
  • 13. What's your favorite item from Leon?
  • 14. If you were to choose an animal mask for yourself in Petals to the Metal, what would you choose?
  • 15. What would you eat with the Glutton's Fork?
  • 16. What theories do you have about upcoming episodes?
  • 17. If any NPC could have a show made about them, which one would you want to have one?
  • 18. If a relic was to take over you, which one would it be?
  • 19. What knowledge would you feed the Voidfish if you were in Johan's position?
  • 20. Would you have accepted Istus' offer and why?

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Lemon candles! They  can be used on your altar to promote peace, happiness, energy, clarity, and warmth! Once they are used up, you can remove the wicks and put them outside, as they will decompose naturally into the soil and nourish it.

To make them, simply cut a lemon in half and use a spoon to hollow it out. Afterwards, melt some organic soy wax in a bowl and pour it into the lemon peels. Once the wax is about half way hardened, press a wick into it. Let them sit, and then use them as you will! You can add some lemon essential oil into the wax, too, for an extra powerful scent.