cancer glitter

signs as makeup

aries : fucking eyebrow shit oh mhy god

taurus : the foundation cause they are important af

gemini : glitter!!!!! 

cancer : luscious lipgloss cause they have really nice lips

leo : some peachy blush with personality

virgo : fake freckles

libra : mascara :)

scorpio : really expensive eyeshadow palettes cause they cute but extra

sagittarius : i’ve never met one who wears makeup

capricorn : contouur

aquarius : eyeliner omg

pisces : primer cause u can’t live w out it 


Have you ever...

Thrown a fist full of glitter in the air:

Pisces // Aries

Looked fear in the face and said I just don’t care:

Capricorn // Sagittarius

Invited a stranger to come inside:

Gemini // Libra

Wished for an endless night, lassoed the moon and the stars and pulled that rope tight:

Aquarius // Taurus

Hated yourself for staring at the phone, your whole life waiting on the ring to prove, you’re not alone:

Cancer // Virgo

Held your breath, and asked yourself “will it ever get better than tonight”: 

Leo // Scorpio

Shows the signs would like
  • Aries: Spartacus
  • Taurus: Glitterforce
  • Gemini: Game of Thrones
  • Cancer: nothing, Cancers are dicks who spend all their time playing skylanders.
  • Leo: Gravity Falls
  • Virgo: Criminal Minds
  • Libra: Steven Universe
  • Scorpio: FRIENDS
  • Sagittarius: Shameless
  • Capricorn: South Park
  • Aquarius: Sirens
  • Pisces: Firefly
Signs as 90's trends.
  • Aries: Flannel
  • Taurus: Body Glitter
  • Gemini: Chokers
  • Cancer: Scrunchies
  • Leo: Crop Top
  • Virgo: Platform Shoes
  • Libra: Jelly Sandals
  • Scorpio: Doc Martens
  • Sagittarius: Berry Lips
  • Capricorn: Denim
  • Aquarius: Tie Dye
  • Pisces: Mood Rings
the signs as a simple aesthetics
  • Aries: Leafy greens and fresh fruit
  • Taurus: Mist from a waterfall
  • Gemini: Sunlight on glitter
  • Cancer: Sunflowers and white t-shirts
  • Leo: Soft hair and gold jewelry
  • Virgo: Velvet and roses
  • Libra: Sunlight through tall stalks of grass
  • Scorpio: Glittering eyeshadow and matte lipstick
  • Sagittarius: Baking cookies from sctratch
  • Capricorn: Watching a storm while reading a book
  • Aquarius: The ocean and monsoon clouds
  • Pisces: Mason jars and candle-lit rooms
The Signs as TBOM Stuff
  • Aries: was i in it?
  • Taurus: this is no lie i speak to God all the time
  • Gemini: gonna get their own planet
  • Cancer: tapdancing glitter vests
  • Leo: the winds of the serengeti
  • Virgo: crushed gay box
  • Libra: the book up their ass
  • Scorpio: was caught playing hooky
  • Sagittarius: is wet with salvation
  • Capricorn: no no no I'M not gay
  • Aquarius: just twelve cups of coffee
  • Pisces: took a bullet for me and you
zodiac signs as random aesthetics
  • aries: punk lolita americana adventurer
  • taurus: soft lace retro royalty
  • gemini: electric vodka retrofuturist nerd
  • cancer: glitter pixie floral disaster
  • leo: unsettling urban riot king
  • virgo: decadent fantasy springtime babe
  • libra: post-apocalyptic celestial femme anarchist
  • scorpio: firey destructive surrealist bitch
  • sagittarius: 20s grunge metropolitan deity
  • capricorn: suburban existentialist desert revolutionary
  • aquarius: modern nocturnal wannabe chic
  • pisces: slutty gold retro nymph

Glitter [because you’re fun and adventurous]: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio

Shimmer [because you’re optimistic and bright]: Cancer, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Matte [because you’re real and classy]: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces