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Is it true that having an abortion can cause it to become difficult to concive later in life?

Having an abortion(s) does not effect your ability to conceive later on. It also does not cause breast cancer (these questions always seem to be asked together, so I figured I would go ahead and throw that out there).


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is it a problem to masturbate multiple times in a single day? I've hit 7 times before and sometimes I feel bad about it

nothing bad about that, masturbation actually tends to have really positive effects on your health. For one, your mental health, every time you masturbate your body releases natural hormones which boosts your mood. It’s great for your immune system, as also a hormone called cortisol is released which helps strengthening the immune system. It also helps you not develop prostate cancer, the toxins that build up in the balls that cause cancer, are ejaculated along with the semen, so by masturbating you’re releasing your body of those toxins.
Study Links Widely Used Pesticides to Antibiotic Resistance

This has not been a good week for glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup and other herbicides. On Friday, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that it had classified glyphosate, the United States’ most widely-used pesticide, as “probably carcinogenic to humans.” Now, the chemical has another strike against it. A study published today by the American Society of Microbiology’s journal mBio has linked glyphosate and two other widely-used herbicides–2,4-D and dicamba–to one of the most pressing public health crises of our time: antibiotic resistance.

Read More by clicking above link.
If Looks Could Kill: Is Your Beauty Regimen Putting You at Risk for Cancer? - The Organic Prepper
Want to avoid becoming part of the cancer epidemic? Here’s a good rule of thumb: If you wouldn’t eat it, perhaps you shouldn’t rub it on your skin. Of course, this is oversimplified – there are many natural cosmetics that are not really items you’d want to ingest, but the principal is sound. Why? First …
Pesticides and health.

Want to know why we should not be consuming them?

I have just read this regarding pesticides on Wikipedia.
Not to say that wikipedia can be easily altered, but it is easily one of the most used websites on the internet for it’s factual information.

Wondering why I choose organic rather than pesticide-sprayed foods?

Pesticides may cause acute and delayed health effects in those who are exposed.[24] Pesticide exposure can cause a variety of adverse health effects. These effects can range from simple irritation of the skin and eyes to more severe effects such as affecting the nervous system, mimicking hormones causing reproductive problems, and also causing cancer.[25] A 2007 systematic review found that “most studies on non-Hodgkin lymphoma and leukemia showed positive associations with pesticide exposure” and thus concluded that cosmetic use of pesticides should be decreased.[26] Strong evidence also exists for other negative outcomes from pesticide exposure including neurological, birth defects, fetal death,[27] and neurodevelopmental disorder.

ALWAYS choose organic.

Okay, so yeah. This seems rather sad for those of us who have to eat non-organic, just because that box of raspberries are $10 cheaper than organic ones at this one place. Ever tried another place?

Organic is not expensive if you are looking in the right place.
It’s expensive when you’re looking in the wrong place.

For example, those raspberries being sold at your local organic health food shop, for $10 a punnet. Try going to the markets, and you’ll see that those raspberries are actually $6 a punnet.
Just try going to the markets, or buying online, or buying the food in a different form. Here, I can’t buy fresh raspberries because they are bloody expensive. So we get a frozen bag. It is the same thing, only frozen. And considering it’s getting hot here, I find them a lot nicer.
We can’t get fresh cacao pods here, but we can get the beans. Although I really prefer the powder and the butter. So we get the powder and the butter.

Changing up your health routine really shouldn’t be a hassle. Going back to your old routine should. Go change something you eat each day. I dare you.

Use Unbleached Paper

Research this on your own if you are interested. What got me researching this is the paper mills and their defiance in the environmental regulations that the communities surrounding them are demanding.

This got me thinking, what can i do? and like so many things our money is our vote and we can directing support or NOT support certain industries and companies that are directly affecting people and our environment.

A great website for unbleached paper:

Chemicals Used In Bleaching Paper

In order to get paper products the right kind of white, chlorine and its derivatives are used to bleach it into submission.

Any remaining lignin is removed from chemical pulp using chlorine gas and then treated with either chlorine hypochlorite or chlorine dioxide to give it more brightness.

Between 50 and 80kg of chlorine is needed to bleach each tonne of pulp of which approximately 10% will go on to bind with organic matter to produce furans, dioxins and other organochlorines.

Dioxins and furans are some of the most toxic chemicals known to science. A draft report released for public comment in September 1994 by the US Environmental Protection Agency clearly describes dioxin as a serious public health threat.

Green Is The New White

So next time you go to use a paper product, consider its cost to the environment and to the health of future generations. Ask yourself whether you really need to use it or whether there is a more sustainable alternative. And if you wish to make a difference, consider making the following changes:

  • Buy paper from fair-trade, well managed, sustainable sources (for instance as labelled by the FSC)
  • Use handkerchiefs not tissues
  • Do not print unless you really need to
  • Give up using paper cups, kitchen towel, napkins, and other products which are not needed
  • Buy recycled paper
  • Buy unbleached paper products wherever possible
  • Buy chlorine-free paper products
  • Always re-cycle paper and do not send to landfill

Check this Out too

Lets also remember: North Americans eating typical diets receive 93% of their dioxin exposure from meat and dairy products

If you’re eating the typical North American diet, this is where you are getting your dioxin from:

External image

Hello friends. Please help me

Today my mom got home from her doctor and we confirmed something we hoped wasn’t the reason for her pain.She has cancer. she was diagnosed with a pretty severe case of lymphoma, a aparently rare cancer that’s causing her extreme pain, and she’s apparently had it for a while so it’s quite far along.
Now I’m not asking for straight up hand outs, but she can’t work at all and we’re slowly losing any and all money we had trying to keep afloat.
I’m offering commissions and I’m sorry of they’re not the best but at least they’re cheap,

5-10 dollar commissions, of pretty much anything, the 5-10 is just for how long it takes me to make.

I’m also going to start selling horns again, custom horns that range in size,
Small- 5 (katkat, sollux, alpha/ beta size)
Medium - 10 (most ancestors size)
Large- 15 (condy, summoner, handmaid size)
They’re lightweight, and nearly unbreakable So I think they’re worth the buy but I can bargain for group rates

I also make pins and I can make you custom pins of logos or art.

1-5 dollars

Sorry I have no pictures I always forget to take pictures on my phone but I can send you examples if you are interested, please message me and I will be glad to start on your commission
Thank you for your help.