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Survey Results #1

As of midtime February 25th

Tumblr/Homestuck Fandom appears to be an INFP, Knight of Space who is a Cancer, thinks their sign fits them, found their title with a non-specific test, is a Derse dreamer which they found through a non-specific test, is Neutral Good, was born year of the Dragon(2000), and is a Melancholic Ravenclaw.


3084 responses 

243 Aries
264 Taurus
253 Gemini
289 Cancer the most common
269 Leo
243 Virgo
274 Libra
277 Scorpio
237 Sagittarius
224 Capricorn the least common
268 Aquarius
243 Pisces


The most common Class for ARIES is Mage then Knight then Sylph .
The most common Class for TAURUS is Mage then Knight then Sylph .
The most common Class for GEMINI is Mage then Knight/Sylph then Rogue .
The most common Class for CANCER is Knight then Mage then Sylph .
The most common Class for LEO is Knight then Mage/Sylph/Rogue then Maid .
The most common Class for VIRGO is Mage/Knight then Sylph then Seer/Thief/Witch .
The most common Class for LIBRA is Knight then Sylph then Mage .
The most common Class for SCORPIO is Knight then Mage then Sylph/Rogue .
The most common Class for SAGITTARIUS is Knight then Mage then Sylph .
The most common Class for CAPRICORN is Mage then Knight then Sylph .
The most common Class for AQUARIUS is Knight then Mage then Sylph .
The most common Class for PISCES is Mage then Knight then Slyph .

The most common Class is Knight .


The most common Aspect for ARIES is Heart then Space/Time then Breath .
The most common Aspect for TAURUS is Space then Heart then Breath .
The most common Aspect for GEMINI is Doom then Heart then Space .
The most common Aspect for CANCER is Heart then Space then Blood .
The most common Aspect for LEO is Heart then Space then Light .
The most common Aspect for VIRGO is Space then Heart then Breath/Doom/Mind .
The most common Aspect for LIBRA is Space then Mind then Heart .
The most common Aspect for SCORPIO is Space/Heart then Void then Mind .
The most common Aspect for SAGITTARIUS is Space then Heart then Void .
The most common Aspect for CAPRICORN is Space then Time then Heart .
The most common Aspect for AQUARIUS is Space then Heart then Light .
The most common Aspect for PISCES is Heart then Space then Breath/Life .

The most common Aspect is Space .


Most picked choice for whether they feel their astrological sign fits them is Often .

Title found by primarily Title Test (non-specific) then Page of Hope’s Title Test then Reading About the Aspects/Classes .

Libra is the only sign not dominated by Derse dreamers.

Dreamer found primarily by Dreamer Test (non-specific) then My Own Analysis then Page of Hope’s Dreamer Test .


The most common MBTI for ARIES is INFP, then INTJ .
The most common MBTI for TAURUS is INFP then INFJ .
The most common MBTI for GEMINI is INFP then INTP .
The most common MBTI for CANCER is INFP then INFJ .
The most common MBTI for LEO is INFP/INTJ then INFJ .
The most common MBTI for VIRGO is INTP then INFP .
The most common MBTI for LIBRA is INFP then INTP .
The most common MBTI for SCORPIO is INTJ then INFP/INTP .
The most common MBTI for SAGITTARIUS is INFP then INFJ/INTJ .
The most common MBTI for CAPRICORN is INFP/INTP then INTJ .
The most common MBTI for AQUARIUS is INTJ then INFP/INTP .
The most common MBTI for PISCES is INFP then INFJ .

The most common MBTI is INFP .


The most common Alignment is Neutral Good then Chaotic Neutral then Chaotic Good .

The most common Chinese Zodiac is Dragon , making most test takers the age of 15 .

The most common House is Ravenclaw then Hufflepuff .

The most common Temperament is by far Melancholic .


Be aware that these results reflect mainly the users of Tumblr, then the Homestuck Fandom.

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✧ Lucy’s Stardresses ✧

So far, We only know six stardresses.

Aquarius Form:

Leo Form:

Virgo Form:

Taurus Form:

Sagittarius Form:

Aries Form:

We also know that when these dresses are equipped, Lucy’s Celestial Spirit Magic increases significantly. But what about her other forms? We still have yet to see her Gemini, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn stardresses. I think that her Gemini stardress will be the most intriguing one because she can use copy magic. If you have not already forgotten, Lucy tried to learn transformation magic but failed to do so. With her Gemini stardress equipped, she does not have to worry about learning transformation magic. Copy magic has more advantages than transformation magic such as you gain the memories of the person who you have copied. In addition to gaining the powers of her zodiac celestial spirits, what about the other celestial spirits? Can Lucy use her new ability with Horologium, Lyra, Crux and even Plue’s powers/abilities? Maybe her new ability only works with golden keys. I REALLY hope that is not true because I want to see ALL of her stardresses. I just wonder which ones she will equip in future chapters. Also, can she combine her stardresses? There are just still so many questions…

The Signs + Dorian Pavus quotes
  • Aries: "Why be ashamed? Power should be respected, not swept under the carpet."
  • Taurus: "Yes, and I'd live longer if I only ate rice and boiled vegetables, but that's just as unlikely."
  • Gemini: "The successor must prove he could slaughter his enemies, he doesn't actually do it. We're not savages."
  • Cancer: "I'm wondering if familiarity would cure your suspicion of magic."
  • Leo: "I always smile. People like my smile, and they should! I have excellent teeth."
  • Virgo: "Do you feel that? My magic-sensing nose is tingling."
  • Libra: "I'm the first to admit magisters aren't perfect, but they've also done great things. They're allowed to."
  • Scorpio: "The thing is, sometimes the ones you love are also the ones who disappoint you the most. You think that if they love you, they should understand. They shouldn't want to hurt you. So you feel betrayed. You say things you can't ever take back."
  • Sagittarius: "I'm not a sheep. No one in my family could be described a 'sheep.'"
  • Capricorn: "I'm glad it amuses you, but what I get from my affairs is my affair."
  • Aquarius: "It's barely an eye-watering slap fight, I'll grant you, but every now and again it heats up." (about Qunari/Tevinter war)
  • Pisces: "You are what we needed most at the moment we needed it. That's what they will say in ages to come."
The Signs as Pansexuals

Aries: tiny pansexual nymph that wants to fight tall pansexual elves, but like, in a cute way

Taurus: tall pansexual elf with legs for days. Just wants to picnic in meadows and stargaze. Drinks nectar like all the time

Gemini: pair of twin pansexual dragons that breath spirit flowers instead of fire. Likes to wear glasses for the aesthetic and sends spring in valleys from mountaintops

Cancer: sweet pansexual mage that is an expert in advanced the art of hot cocoa making. Uses magical abilities to make special potions for the needy. Has a tiny dragon friend

Leo: majestic pansexual griffin. Literally made of golden feathers. Rescues little fairies from danger. Super fluffy

Virgo: lovely pansexual forest fairy that collects nectar for the pansexual tall elves. Super romantic. Attracts butterflies in their wake

Libra: pansexual goddess of knowledge. Super cute eyes that sometimes glow. They know all. Shares with friends bc of the kindness in their hearts

Scorpio: flying pansexual Pegasus with sliver wings. Owns a jelly farm. Has a following of about four hundred dogs

Sagittarius: ethereal pansexual centaur warrior. Can jump from mountaintop to mountaintop in one bound. Uses superior aim to drop presents for the poor

Capricorn: super chill pansexual kraken that sleeps at the bottom of the ocean. Hangs out with divers and protects them from harmful deep sea creatures. Accepts offerings of peanut butter

Aquarius: sultry pansexual mermaid with shiny scales literally made of starlight. Lives in the night sky. Sings for couples on romantic dates for atmosphere.

Pisces: small pansexual naga with a striped tail. Hosts dance parties in the woods. Can crush a man’s skull with a single flex. Loves jelly from Pegasus’ farm

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The Signs as Things Simon Misses the Most From Watford
  • Aries, Leo, Sagittarius: my school uniform, the mage
  • Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces: my room, the wavering wood, agatha
  • Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn: sour cherry scones, ebb and the goats, the football pitch
  • Gemini, Libra, Aquarius: penelope, magic
The Signs and The Type of Fighter They Are (Mage, Archer, Dual Weilder, One-Handed, Two-Handed)

Aries: Two-Handed
Taurus: Archer
Gemini: Dual-Weilder
Cancer: Mage
Leo: Dual-Weilder (both enchanted)
Virgo: Mage
Libra: Mage (that heals everyone thnks bae)
Scorpio: Archer (enchanted)
Sagittarius: Two-Handed
Capricorn: Archer
Aquarius: One-Handed
Pisces: Mage

Am I the only one who wants a Celestial Spirits spin-off?

The celestial spirits don’t get enough time in the manga and a series like that would have so much potential. We can see what a day in Everlue’s mansion was with Virgo, how Gemini ended up with Angel, how Loke found Fairy Tail, the battle between Karen and Angel through Aries’s perspective, a time when Zoldeo wasn’t evil with Capricorn, how Aquarius and Scorpio hooked up in the celestial world, Sagittarius with an earlier celestial mage, Cancer and Ms. Spetto bonding as they take care of little Lucy, and what I personally want to know is how Lucy and Taurus met.  

For goodness sake, they met on a barn with cows!!!! That already sounds like there is a hilarious backstory behind it. Like how would Lucy even wander there? And surely there’s a tale behind how many women Taurus accidentally scared off before Lucy decided to put her trust in him. 

Like I said, there is so much potential for a spin-off revolving around the celestial spirits (including Pisces and Libra.) They’ve been around for so long that surely they’d have a lot of good stories to tell.