• Aries: Like fierce dragon wings.
  • Taurus: Wings made of twigs and leaves, they are functional, natural, aesthetic.
  • Gemini: Colorful butterfly wings like their varied personality or airy fairy wings.
  • Cancer: Silver and white feathered-wings that glitter in the moonlight.
  • Leo: Wings of gold.
  • Virgo: White, brown, and grey feathered-wings like a song bird or maybe even insect-type wings for efficiency.
  • Libra: Angel and devil wings. Maybe they switch with their mood. Or whimsical fairy wings.
  • Scorpio: Dark scaled wings much like a dragon or flaming wings of a Phoenix. Or maybe wings made from ink!
  • Sagittarius: Blue or purple flaming wings or wings made out of metal so they can soar and reach great heights.
  • Capricorn: Bat wings or raven-feathered wings, this is serious business.
  • Aquarius: Dragonfly wings, wings made from peacock feathers, or rainbow wings made from an alien material.
  • Pisces: Have you ever seen wings made out of water? Wings made from glitter and white feathers. Wings made from magic paper.
Los signos como canciones de Linkin Park:


Tauro: Somewhere I Belong

Géminis: New divide

Cáncer:Castle Of Glass

Leo: Faint

Virgo:Breaking the habit

Libra: Numb

Escorpio: Burn It Down

Sagitario:I’ll Be Gone

Capricornio:Leave Out All The Rest

Acuario: Lost In The Echo


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Venus in the houses

 psa: I have a feeling this has been done a couple times, but I just really love venus and wanted to talk about it! Maybe you’ll like getting my personal insight on it too, idk

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure

Venus in House 1 : Being ruled by the sun (which rules the face among other things) these people are quite good looking. They adore flirting and love to cuddle, kiss and squeeze their friends or partner. It’s in their nature to be touchy and this may accidentally lead people on. They’re cheerful and upbeat people, who are very sympathetic and artistic. They care too much about their looks though, this could lead to insecurity and spending lots of money on such things as plastic surgery, makeup etc…

Venus in House 2 : You are great in social situations and have many connections, and prosper in marriage or artistic jobs. They spend money on things that they find aesthetically pleasing, love beautiful surroundings. This could range from jewelry to surrounding themselves with women or men they find attractive. These individuals are kind and trustworthy during business. They can though, be too extravagant. 

Venus in House 3 : Very artistic placement, and your social life probably involves things such as travelling/road trips etc… This may be how you find love too! Although being naturally positive people and having a knack for being great in writing and speaking; they can be superficial and easily swayed by their feelings. 

Venus in House 4 : Being surrounded by beautiful things is important to you! You are most comfortable at home. This links to the fact that you tend to have happy childhood memories, and are probably attached to ya momther. This placements almost assures you a peaceful end of life. 

Venus in House 5 : This placement is the most likely to have multiple lovers, as they are very romantic and attract people easily. They feel fulfilled when in the spotlight and being social. This can cause you to look vain if it get too much to your head though, so be careful!

Venus in House 6 : You crave a harmonious environment to feel balanced in life, whether it be at home or at work. Although you are most likely to go and get too drunk, your health is good. Since you are usually so yourself in your work place, this may bring a love interest in the same place. You do though have a laziness issue, and let others do the jobs you would prefer not to do, which can pile up and have people see you as someone they don’t want on their team. 

Venus in House 7 : Just like venus in the 6th house, feelings of harmony are a must in marriage and where you work. You tend to really attract the opposite sex, and are affectionate, usually completely fulfilling the needs of your other half. It is likely that you will gain a greatly stable economic situation thanks to your partner. You unfortunately can be resentful though if people do not take the first step. 

Venus in House 8 : Being placed in the 8th house makes love a very intense and desirable matter for you. This may lead you to feel like the romantic type or have many sexual partners. You might feel protective over your loved ones. Circumstances around your death are supposed to be peaceful. You aren’t great at handling your responsibilities. 

Venus in House 9 : You feel fulfilled in a room of people from different backgrounds who are full of different experiences. Very open to new experiences and ideas, this could make you kinky hehe. Possibly will marry a foreigner. Your longing to find differentiation can be unattainable though, making you upset. 

Venus in House 10 : Charm gets you far in life with your peers, and people are intrigued about your faintly distant ways. likely to be popular at work or school. You may have scandalous issues with a partner. 

Venus in House 11 : Known to be a social butterfly, you are charismatic and love people. Through relationships, you prefer taking it slow and are likely to marry someone who’s been your best friend or good friend in the past or present. A worry though is you sometimes confuse friendship with love. 

Venus in House 12 : The most affectionate sign towards their partner mentally. Very selfless placement, and their is the possibility of having a love affair. You dislike showing off your partner, you are private about you two. Their is a danger of having an unhappy marriage. 

🌑Black moon Lilith, our shadow🌑
  • Aries: 'Be like me' attitude
  • Taurus: Obsessed with money and power
  • Gemini: Scatterbrained, white lies
  • Cancer: Playing the victim card
  • Leo: Envy towards those better than them
  • Virgo: Petty and manipulative
  • Libra: Extreme gossiping
  • Scorpio: Prone to addictions
  • Sagittarius: God complex
  • Capricorn: Gets pleasure out of humiliating others
  • Aquarius: Sociopathic tendencies
  • Pisces: Escaping from realities through unhealthy habits

Some quick Saint Seiya request for Instagram + Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho


Because 90% of the people in every web follows me for Saint Seiya stuff and are unable to request another thing, GOSH!

I don’t know a thing about Yu Yu Hakusho but I love Kurama anyway and I will watch the show one day only for him xD Draw him was very funny ♥

Los signos como canciones IV:

Aries: Macklemore feat Skylar Grey - Glorious

Tauro: Selena Gomez - Fetish ft. Gucci Mane

Géminis:Martin Garrix & Troye Sivan - There For You

Cáncer: Rockabye - Clean Bandit

Leo: Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like

Virgo: Becky G - Mayores

Libra: Shawn Mendes - There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back 

Escorpio: David Guetta // 2U ft. Justin Bieber

Sagitario: Demi Lovato - Sorry Not Sorry

Capricornio: Zedd ft. Alessia Cara - Stay

Acuario: Louis Tomlinson - Back To You ft. Bebe Rexha

Piscis:J. Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente


When I say that McCain and his like are rotten to their core for constantly pushing for the repeal of Affordable Healthcare Act, what I am saying is this:

When my Mom first got sick, she brushed it off. She didn’t feel well, but it would pass. When she didn’t get better right away, she said that it would cost too much to see a doctor.  Family members came to me. “Talk to her,” they said, “She’ll listen to you.” She didn’t. Every time I tried to convince her to go to the doctor, she said the same thing: it was nothing; it would cost too much to see someone about it. It was too much money. We couldn’t afford a doctor’s visit, let alone multiple visits as it became increasingly clear that she was very ill.

She wasn’t wrong. We couldn’t afford it. My parents’ house to this day is a slowly falling apart mess in an increasingly bad neighborhood. Making ends meet each month was an issue– forget adding doctor bills to the list, especially since my Dad’s health was bad already and any spare money went to making sure he had his medicine. Much as we liked to pretend, my family was poor, living on a near constant precarious edge of being penniless. 

My Mom worried about paying for the doctor bills when we finally convinced her to see someone. She worried about money as they ran tests and found cancer in her gallbladder and liver and was told that it would kill her. She continued to worry about the goddamn bills right up until she lost the ability to form coherent sentences and became little more than a mass of pain and drugs. 

And the constant dread about bills didn’t end once she had passed (just two months after her diagnosis because it had spread too far by the time the doctors caught it). The last great humiliation of being poor is having to bury a loved one in the cheapest way possible. I sat next to my grief-stricken father and had to negotiate the price of her casket and burial with the knowledge that hospital bills would soon be rolling in. 

When my Dad got the first bill, he cried. Didn’t they know he had just lost his wife? Didn’t they know he was struggling to pay the funeral bill? He cried on the phone as he negotiated with the hospital and set up payments. It took him *years* to pay off my Mom’s hospital stay and in the end, she was only there for a couple of weeks. A drop in the bucket in comparison to some people’s long battle against cancer. 

John McCain is fortunate to have access to good healthcare (that we help pay for) and is lucky to be well-off. When they found the tumor, he most certainly didn’t have to weigh how much it would cost and worry about leaving his loved ones in a large amount of debt. He probably didn’t wring his hands over it and cry at the thought of how much money treatment would cost him. Such health concerns are always a source of major stress and worry, but for him he has had one less major concern that plagues most of Americans: he can afford treatment. 

If only we were all so lucky.

The water sign’s traits.

Cancer: Emotional, sensitive, romantic, poetic-minded, tender. Also moody, unrealistic, passive, clingy, and suspicious.

Scorpio: Secretive, intuitive, creative, intense, cunning. Also destructive, stubborn, aggresive, brooding, and possesive.

Pisces: Compassionate, imaginative, artistic, introverted, sensitive. Also indecisive, vulnerable, irrational, escapist, and oblivious.

Song for the water signs: Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish