cancerously cosplay

me, to one of my roommates: dude i’m watching this russian children’s movie and the costumes are SO GOOD, look!!
her: oh yeah!! hey, you know what this kind of reminds me of? that one show, with the girl, with the pink hair?
me: *sweating* o…oh…, do you mean…uh….lazytown?
her: yeah!!! wow i can’t believe you got that!
me: *sweating profusely* haha!!!!! well it was a….big meme at the end of last year, so that’s how i know about it, hahahaa….
her: oh right, you and your internet culture!
me, who is now just a sentient pool of sweat: hahaaa……y e p

!!!!!!!Don’t use floral foam for cosplays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yunno the usually wet ,squishy ,green foam thats used in the floral industry) 

Okay I didn’t know that people even were using this as an option but when this stuff is dry the particles can be breathed in and stick to the inner lining of your lungs and cause CANCER. Don’t even touch the stuff or go near it when it’s dry. My mom’s a florist and has been working with this stuff for years and didn’t know this until later in her years that she has a major risk for cancer. 

I’ve just now have seen people using it in their cosplay tutorials for carving too. Yikes.


“Tut tut, don’t fret. As your wonderful princess, I decree that everyone who has been mean to me shall be… executed.”

Sugar Rush at Otakon 2013 | Taffyta Muttonfudge / Cumbelina Di Caramello / Gloyd Orangeboar / Adorabeezle Winterpop / Minty Zaki / Rancis Fluggerbutter / Jubileena Bing-Bing / Swizzle Malarkey / Vanellope Von Schweetz / Photographer

“All those days watching from the window, all those years outside looking in.”
Today I’d like to shine a spotlight on child cancer awareness. To do this we’re trying to fill Instagram (and any other social media platforms) with as many children’s characters as we can. @scarlettsparrowcosplay suggested I do Rapunzel.


In the wake of the newest Night Vale episode (episode 49 A), it seems appropriate to repost this image.

Thanks, Cecil. Thanks a ding dang lot.

Interns (from left to right): Stacey | Brad | Rob | ChadRichard | JerryDylan | Jesus | Cecil | Maureen | Paolo | Vithya | Dana | Sve | Leland | Photographer | Badge/Shirt Design Credit

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bleh…these are awful pictures because my camera sucks and i look gross but, I finally finished my cosplay!! after two and a half years of trying to perfect it, i’m pretty happy with it 😌

Signs as Instagram Cosplayers

Aries: littleheilee

Taurus: mavriicos

Gemini: kurashibacos

Cancer: senpai_shirt

Leo: cherimoya_cosplay

Virgo: lorhens


Scorpio: babykagome

Sagittarius: keitocosplay

Capricorn: geheichou

Aquarius: ikutocun

Pisces: annjelife

(*cough cough* Totally didn’t just include my own because *cough cough* reasons >~> If any of the cosplayers I included feel uncomfortable with being in this post, feel free to let me know so I can fix it.)


But don’t you feel bad for him, Bratty?
Poor Burgerpants…
Think about how cool we are compared to him!!!
We’d be saving his LIFE with our friendship!!
His LIFE, Bratty!!
Uh, so?
Think of all the glamburgers he could get for us!!
… so is he free after work?

I had the wonderful honour of taking this shoot with two of my absolute best friends Alex and Ashley. I’ve known these two girls as long as I’ve been cosplaying and this was probably the most fun shoot I’ve ever done in my life. Undertale’s hype is pretty much over but these three will always live on in our hearts.

Bratty - @hanari502
Catty - @cancerously
Burgerpants - @fraxinus

Zodiac Signs as Irritating Cosplay Shit
  • Aries: Snagged thread
  • Taurus: Dried up body paint
  • Gemini: mismatched elf ear molds
  • Cancer: old contacts
  • Leo: shiny wigs
  • Virgo: doorway-impaired hoopskirts
  • Libra: inappropriate dye stains
  • Scorpio: tight wig caps
  • Sagittarius: fragile props
  • Capricorn: flaky iron-on transfers
  • Aquarius: miscolored plastic fangs
  • Pisces: flat-ass wigs