Zodiac Signs at a restaurant.
  • ARIES: Wouldn't mind sitting at the bar rather than waiting
  • TAURUS: Prefers to go to the same restaurant rather than something new.
  • GEMINI: The one jokingly making fun of a friend.
  • CANCER: Prefers to wear something comfy than getting too dressed up.
  • LEO: Wearing something bold or bright. Likes to stand tall to be seen.
  • VIRGO: Will be seen rearranging the stuff on the table in an orderly fashion.
  • LIBRA: Unable to decide on what to order.
  • SCORPIO: Sizing up the place or waitress.
  • SAGITTARIUS: Will be seen moving restlessly.
  • CAPRICORN: Wonders why people keeps looking at them.
  • AQUARIUS: Constantly texting.
  • PISCES: Trying to be as sweet as they can.