Cancer Exposed

{Disclaimer: If you have not already done so, please be sure to read the introduction to the Signs Exposed Series’ posts before reading.}

Cancer… The most defensive sign of the zodiac. Extremely emotional and temperamental, Cancers tend to take everything personal and often play the victim.

Although Cancers are quite known for their sensitivity, they can be fairly insensitive to others by being rude and short-tempered, which is usually a disguise to hide their complexes and insecurities.

Cancers need to be needed and are deeply afraid of rejection.

Cancers are prone to suspicion and are the biggest worriers. 

Despite their intelligence, Cancer males often base decisions on emotions rather than logic. They care about how they are perceived and what others think of them. Cancer males keep their emotions and thoughts closely guarded, causing them to come off as cold and inexpressive.

Cancer females are prone to pessimism and negative attitudes. They often nag, and they constantly need reassurance. Their persuasive tendencies cause them to come off as over-bearing and dominating. Cancer females do not handle criticism well.

Cancers are unable to forgive easily, and although they may eventually forgive, they will never forget anything you have ever said or done to them.