cancer's boring

things the signs love
  • Aries: To feel wanted. Baby animals, (especially kittens). Corny gifts. Stability. Forehead kisses. Red lipstick. Deep and meaningful conversations. Vodka. Mutual feelings. Drunk texts. Holding hands. Hot showers. Comedy movies. Someone that will make them better as a person (although not always what they settle for) Milo.
  • Taurus: Traveling. roller coasters. commitment. neck kisses. fun dates. comfort snacks. peanut butter. watching horror movies with a significant other. warm, fluffy towels. buying pointless things. late night tumblr sessions. stuffed animals. meaningful letters. getting dressed up. bubble baths. forest. rain and storms.
  • Gemini: make out sessions. instagram. feeling wanted. cute dates. tall boys/short girls. fluffy rugs. romance movies. collecting random things. messy rooms. wine. conversations about sex. being made feel special. driving with the windows down
  • Cancer: smalls animals. silk pyjamas. pretty things. flowers. cute lingerie. vanilla milkshakes. buying expensive makeup. stuff that smells good. fan-girling over celebs. late night netflix. pizza. roller skating.
  • Leo: night drives. fairy lights. soft, worn in hoodies. stars. instagram. fireworks. soft cheek kisses. bear hugs. stomach butterflies. giving advice. salted caramel. champagne. amusement parks
  • Virgo: face masks. commitment. dogs. turning up music loud while driving. disney movies. feeling acknowledged. sound of rain. music. shooting stars. black and white photographs. fashion. 
  • Libra: candles. fireworks. bonfires. commitment. romance novels. big animals. warm houses. skinny jeans. drinking with friends. salt and vinegar chips. sending ugly picture to friends. lip syncing beyonce or justin beiber. smell of books. dogs. the milky way. 
  • Scorpio: Cold drinks. full bank account. adrenaline rushes. deep, passionate kisses. warm socks. inside jokes. staring. hand written letters. sarcasm. movies (scorpios are movie freaks) soapy showers. 
  • Sagittarius: horror movies with friends. weed. photography. architecture. gossip. classy outings. sarcasm. face and body products. reaching high levels on video games. sassy remarks. traveling. cactuses. piercings. adventure. croissants
  • Capricorn: expensive makeup. feeling wanted. photo booths. clean houses. clouds. sarcasm. dirty jokes. sparklers. green grass. festivals. drunk texting. pretty underwear. boy bands. late night tumblr sessions. dark lipstick. passionate kissing. 
  • Aquarius: aquariums (who knew) beach bikes. long strolls on beach. sundresses. innocent gossip. booty. late night texting. blasting music in car.  exotic drinks. trampolines. rock jumps. books. christmas lights. pretty views.
  • Pisces: old movies. heart shaped sunglasses. the universe. knitted blankets. shimmery eyeshadow. learning. smell of rain. daydreaming. chill songs. sea shells. drawing. brand new pens. 
the signs as cat body parts

Aries: fluffy tail
Taurus: super tickly whiskers
Gemini: pretty eyes
Cancer: back lil’ paws
Leo: smol tongue
Virgo: cute ears
Libra: the tum tum
Scorpio: smol nose
Sagittarius: v soft scruff
Capricorn: front lil’ paws
Aquarius: super dangerous lil teeth
Pisces: v pettable chest

The signs sharing chocolate
  • The one that breaks off pieces and offers it to you: aries, capricorn, aquarius, leo, gemini, cancer
  • The one that's a jerk and just bites it then offers you a piece: sagittarius, pisces, scorpio, libra, taurus, virgo
moon signs

aries moon: vibrant, surrounds themselves with many people, want to leave an impression on people, passionate, feel like they need to be praised, live for the moment, get bored easily, stubborn, impatient, craves something new.

taurus moon: patient, give a peaceful presence, avoid anger, great manners, set in their ways, enjoy routine, materialistic, sentimental, stick to their goals, like to help others, supportive.

gemini moon: great at communication, witty, enjoys being at home, active imagination, ambitious, restless, moody, fast learners, charming, a leader, enjoys being in love, worry about being bored.

cancer moon: empathetic, surprisingly romantic, make you feel comfortable, creative, vulnerable, can lack motivation, clingy, loving, can act irrationally, good at making others smile.

leo moon: confident, needs to preserve their pride, great sense of humour, love to be admired, entertaining, organized, generous, like to control a situation, jealous, defensive.

virgo moon: observant, a high achiever, chilled, live in the moment, productive, enjoy detail, like to run errands, trustworthy, appreciate simplicity, laid-back, they really listen.

libra moon: has a brilliance with words, very social, like to keep things light-hearted, avoid confrontation, enjoy having the last word, need intellectual stimulation, see flaws in things, strong.

scorpio moon: has a terrific presence, good at solving problems, enigmatic, intelligent, emotional drama is fulfilling, go after what they want, prone to mood swings, has a lot of love.

sagittarius moon: honest, a dreamer, a good sense of humour, upbeat, open-minded, impatient, impulsive, need time to escape, bright, independent, enjoys tackling new things.

capricorn moon: mature, a philosopher, deep, enjoy a challenge, strong-willed, avoids emotions by being productive, like to get their own way, concentrate well, does well under pressure, great with friendship.

aquarius moon: stands out, good-humoured, straight-forward, down to earth, strong ego, need freedom, take criticism badly, likes to observe, have a cool aura, good at cheering you up.

pisces moon: compassionate, intuitive, fun to be around, push-over, they avoid important matters, become overwhelmed by emotions, sweet, soft-hearted, not in touch with reality, non-judgemental.

the signs in front of someone they secretly hate
  • aries: looks bored, tries to escape every ten seconds
  • taurus: laughs nervously at everything in an attempt to be nice, gets tired after five minutes and then just fake-smiles and nods
  • gemini: doesn't even try to be interested, says "haha yeah" a lot in a tone that lacks any emotion
  • cancer: smiles weakly and avoids conversation as much as possible
  • leo: ignores the person bothering them, is sarcastic while smiling a lot, tries to be nice but doesn't rly give a damn
  • virgo: pretends the other person isn't speaking and looks disgusted
  • libra: fake-smiles through the entire thing OR doesn't smile at all and makes sure the person knows how pathetic he/she is
  • scorpio: smiles and laughs too much, doesn't try to maintain the conversation
  • sagittarius: literally everything they say is sarcastic
  • capricorn: tries to be friendly but ends up being awkward
  • aquarius: becomes extremely quiet, when they do speak it is to say something offensive/demeaning in a very subtle (yet scathing) manner
  • pisces: shrugs in response to everything, looks extremely bored, completely ignores the person and says "whatever" from time to time
Who The Signs Hate
  • Aries: Clingy people
  • Taurus: Flaky people
  • Gemini: People who don't like them
  • Cancer: Untrustworthy people
  • Leo: Boring people
  • virgo: Loud people
  • Libra: Attention seeking people
  • Scorpio: Everyone
  • Sagittarius: Sad people
  • Capricorn: Nonchalant people
  • Aquarius: Stupid people
  • Pisces: Mean people
What zodiac signs do when they are bored

Aries: On social media while laying in bed
Taurus: Watching Anime while eating food
Gemini: texts other people about random stuff Cancer: Plays video games and draws
Leo: goes outside
Virgo: doing homework
Libra: watching random videos online
Scorpio: stares at a wall
Sagittarius: doing crafts but not finishing them
Capricorn: petting cats and reading books
Aquarius: listening to music
Pisces: drawing very concentrated

advice for the signs
  • Capricorn: you work yourself waaay too hard.. take a break
  • Aquarius: you're too distant from your friends, let yourself trust !!
  • Pisces: stop thinking about love all the time
  • Aries: go somewhere peaceful and watch the sunset. it will help i promise
  • Taurus: if it was meant to happen it will so chillll
  • Gemini: you need to stop talking about it ok. people will get bored
  • Cancer: whatever they think it doesn't fucking matter, follow your heart
  • Leo: stop trying to please other people and start trying to please yourself
  • Virgo: you need to let people in or they won't understand
  • Libra: big decisions can't be ignored forever, you need to take some time to really think
  • Scorpio: it's time you told them how you feel before the time has passed
  • Sagittarius: maybe its time for a change? a new look for a new you
rising signs + negative qualities
  • Aries: getting into arguments with people you just met
  • Taurus: not agreeing w/ someone even when u know they're right
  • Gemini: telling people you'll brb but really you're just bored
  • Cancer: trying to guilt-trip others into hanging w/ you
  • Leo: refocusing conversations onto yourself
  • Virgo: comparing yourself to others + never being satisfied
  • Libra: trying to set all your friends up w/ each other
  • Scorpio: using others to help you get ahead in life
  • Sagittarius: ditching your plans at the last minute
  • Capricorn: investing too much of your energy into succeeding
  • Aquarius: trying too hard to seem super happy that they forget what actually makes them happy
  • Pisces: falling for the same pranks over and over
Los signos del zodiaco en una clase aburrida

Estás en clase. Apenas ha comenzado, cuando un pesado aburrimiento se desploma sobre ti. En el reloj, cada segundo es una piedra que arrastra a otra con esfuerzo.

Comienzas a desesperarte. ¿Qué haces para sobrevivir a esta hora tan larga?

Cada signo del zodiaco tiene sus recursos para afrontar estas clases tediosas y eternas. ¿Con quién te identificas más?

ARIES: Es el alumno revoltoso, que se pone los auriculares para escuchar música, cuchichea con sus compañeros (poco discretamente) y desquicia al profesor.

TAURO: Se duerme.

GÉMINIS: Toma apuntes de lo que dice el profesor. Pero mientras está mensajeándose por teléfono con quién sabe quién.

CÁNCER: Finge que presta atención. Está más concentrado en saborear los aperitivos que oculta debajo de la mesa.

LEO: Conversa en voz baja con sus compañeros, es bueno haciendo eso, mientras retoca una foto suya en el teléfono.

VIRGO: Presta atención. Toma apuntes. Hace esquemas. Quién sabe cómo lo consigue. O sino dibuja, pero algo hace.

LIBRA: ¿Libra? ¿Dónde está? Probablemente, se olió la moribunda clase de lejos y evitó hacer acto de presencia.

ESCORPIO: Para perplejidad del profesor, Escorpio se levanta y abandona la clase con calma, sin decir una palabra.

SAGITARIO: Hace bromas con sus compañeros. Les cuenta chistes verdes y provoca un corrillo de risas.

CAPRICORNIO: Duerme con los ojos abiertos. (¡Guau! ¡Qué técnica!)

ACUARIO: Practica la papiroflexia. Una de sus creaciones es un avión con una nota pidiendo auxilio que lanza por la ventana.

PISCIS: Habla con los compañeros mientras toma apuntes hace una caricatura del profesor.

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Where The Signs Haunt
  • |Use sun or moon sign|
  • ARIES: Aries haunt the battlefields of the past. They run amongst soldiers that are long gone, ready to fight anything and anyone that crosses their path. If found they can sometimes offer guidance to those who seem worthy, helping them with conflicts in their own lives.
  • TAURUS: You'll find a Taurus ghost guarding banks or armoires in old castles. They protect the treasures at any cost, considering it their property now that their dead. If you trespass on what's theirs, you best make a quick getaway.
  • GEMINI: If you've ever heard a story about a ghost haunting the toilets at your school, or other good areas for gossip, that'll be the Gemini ghost. They love listening into conversations, mainly because they miss the sound of people talking. And they especially love to give the kids a scare once they're bored.
  • CANCER: Cancers haunt large country homes filled with families. They can be found in a child's nursery, often watching over the babies. Sometimes they'll brave showing themselves and try to befriend and play with the older kids. They watch over the family, scaring off any dangerous spirits that wish to do them harm.
  • LEO: You will nearly always find a Leo in a palace, castle or place of regal significance. They float around the corridors and ballrooms in gorgeous expensive suits and long flowing dresses. Just because they're dead doesn't mean they're not in charge and they'll chase anyone from the grounds if they dare to disrespect them.
  • VIRGO: Virgo ghosts are helpful ghosts that you probably won't realise aren't real people until they vanish on you. They hang around school campuses, offering assistance to pupils struggling with papers or personal issues. They're good at blending in and will stay for as long as you need them, before vanishing to find someone else to help.
  • LIBRA: Justice ghost. A Libra ghost is the type to seek out those who have done terrible things in their lives, haunting them to make the rest of their existance is hell, ensuring they never forget what they've done. If the living won't prosecute, the dead will.
  • SCORPIO: Scorpio ghosts want to be left alone. They stay in extremely remote houses and keep themselves to themselves. They can't stand young and curious people that come 'hunting' them for a joke and the Scorp isn't against throwing things at them to scare them off. The only people they tolerate are the elderly, as long as they leave well alone.
  • SAGITTARIUS: They hang about railway stations, usually the old abandoned ones with rotting wood and pieces of track missing. Even in the afterlife they're still chasing their dream of adventure. Sometimes they can be found boarding trains at stations still in use, but always vanish without a trace once the doors close.
  • CAPRICORN: These ghosts are painfully shy and self conscious around the living. They can be found in quiet places like libraries or old attics and you'll only ever see them if they think you're especially kind. They're a little cold and distant and probably won't want to interact with you much, but if you're lucky they might sit beside you, reading your book over your shoulder.
  • AQUARIUS: The haunted house ghost. These ghosts find great pleasure in spending their time at amusement park attractions. They hide in supposedly 'fake' haunted houses to give the visitors a real scare. They also like the the underground. Places covered in graffiti, that are cold and smell grimy. They won't acknowledge you in these places and you best stay away from them.
  • PISCES: Pisces ghosts are the graveyard ghosts. Spiritual in life, extra spiritual in death. You'll find them walking about in silence, often looking around at the scenery or singing softly to themselves. They won't speak to you unless you seek them out because they don't want to frighten you, but once you've approached them they'll chat for hours, telling you fantastic stories from their past life.
Things the signs do when they are bored

Aries: masturbate
Taurus: Eats
Gemini: doesn’t and finds something to do
Cancer: lounges
Leo: thinking about going out
Virgo: homework
Libra: goes on a bike ride
Scorpio: thinking about the ex
Sagittarius: stalks people on social media
Capricorn: doesn’t have time to be bored
Aquarius: reading
Pisces: daydreams