So quickly it happened… My dad has battled cancer since his diagnosis around Christmas last year and yesterday, cancer won. It was just in the past two weeks where he started a rapid decline. He went into the Hospital on Easter Sunday, they found out the cancer had spread to his lungs. He came home on hospice last Saturday and passed away yesterday afternoon. Thank you everyone who has made comments or been thinking and praying for my dad, me, and my family. I will always love my daddy, but now comes the hard part of planning for the funeral. It’s going to be a long, tough weekend.


Doing a repost of this edit from last year because sweet @shop_parkerloveslife is still fighting for her life. She is currently getting treatment in Mexico after being diagnosed with an awful brain tumor called DIPG. Unfortunately the medical expenses are mounting everyday and they can no longer afford to stay in Mexico. 😢I’m asking my followers to please help Parker’s family in any way you can by donating to her PayPal, the link is already in my bio! If every one of my followers just donated $1 it would make a huge difference for Parker’s family. If you donate please comment that you did and I will be choosing someone to feature ❤️❤️ #parkerloveslife #cancersucks#braintumorawareness#grayinmay

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Everyone asks what happens in radiation. Yes that is me on the table. The “arm” that is above me can rotate all around me even under the table. All of the lines are crossed in places radiation needs to be delivered. My first round of radiation was eight weeks long and to my pelvic area and tailbone. My next round will be my chest wall because they know for sure there are three cancer nodes that didn’t get removed. We are going to ask about my spine though because it is bothering me to the point of being bed ridden. So the next radiation round could be my spine, we will have to see. This post is more factual than most but mainly because I haven’t had time to post but wanted to answer everyone’s questions about radiation. Oh, also, everywhere those lines cross, I have “dot” tattoos so they have a permanent marker for treatment areas. And every time I go they draw all over my treatment area, so even though my mom always told me not to draw on myself, these girls get to write all over me with sharpie markers:-) those blue things you see hanging in the background are molds that are made for each person so that when you get on the table it’s easier to position yourself correctly. At least I think that’s what they’re for. Mine for this round is shaped from my tailbone to my feet. I was just fitted for my next round of treatment and it is from my waist to my fingertips with my arms being up above my head. Anyway that’s the skinny on radiation.

4 weeks ago my sister received devastating news. She was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive skin cancer (Nevoid Melanoma). My sister is 29 years old and like myself,and many other young adults, was a believer that high pressure tanning beds are “healthier” than conventional tanning beds. As a result of the nature of her skin cancer, my sister was referred to the top cancer center in the north west (Seattle Cancer Care Alliance). Although the doctors were assured they caught the cancer before it spread, it would not be determined 100% without surgery to remove both the cancer and some of her lymph-nodes. The whole process between receiving the diagnoses to having everything removed and confirming that she is now cancer free was an excruciating long 4 weeks.
My sister was lucky it was caught in time at a routine dermatologist visit.
The doctors shared that had it not been caught this year, the conversations taking place would be a lot different.
I’ve lived in denial about tanning beds, because “I’m young, skin cancer doesn’t happen to young people.” It does. It can happen.
I was careless to use tanning beds and my hopes in sharing this message is that I can influence other young women and men to stay away from tanning beds. It’s not worth it.


I went to high school with this guy. He’s only 22 years old and has been battling testicular cancer since he was 18. He needs a bone marrow transplant that can save his life. Please. Donate anything that you can. Every little bit helps! To donate, go to Even if you can’t donate, support him and spread this like wildfire!

taylorswift Well it’s 4am… Been a sleepless night. I have so much on my mind and a lot I want to share with you but this particular subject I hope you are willing to give me some insight and hopefully some advice. My mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Within the last year her health has severely declined. Chemo stopped working. Radiation stopped working. Cancer spread to her bone marrow, & her tumor counts are up. I feel so helpless, and what the doctors have delicately told her is that they do not have any other alternatives. I am beyond worried about her physically, mentally & financially, b/c not only is she 64 she is still working full time living paycheck to paycheck. I want so badly to help her more, It’s so surreal watching somebody go through this, literally watching them deteriorate before your eyes. 💔 I just can’t imagine life without her, she is one of the kindest most genuine people I have ever known. At this point we are fighting a losing battle & It’s the most heart wrenching feeling in the world. I Love you Tay. Thank you for listening, thank you for being there. Thank you for being the source of so much joy in my life. I hope to thank you in person someday.