padfoot shenanigans that probably happened:

  • taking people’s toast and/or bacon
  • peeing in inappropriate places b/c he can
  • chasing birds & squirrels & cats
  • laying in his friends’ beds when he knows he has fleas
  • going to #12 and leaving a present on the front doorstep
  • chasing harry on his toy broomstick around the house
  • tormenting the potters’ cat (to james’s chagrin and lily’s delight)
  • chewing up shoes when he’s pissed @ someone
  • knocking the rubbish bin (just to be an obnoxious ass)
  • doing things he’d normally be too COOL for like sitting close to people on a couch and going down slides and stuff
  • leaving sticks inside the house just to piss his mates off
  • pissing on his loud flatmate’s doormat
  • getting caught in a fence u know he did
  • getting himself stuck in eight inches of mud cause he wanted to go swimming & jumped into a pond
  • playing sock tug of war w/ humans
  • getting his head stuck in things
  • jumping onto people and knocking them over
  • coming up to cute ppl so they’ll pet him