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Okay so everyone else has been doing these so I figured it’s my turn. So in no particular order here’s my follow forever list. You guys are my favorite blogs even though I really only talk to like 5 of you. <3

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cancerouskitkat asked:

not sure why people are sending you their god tiers, of if you have one already, but thief of rage reporting for duty.

it kind’ve started like… two months ago when i got asked about my god tier and other people’s god tiers and then everyone started sharing like i swear to god i got sent like 500 god tiers and then someone brought it back and now it’s happening again so tada

cancerouskitkat asked:


My muse has drawn your number! Send me “closet” and I’ll generate a number to see what our muses do while stuck in the closet for 7 minutes.

10. Loving kiss.

Grell blushed when it came to be her turn and she ended up with someone she had never met before. “Alright then, I suppose a game is a game, right?” She said, leading him over to the closet while their mutual friends monitored the timer. When they were in the closet she stood their awkwardly for a moment before kissing the guy in front of her.

sherlocksorangeblanket answered your question: F/M/K = Christopher Tietjens, Sherlock Holmes, John Harrison

F: John harrison. K: Christopher tietjens. M: sherlock

cancerouskitkat answered your question: F/M/K = Christopher Tietjens, Sherlock Holmes, John Harrison

  • k = chris, f = john, m = sherlock

OMG You two! Poor Tietjens. Damn!

cancerouskitkat asked:

hi there, could I have a general reading, please?


Ten of Diamonds – Protection from City Planning

you’re small, but you’re humble about it. you’re everything that could ever be wanted, just the way you are. but sometimes, it’s hard not to get a little jealous. you see people with shiny stuff and glittering jewels, with gorgeous clothes and stuff you just don’t see yourself getting in the near future. do you need it? no. but do you want it? hell, why wouldn’t you? shiny stuff is pretty damn swell. achievements take time, but don’t think that just because everyone else is big that you won’t be either. reaching the top takes a hell of a lot of willpower, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

cancerouskitkat asked:

Cuddle Marry Kiss: Me, Lauren Amanda

Cuddle Amanda mostly because I don’t want to do the other two to her. 

Kiss Lauren because she’s adorable

Marry you because I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m either going to end up marrying you or killing you.

cancerouskitkat reblogged your post and added:

i think this is a great idea! and I thank you so…

I know :/ The thing is just that I’m taking a class this may that will teach me to make iphone apps. I’m a computer science major so hopefully late I will be able to make an online version and an android version and all the versions

Thanks for the support though! It helps me feel like this app will actually do something :)

cancerouskitkat asked:

hate to bother you again- but is there some way that you could fix the text as well? If doesnt indent the word when it hits the side of a text post. I think it's like, text justify or something?

I’m really sorry but I don’t quite follow you there :( what exactly do you want to know? Text-indent defines the indentation of the first line of a text block, like how much space there is between the beginning of the paragraph and the first word. Justify means that it stretches the text as a block text to align both the left and right margin of its column. You do that with

text-align: justify;

This is something I don’t help with (i.e. tweaking and customising), so if you want to know more, please google for html tutorials.

cancerouskitkat asked:

((hello, dear. I will try and have a starter up later today. Apologies, my homework took longer than expected, and then I passed out. Also, how much do you know about Karkat, and Homestuck in general?))


Oh Jeez, I’m sorry. I really hope I didn’t rub you the wrong way with that venting post. I realize I had only just messaged you, but it’s a bit frustrating when the majority of people you message don’t end up getting back to you.

It’s fine.

Uh, let’s see…I really just have general knowledge of Karkat from the internet, to be honest. I know he’s really cranky and cusses like there’s no tomorrow. My Homestuck friends have other trolls as their favorites, so I haven’t really heard too much about Karkat. 

But I’m still interested in learning. I think I’ll go check your page for an about the Muse page or something.


Shit I was going to answer privately but then I clicked Publish without even thinking.

I need sleeeeeep.