Thinking on Vriska and Terezi's recent developments more.

They called themselves scourge sisters, or, at least Karkat did. They FLARP’d together for who knows how long. They have clearly known and worked together for at least a few sweeps, and being so close in blood color, I would be that most of their lives were spent in communication. People underestimate how much having someone that close to you effects you.

Terezi is unravelling at the seams. She no longer believes in the justice she once did. She no longer believes in herself. She’s begun unhealthy relationships and habits where she used to revel in being strict, structured and most of all in control. 

Vriska is growing more and more dangerous. She jumps into things with even more reckless abandon and she seems to have a decreasing sense of where to stop. Overall she’s becoming more and more reckless. Which, for people who didn’t care for Vriska, seems normally like her. But you have to think back with her conversation with John. At the end of her life, she was thinking about the future in a hopeful way. She was hoping that she no longer would have to fight, and could perhaps have a nicer more peaceful life. Now it seems she’s right back at the start.

Terezi and Vriska’s character changes are a direct product of them not having each other. When thinking about it, I flitted back and forth between “well maybe losing your kismesis is that traumatic” but that didn’t entirely fit because they balanced each other and were never black in canon. Then I thought “well fuck maybe they were moirails” but their relationship and actions were too intense for that.

Then it hit me like a ton of fucking bricks. Sisters. Your siblings are people you love, yet hate. People who are your rivals yet people who are a part of you that without them, you would not be whole.

Vriska and Terezi had a dynamic that couldn’t be matched by anyone. Vriska kept giving Terezi things to think about in terms of justice, she gave her the role of the justice bringer in their FLARP team. She enabled her, and without that enabling, Terezi could fall apart and question herself. Vriska roots for whoevers on her team. I don’t doubt that whenever Terezi second guessed herself, Vriska brought her back up. Vriska believed in Terezi, so Terezi did too. On the flip side, Terezi kept Vriska under control, and she kept her grounded. She wouldn’t let her go too far when she got too carried away. She was the person behind Vriska who would tell her when it was time to stop.

Terezi was the weight to Vriska’s balloon. Terezi kept Vriska from floating too far but Vriska kept Terezi from falling flat on the ground. Together, they suspended perfectly in the air.

So without each other, Vriska is sacrificing thousands of ghosts in the name of a reckless treasure hunt and Terezi has fallen into crippling self doubt that has kept her from normal functions.


Alex wanted this rebloggable. My computer screen wouldn’t stretch to fit the “you’re a dumbass we’ve been friends for like 6 years now and running shit for about the same amount of time go home or give us more fuel to laugh at you your choice” part after.


A friend was asking for a link to a picture of me in my Fancy Dreamer get-up and I realized I totally forgot to put it on tumblr so HERE IT IS. Probably the best one I have of my costume thusfar. Then I ended up going through some older Otakon pictures (2011 mostly) and found these gems. Now I miss y'all and I can’t wait to see you guys again! Definitely at Otakon, maybe for Metro? We’ll see how the Florida plan shapes up.

Fancy Dreamer!Nepeta & Oregon Trail!America - me
Linda - justicekind
Terezi - cancerously
Koji Sue Lord of Harry Potter Land - losersday
Rosalyn - rumminov

you know I’m just surprised more people know what the hell Okage is and is some incentive to step up on an Evil King Stan cosplay