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“All those days watching from the window, all those years outside looking in.”
Today I’d like to shine a spotlight on child cancer awareness. To do this we’re trying to fill Instagram (and any other social media platforms) with as many children’s characters as we can. @scarlettsparrowcosplay suggested I do Rapunzel.


bleh…these are awful pictures because my camera sucks and i look gross but, I finally finished my cosplay!! after two and a half years of trying to perfect it, i’m pretty happy with it 😌

!!!!!!!Don’t use floral foam for cosplays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(yunno the usually wet ,squishy ,green foam thats used in the floral industry) 

Okay I didn’t know that people even were using this as an option but when this stuff is dry the particles can be breathed in and stick to the inner lining of your lungs and cause CANCER. Don’t even touch the stuff or go near it when it’s dry. My mom’s a florist and has been working with this stuff for years and didn’t know this until later in her years that she has a major risk for cancer. 

I’ve just now have seen people using it in their cosplay tutorials for carving too. Yikes.


The Signs as Gotham Girls (pt.4 of 4)

Cancer - Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel)

Harley Quinn is not harmless let alone guiltless. But has it always been like this? When Dr. Harleen Quinzel finally took her doctoral degree she was still a wallflower searching for stability in her life. Although of a youthful beauty (and malicious gossip has it that she slept her way to being one of the top psychology graduates) she wasn’t very popular or had a lot of friends. Maybe precisely because she never really had experienced the one big thrill in her life, Harleen felt attracted to super-criminals in whom she saw an element of glamour. She promptly began working at Arkham Asylum - Gotham’s infamous penitentiary for the criminally insane - and almost immediatly fell for the Joker’s twisted charm. She really was in love when after an escape Batman brought back the Joker to the Asylum, with him pretty much mangled. Something cracked inside Harleen, she adopted the alias of Harley Quinn, from now and forever devoted to her Puddin’. Everything Harley does is driven by her feelings: Whom she likes to be around, what she can square with her conscience and how she’ll treat the ones in her way. She’s pretty easy to upset, is not able to stand by and watch injustice against weak ones or animals and acts childish and stubborn when she doesn’t want to hear the truth. Unlike her friend Ivy, Harley doesn’t willingly use her looks for her advantage, comes off cute and endearing. Not really understood by many, Harley always shows an aura of subtle loneliness ‘cause deep inside her, she knows that her hopes of settling down with the Joker will never be fulfilled. It’s always been the point of their relationship that Harley on the one hand saw the Joker as the first one to ever pay attention to her but she will never know if it’s just lies and deception or not. After all, following every outrage by the Joker, he would try to get her back. But because he needs her love or just her benefits?

Scorpio - Talia al Ghul

Talia next to Catwoman may be the only one Batman was ever drawn to. She is the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, propably Batman’s greatest subliminal opponent ever, genius intellect, mighty, wise and experienced as well as long-living due to his Lazarus Pit in which the one taking a bath will be blessed with rejuvenation and thus immortality but the effect has to be renewed from time to time. Talia, too, uses the Lazarus Pit sometimes and therefore is actually older than her exteriors show. Her connection to her father is a special one: Because Talia is the most talented and intelligent of Ra’s’ children, she learned and trained under his supervision to become a threat as cunning and deadly as her father. As a member of the League of Assasins, Talia is an expert in swordsmanship and her stealth level stands up to Batman’s. She sees him as an enemy of her father and simultaneously as her father’s successor for she has strong feelings for him. For the ones she cares about, Talia is the embodiment of trustworthiness. She has a serious way of dealing with things and doesn’t like to be fooled around with, although she has a sharp humour. Talia is torn between the love to her father who operates as an international terrorist for the earth’s sake and the love to Batman in whom she recognizes her personal equal. She has an exotic accent and is of a mysterious and tempting appearance.

Pisces - Baby-Doll (Mary Dahl)

Mary didn’t grow any further from her 5th birthday on due to a natural defect. But of course she otherwise mentally developed like everyone else. Later, Mary starred as an actress in a comical TV show where she played the family’s little clumsy but sweet daughter Baby-Doll, mischievous and droll. The show was a hit until ratings dropped and Mary’s career came to an end. She now had it very hard to be taken seriously for real life persons often wrote her off as a child having no needs. Frustrated of how wrongfully the world works, Mary withdrew herself from people and adopted her former TV alias Baby-Doll. She developed a need to prove what she’s capable of because she’s always been treated unfairly. When she saw Killer Croc breaking free during a live trial on TV, Mary instantly recognized a soulmate as she saw him as a social outcast just like herself. The two would team up for robberies with Baby-Doll being perceived by everyone as a kid, so she could distract and Croc did all the muscle work. Baby-Doll shares so a deep connection with the few she feels she understands. Due to her being exluded because of being a little person, Baby-Doll always moves at the edge of despair, wants to lose herself in dream visions and has the delusion of a future with Killer Croc who likes to have her around but not in a romantical way she imagines it to be. Unconsciously, Baby-Doll can be possessive and all her life she craved for being a fully grown woman leading an easier life.


But don’t you feel bad for him, Bratty?
Poor Burgerpants…
Think about how cool we are compared to him!!!
We’d be saving his LIFE with our friendship!!
His LIFE, Bratty!!
Uh, so?
Think of all the glamburgers he could get for us!!
… so is he free after work?

I had the wonderful honour of taking this shoot with two of my absolute best friends Alex and Ashley. I’ve known these two girls as long as I’ve been cosplaying and this was probably the most fun shoot I’ve ever done in my life. Undertale’s hype is pretty much over but these three will always live on in our hearts.

Bratty - @hanari502
Catty - @cancerously
Burgerpants - @fraxinus

Zodiac Signs as Irritating Cosplay Shit
  • Aries: Snagged thread
  • Taurus: Dried up body paint
  • Gemini: mismatched elf ear molds
  • Cancer: old contacts
  • Leo: shiny wigs
  • Virgo: doorway-impaired hoopskirts
  • Libra: inappropriate dye stains
  • Scorpio: tight wig caps
  • Sagittarius: fragile props
  • Capricorn: flaky iron-on transfers
  • Aquarius: miscolored plastic fangs
  • Pisces: flat-ass wigs

IT’S FINALLY DONE!!! Archimicarus Steven from Steven Universe’s episode Open Book is finally finished for Katsu! This costume took like 40 hours more than I expected and all that cape satin stitching took FOREVER, but he’s finally finished! Sunday cosplay secured with the lovely @xdominoe as my Connie ;u; 


the signs as random things:

aries: bad puns
taurus: a shitty pokemon ripoff
gemini: 3D glasses
cancer: crab
leo: wolverine cosplay gloves
virgo: lipstick
libra: blindfold
scorpio: magic 8 ball
saggitarius: furry fetish art
capricorn: horn
aquarius: faygo
pisces: wrap skirt