cancer girl and taurus boy

In love with an Aquarius.

How do you know they like you?

They’ll try to stay away from you and have limited conversation and it’s simply cause once they realize they like you they turn all shy ( v cute omg), This might sound really weird but they’ll try to be close but be far away at the same time, like they want you to notice they’re there doing or involved in the same stuff at you but that dam shyness kicks in and it’s like AVOID AVOID AVOID. They’re also gonna be friends with your friends. Basically, they just get involved in anything related to you, whether it be a sports club or reading a book they saw you pick up at a library. They don’t make the first move so you’re gonna have to, they might come off as an asshole but really they’re just shy and probably like you. 

How can you attract an Aquarius? 

  • Be unique, be different from the regular, give them something to notice. 
  • They like someone who can make their day brighter, so be the cute little bubbly ball of joy that everyone loves on a rainy day.
  • Becoming an Aquarius’ friend is a great way to get into a relationship zone, cause really they’re just looking for a best friend more than anything.
  • Don’t be too emotional, just get out there and have a good time, show them how fun you are. Trust me, it’s the best thing you can do.
  • Carefree is life, doing things your own way is what makes an Aqua go “hey look at them, they’re cool?” 

Ideal Date for an Aquarius:

Something out of the ordinary that will spark their interests. Such as; 

  • A random walk in the park at 4am to watch the sunset.
  • Cook together, have dinner at the beach or maybe even at home, getting to know each other. 
  • Grocery shopping for a midnight trip somewhere

Just doing odd things, at odd times would be rather fun or even something remotely hilarious like taking an acting class for couples. 

Best matches: Gemini and Libra

Worst matches: Scorpio and Cancer

Signs as Panic! At the Disco Songs
  • Aries: Nine in the Afternoon
  • Taurus: Northern Downpour
  • Gemini: I Write Sins Not Tragedies
  • Cancer: But it's Better if You Do
  • Leo: Collar Full
  • Virgo: Lying is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off
  • Libra: Build God, Then We'll Talk
  • Scorpio: Miss Jackson
  • Sagittarius: Ready to go (Get Me Out of My Mind)
  • Capricorn: Girls/Girls/Boys
  • Aquarius: The Ballad of Mona Lisa
  • Pisces: This is Gospel
The signs as crushes (girls version) and how to approach them

Aries girl-The one who is loud and who knows how to have a good time. Will try to get your attention and most willmake the first move.

Taurus girl- kind of unnapproachable. But in reality very sweet so don’t be afraid to talk to them. Can become very talkative and is very pleased when the guy is someone really considerate.

Gemini girl- always chatting. May be intimitading first but for sure they won’t play mind games. So go for it.

Cancer girl- can be hard to read and difficult to really access to her. But easy to talk to and is a laughing person. So bring your sense of humor, just listen to them . Show that you really want to know them.

Leo girl- easy to talk to. Proud and sociable. Be a man , be brave but don’t be cocky. You have to make time for them.

Virgo girl-be a prince. Show that you love them by even little attentions. They adore that. Try to have a small talk with them and turn that into interesting conversation. Give them little gifts.

Libra girl-Charm her. Be nice,have a good sense of kind and listen to them,share your opinions with them. Be well-dressed or just care about your appareance. Be clean.

Scorpio girl-be mysterious. Be quiet and suddenly go loud. That will intrigue her.
Show them your ambition and how you can stand for yourself. Be kind brave , u have to possess a fierce spirit for these girls.

Sagittarius girl-Be flirty and real funny. That will work for them. Be independant but show her at the same time that you adore being with her and that you won’t mind pass the time with her anytime.

Capricorn girl-be classy,independant and have a nice sense of humor. Show them that you’re not a silly boy but a man who knows how to have a great time and who is real ambitious. Admire her.

Aquarius girl-be UNIQUE. Say out loud what you think. Don’t hesitate.
Try new weird things with her or talk about human rights,and just the world in general.

Pisces girl-be a nice bad boy. They love the type of man who has an exterior thoughtness but deep down hes so sweet.

Capricorns thoughts on Everyone else

Aries- shh you don’t always have to be so load and aggressive. It works better to silently ruin others like me.

Taurus- honestly marry me now. Together we could rule the world on logic and hard work, however I don’t like it when you’re lazy which is 50% if not 100% of the time. Give me ten minutes to teach you how to grow up a little.

Gemini- you are very talkative and I don’t mind much really except most of which you say has no real meaning. If we are going to have a conversation I want it to mean something to me

Cancer- you seem to be an extremely sweet person and really nice an all but why are you so sensitive I just can’t comprehend it

Leo- I like how you are a lot like me strong and powerful but it really bugs me when you make every thing about yourself. I’m trying to tell you something important and it turns into your life story, seriously I don’t care.

Virgo- I honestly have nothing bad to say about you we are completely compatible I think you’re great. I want to have your babies

Libra- you are a sweetheart but you tend to lie or not stick to your word. I HATE THAT I want someone to do what they say and you never seem too. I think you need to take a long look in the mirror and figure out your life just saying

Scorpio- I don’t know If I want to kill you or spend the rest of my life in your arms but there is literally no in between. I think I like the second option best…

Sagittarius- you have a lot of energy… Not that it’s a bad thing or anything it’s just maybe once in a while you can act like a regular human being and we can sit down and have a civilized conversation without you jumping off the walls

Capricorn- do I even have to answer this you’re perfect. However I usually hate you because we are both crazily stubborn and may not agree on everything

Aquarius- I really enjoy your company although I have a terrible time trying to read you and figure out what you are thinking, you are very chill and can carry a conversation. I enjoy your having in my presents

Pisces- I don’t understand how you spend all that time daydream. It’s like wasting your life away. And yet I kind of wish that I could be you and escape in my mind. I have a tendency to fall in love with the way you are, when you daydream, forget about all the things in life that make me crazy, and are just so relaxed. It may seem that I don’t like you but honestly I just envy you.

The Signs as Everyday People:

Scorpio - The Tough Guy/Gal 😈

Aries - The Persistent Salesperson 💰

Aquarius - The Rebel For a Cause 😎

Cancer - The Stay/Work-At-Home Parent 👶

Taurus - The Boy/Girl Next Door 💋

Sagittarius - The Techie Philosopher 🤓

Capricorn - The Wise Old Hermit ☠️

Pisces - The Distracted Daydreamer 😴

Leo - The Leader of the Squad ⭐️

Libra - The Couple ❤

Gemini - The Chatty Barista 😜

Virgo - The Bitter Professor 🎓

The Signs as Roman Gods

Aries: Virtus - god of bravery
Taurus: Fontus - god of wells
Gemini: Silvanus - god of the forest
Cancer: Picumnus - god of agriculture
Leo: Sancus - god of honesty
Virgo: Vertumnus - god of the seasons
Libra: Orcus - god of broken oaths
Scorpio: Inuus - god of sex
Sagittarius: Mors - god of death
Capricorn: Caelus - god of the sky
Aquarius: Lupercus - god of wolves
Pisces: Somnus - god of sleep

Things I love about the signs

ARIES: THE most LOYAL individual you will ever meet, they won’t play old Taylor Swift songs because they know it reminds you of that time an evil cat bit you.

TAURUS: HELPFUL. Taurus is always willing to lend a hand when you need it, no questions asked, even that time you showed up at their house in a cop car.

GEMINI: THOUGHTFUL. Gemini’s are constantly thinking of others, which is why they took away your phone so you wouldn’t call your boss high again.

CANCER: LOVING. Cancer will always let you know that you are loved. Even if it means waking up to 600 texts about how you shine like an angel.

LEO: CONFIDENT. Leo’s are great at reminding you that you are fierce, by forcing you to get off the couch and getting your hand out of the bowl of Fritos.

VIRGO: NURTURING. Virgo’s look out for people like they are their ducklings, If the mom was a Raccoon. 

LIBRA: COMFORTING. Libra’s have a way of making others feel good again. Whether that means pizza and beer or netflix and chill.

SCORPIO: INSIGHTFUL. Scorpio’s can offer up new points of view, like the reason for your break up wasn’t because he couldn’t commit, you’re just crazy.

SAGITTARIUS: HONEST. Sagittarius will always tell you the truth, even about that time you stole a french fry from them, with your mouth.

CAPRICORN: DEPENDABLE. Capricorn will have your back, keep your secrets, and hide the body.

AQUARIUS: SUPPORTIVE. Aquarius will encourage you to take the twelfth shot of Vodka, and then they will hold your hair back.

PISCES: KIND. Pisces, won’t tell you your dress looks bad, they’ll just recommend a better color.

  • Masculine: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Feminine: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces
  • Masculine signs: direct, energetic
  • Feminine signs: receptive and magnetic
Zodiac Signs as Girl and Boy Names

Aries: Aster and Forrest

Taurus: Fawn and Theo

Gemini: Freya and Will

Cancer: Robin and Lachlan

Leo: Willow and Beau

Virgo: Heather and Luke

Libra: Penny and Arthur

Scorpio: Clover and Rhys

Sagittarius: Hazel and Aaron

Capricorn: Ivy and Christian 

Aquarius: Bell and Andrew

Pisces: Acacia and Steve

Signs as Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! songs
  • Aries & Taurus: Vegas lights
  • Gemini: Girls/girls/boys
  • Cancer: Far too young to die
  • Leo: Girl that you love
  • Virgo: The end of all things
  • Libra & Scorpio: Miss Jackson
  • Sagittarius: Collar full
  • Capricorn: Nicotine
  • Aquarius: This is gospel
  • Pisces: Casual affair