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!!!!!!!Don’t use floral foam for cosplays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yunno the usually wet ,squishy ,green foam thats used in the floral industry) 

Okay I didn’t know that people even were using this as an option but when this stuff is dry the particles can be breathed in and stick to the inner lining of your lungs and cause CANCER. Don’t even touch the stuff or go near it when it’s dry. My mom’s a florist and has been working with this stuff for years and didn’t know this until later in her years that she has a major risk for cancer. 

I’ve just now have seen people using it in their cosplay tutorials for carving too. Yikes.

“…To the parents of ***** the intern, we regret to inform you that your child was lost in the line of community radio duty, and that they will be missed, and never forgotten…”

Welcome To Night Vale Interns Preview | Katsucon 2014

Interns (from right to left): Chad | Jerry | Leland | Rob | Brad | Stacey | Dana | Richard | Paolo | Dylan | Vithya | Jesus | Maureen | Sve | Cecil | Carlos | Photographer

Badge/Shirt Design Credit | Welcome to Night Vale is owned by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, we made no profit from this cosplay group.

me, to one of my roommates: dude i’m watching this russian children’s movie and the costumes are SO GOOD, look!!
her: oh yeah!! hey, you know what this kind of reminds me of? that one show, with the girl, with the pink hair?
me: *sweating* o…oh…, do you mean…uh….lazytown?
her: yeah!!! wow i can’t believe you got that!
me: *sweating profusely* haha!!!!! well it was a….big meme at the end of last year, so that’s how i know about it, hahahaa….
her: oh right, you and your internet culture!
me, who is now just a sentient pool of sweat: hahaaa……y e p


“Tut tut, don’t fret. As your wonderful princess, I decree that everyone who has been mean to me shall be… executed.”

Sugar Rush at Otakon 2013 | Taffyta Muttonfudge / Cumbelina Di Caramello / Gloyd Orangeboar / Adorabeezle Winterpop / Minty Zaki / Rancis Fluggerbutter / Jubileena Bing-Bing / Swizzle Malarkey / Vanellope Von Schweetz / Photographer

“All those days watching from the window, all those years outside looking in.”
Today I’d like to shine a spotlight on child cancer awareness. To do this we’re trying to fill Instagram (and any other social media platforms) with as many children’s characters as we can. @scarlettsparrowcosplay suggested I do Rapunzel.


But don’t you feel bad for him, Bratty?
Poor Burgerpants…
Think about how cool we are compared to him!!!
We’d be saving his LIFE with our friendship!!
His LIFE, Bratty!!
Uh, so?
Think of all the glamburgers he could get for us!!
… so is he free after work?

I had the wonderful honour of taking this shoot with two of my absolute best friends Alex and Ashley. I’ve known these two girls as long as I’ve been cosplaying and this was probably the most fun shoot I’ve ever done in my life. Undertale’s hype is pretty much over but these three will always live on in our hearts.

Bratty - @hanari502
Catty - @cancerously
Burgerpants - @fraxinus

So I recently noticed I hit 200 followers here on tumblr which is awesome! Especially considering I don’t post here often. I know some of you come from imlovedavestrider but I’m thankful for you all. I’m at about 750 followers on Instagram, almost 200 fans on musically, almost 100 likes on Facebook, and almost 100 subscribers on youtube which is ridiculous because I don’t post anywhere ever I’m pretty sure, but this is really great and I’m really happy.

But on that note, there’s something I want to address. As I’ve grown a bit as a cosplayer in terms of a following, I’ve recieved a few comments about my shape. Most specifically my lower stomach area. And I wanna address this widely. Stuff said (and it hasn’t happened often, but enough for me to want to bring it to attention) generally revolves around the little pooch I have on my lower stomach. I really only have a few notes about this.

1. First of all: it literally doesn’t matter. I can cosplay whoever I want no matter what I look like, and I will look all hells of fine doing so. Nobody has any right to tell any of you not to cosplay anyone. This is a common topic in the cosplay community so I won’t touch on it too much.

2. Most afab people have a bit of a pooch there. For some its more noticeable. For others it’s less so. Society conditioned us to think having such is bad, but it’s natural and healthy.

3. Don’t tell me “maybe you should work out more” or “spend more time on your stomach.” I will admit I’m not the most active person for a variety of reasons and may not be the most toned muscled person. Nor may I be the healthiest person overall. But do *not* tell me that I should try to minimize my stomach because it looks less worked on than the rest of my body. Wanna know what I work out least? My arms. Not my stomach. “You have great legs and curves, but that muffintop ruins it” yanno what? I know! My lower stomach is something I have struggled with for almost 2 years now. You know why? Because I had a fucking tumor growing there for months. That’s hard to reverse, no matter how much I exercise. But I’ve also come a long way in loving my body.

Long story short, I don’t care if someone thinks my stomach is unattractive but it’s a big cancer in the cosplay community to have these things being said so often. I’m not even a very big cosplayer and I still get that told to me more often than is necessary at all.

Anyone can cosplay what they want. Period.