So a quick search shows that Canada’s Healthcare system doesn’t cover most prescriptions (Even prescriptions for cancer drugs for many), is failing to deliver timely care (even ca huffpo has had to admit this), and the cost to maintain their Healthcare system is growing at a tremendous rate. Even saw material from the Canadian Healthcare agency urging people to consider ending cancer treatments for the elderly and let them die.
Henrietta Lacks’s family wants compensation for her cells
Lacks’s son says Johns Hopkins should compensate the family for mom’s cells.

“The eldest son of Henrietta Lacks wants compensation from Johns Hopkins University and possibly others for the unauthorized use of her cells in research that led to decades of medical advances.

Lawrence Lacks said that he is the executor of his mother’s estate and that an agreement that the National Institutes of Health made with other family members over the years regarding the use of the cells was not valid. That agreement did not include compensation.

The cells taken from the 31-year-old from Turners Station, Md., after she died of an aggressive form of cervical cancer in 1951 were the first to live outside the body in a glass tube. They were dubbed the HeLa cells and have become the most widely used human cells that exist in scientific research.

Vaccines, cancer treatments and in vitro fertilization are among the many medical techniques derived from her cells.

“My mother would be so proud that her cells saved lives,” Lawrence Lacks said in a statement. “She’d be horrified that Johns Hopkins profited while her family to this day has no rights.”


Maybe before we start petitioning for Stefán to do this or that, we should let him fully heal from the illness he still very much has.


Every year when Morton Pollner had his checkup, he worried that doctors would find something on his lung. For years, they didn’t. Then his luck ran out.

“My reaction was, ‘Well, you smoked for 30 years. You got away with it for another 30 years and this is it.’ I thought it was a death sentence,” he says.

Pollner, who lives in Monroe, N.Y., was 76 when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Like many patients his age, he didn’t expect there would be any effective treatment. Lung cancer is the second most common cancer in men and women. And it is mainly a disease of older people. Only about 2 percent of lung cancer patients are under 45 and the average age at diagnosis is about 70.

Older patients are frequently not offered curative treatment like surgery, because they and their families and even their doctors often think they won’t be able to tolerate it. So they are referred for supportive care to control symptoms, rather than surgery to remove the cancer.

Older Patients Can Benefit From Lung Cancer Surgery

Photos: Michael Rubenstein for NPR

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Jess, wanted to tell you personally (although anon) that you and your blog have been good friends to me over the last few years while going thru cancer treatments, deaths of parents, etc. Each morning I look forward to coffee and your fun reminders of Jamie and Claire's love story (and, of course, the possibilities of Sam and Cait's romance). Thank you for all you do and for who you are!!


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Ok it was a good episode but I'm confused as to one thing. I was initially love that Paige's worst fear is losing Walter to another woman, but why wouldn't her worst fear be her don dying?

Well, it’s important to realize that your current circumstances play a huge part in what your brain is currently most bothered about.

Take my mother, for example.  She’s been in to see some doctors about some spots on her face and legs.  Turns out they’re benign and she doesn’t have anything to worry about, but that’s really been on her mind lately, especially with the mother of my best friend undergoing cancer treatment.  So if my mother were to hallucinate a worst fear, at this point in her life she’d probably hallucinate herself getting a cancer diagnosis.  Now, if she was sat down by some supreme power and was told “okay, you either have cancer, or Nicole and Kristin die, and it’s 100% your choice,” you know she’s going to pick the cancer in a New York Minute over losing my sister and I, even though both scenarios are definitely far from preferrable and even though her hallucination would be about something happening to her.

Now Paige, she has a good job, her son is in a good school in a good area, he’s helping on cases but never traveling with them and so he’s not really in danger on the day to day.  There have been a couple close calls with him yes, but she’s not really in a place where she wakes up every day and thinks “oh gosh what if Ralph dies today.”

But until very recently, she’s been pushing Walter away.  Now that she’s either single (I’m throwing this out as a possibility only because there were a ton of places in the last two episodes where a mention of her being in a relationship would have made complete sense and there was no since mention) or now that she’s just spending the kind of time with Walter that she used to given that the person she’s seeing is 7,500 miles away, she’s remembering how much she enjoys spending time with him.  Her completely incorrect assumption that Toby was going to ask her if something was going on with her and Walter, and her insistent response of “we’re just friends” to a question that he didn’t ask tells me that she’s realizing that the way she feels when she’s around Walter is the way that you’re supposed to feel when you’re in a good relationship, and maybe she’s even been thinking about what if they were to become more than what they are now (so basically what she says to Toby tells us that the question she thought Toby was going to ask is one that’s been on her mind and her answer to him was her trying to convince herself that what she feels isn’t anything like love).  If they’ve been hanging out a lot, as it seems they are, going to lunch together, etc, she might be remembering why she fell for him in the first place, and with that she may be realizing that other women may notice these good qualities that he has, especially as she literally stands at his side and watches him work on becoming a better man.

These things are actively going on inside her brain, probably even on overdrive, but she doesn’t realize that this all means that she does still have strong feelings for him until her shield is let down by the ergot dust and she can see these feelings swirling around in her for what they are.  What she does about this revelation, if anything, remains to be seen (although given that she briefly acknowledged that she had a hallucination before retracting the statement makes me believe that she does want to do something about it, but she’s scared, too) but that’s why her hallucination was about losing Walter to someone else over the death of her son.

Hope this makes sense.

This is me embracing my baldness (caused by ongoing cancer treatments) by “cosplaying/costesting” my Dragon Age: Inquisition character (a female rogue archer elf).

I only started playing it last night and decided to make my character look like me and make her bald like me to help me embrace my baldness instead of being ashamed of it.

Hurray to bald ladies!!


I can’t remember how i found Seans channel i think it was through either PewDiePie Markiplier or The Fine Brothers. Jack means the world to me as i feel like we are very similar in our personalities. He has helped me stay positive during a very dark and difficult time in my life (Breast Cancer treatment) his positive energetic attitude brightens my day and makes me smile. It has also made me a better person as i want to share that positive energetic attitude with everyone i talk to. Thank you Jack / Sean for everything you have done you are an amazing person. @therealjacksepticeye 💚👁🍀💜🌴🐚🌺

Tonight's so called Dinner:

Chips, salsa, guacamole, and manhattans.

Because I better leave her that tequila for when she comes back.

FIL update: today she had to have a talk with him about how he chose to not do anything about his cancer. There is no treatment plan, he chose this. The abdominal pain is starting in the evenings keeping him awake, so she talked to the hospice nurse that came today. Starting tonight there will be a small amount of morphine given to him. Now he is concerned about getting hooked on morphine.

Sometimes it takes some people a little longer for the light bulb to click on above their heads, I understand that concept. However, some men you just can’t reach. Often it’s too late when you do.

The road ahead is quite bumpy, should make for a pleasant 2017.

I’ll be in my bar, errr I mean liquor cabinet, err I mean Office.

Chas’s Exit Theory

So I’ve been wondering how Chas was going to be gone because of Lucy’s pregnancy.  They’re not going to kill her off (they better not - plus I think that’s against labour laws… can’t fire someone for getting pregnant.) and it would be a bit much to send her to an asylum for a year, especially if the show is finally going to be dealing with Aaron’s mental issues, as they say they will be… The new spoilers came up today and I think I’ve got it.  Sarah needs to go to Prague for treatment.  Debbie can’t go cause of her record (though she’s going to try).  Charity’s going to try but something comes up with that.  So there we go… Chas takes Sarah to Prague for a year for her cancer treatments.