cancer cage

The Signs as Cage the Elephant Songs
  • Aries: In One Ear
  • Taurus: Telescope
  • Gemini: Take It or Leave It
  • Cancer: Cigarette Daydreams
  • Leo: Mess Around
  • Virgo: Cold Cold Cold
  • Libra: Aberdeen
  • Scorpio: Punchin' Bag
  • Sagittarius: Shake Me Down
  • Capricorn: Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
  • Aquarius: Back Against the Wall
  • Pisces: Trouble
songs for opposite/sister signs
  • aries/libra: first day of my life - bright eyes
  • "but now i don't care, i could go anywhere with you and i'd probably be happy"
  • taurus/scorpio: werewolf (i like you) - sky ferreira
  • "you disappear inside a melting tomb. but i like you, we can howl at the moon"
  • gemini/sagittarius: i'll try anything once - the strokes
  • "sit me down, shut me up. i'll calm down, and i'll get along with you"
  • cancer/capricorn: everlasting light - the black keys
  • "let me be your everlasting light. the sun when there is none"
  • leo/aquarius: cigarette daydreams - cage the elephant
  • "so sweet with a mean streak, nearly brought me to my knees"
  • virgo/pisces: dreams - the cranberries
  • "a totally amazing mind, so understanding and so kind; you're everything to me"
cigarette daydreams
  • i can see you standing next to me, in and out somewhere else right now: scorpio,PISCES,cancer,virgo
  • you sigh, look away, i can see it clear as day. close your eyes, so afraid, hide behind that baby face: CANCER,pisces, libra
  • you can drive all night, looking for the answers in the pouring rain: scorpio,SAGITTARIUS,aries,capricorn
  • you wanna find peace of mind, looking for the answers: LIBRA,cancer,taurus,VIRGO,gemini
  • funny how it seems like yesterday as I recall you were looking out of place: pisces,aquarius,virgo,gemini
  • soft speak with a mean streak, nearly brought me to my knees: pisces,TAURUS,LIBRA
  • if we could find a reason, a reason to change: sagittarius,aquarius,gemini,aries
  • if you can find a reason, a reason to stay, standing in the pouring rain: leo,capricorn,sagittarius,libra,aries
ur zodiac sign as an alt band

aries: cage the elephant

taurus: the dirty heads

gemini: the strokes

cancer: the kooks

leo: foster the people

virgo: arctic monkeys

libra: vampire weekend

scorpio: interpol

sagittarius: the neighborhood

capricorn: the 1975

aquarius: panic! at the disco

pisces: the white stripes

The Signs As A Cage The Elephant Song

Aries: Cover Me Again
Taurus: Shake Me Down
Gemini: Aberdeen
Cancer: Back Against The Wall
Leo: In One Ear
Virgo: Cigarette Daydreams
Scorpio: Black Widow
Libra: Tiny Little Robots
Sagittarius: James Brown
Capricorn: Always Something
Aquarius: Lotus
Pisces: Soil To The Sun

Cage the Elephant Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Back Against the Wall
  • Taurus: Come a Little Closer
  • Gemini: No Rest for the Wicked
  • Cancer: In One Ear
  • Leo: Shake Me Down
  • Virgo: Tiny Little Robots
  • Libra: Halo
  • Scorpio: Spiderhead
  • Sagittarius: Cigarette Daydreams
  • Capricorn: Soil to the Sun
  • Aquarius: Hypocrite
  • Pisces: Lotus
songs from my playlist that remind me of each sign
  • aries: warriors — imagine dragons
  • taurus: home — american authors
  • gemini: i don't care — fall out boy
  • cancer: wishing well — blink-182
  • leo: centuries — fall out boy
  • virgo: dog days are over — florence & the machine
  • libra: on top of the world — imagine dragons
  • scorpio: ain't no rest for the wicked — cage the elephant
  • sagittarius: rollercoaster — bleachers
  • capricorn: handlebars — flobots
  • aquarius: dream — imagine dragons
  • pisces: what a catch, donnie — fall out boy
the signs as cigarette daydreams lyrics

aries: gathered up your things and slipped away, no time at all i followed you into the hall

taurus: you sigh, look away, i can see it clear as day

gemini: you wanna find peace of mind, looking for the answer

cancer: so sweet with a mean streak, nearly brought me to my knees

leo: if you could find a reason, a reason to stay, standing in the pouring rain

virgo: oh i cannot explain what’s going down

libra: you were only seventeen

scorpio: looking for the answers in the pouring rain

sagittarius: in and out, somewhere else right now

capricorn: if we could a reason, a reason to change

aquarius: as i recall you were looking out of place

pisces: close your eyes, so afraid, hide behind that baby face

the signs as alternative bands

aries: alt-j
 taurus: cold war kids
 cancer: starfucker
 gemini: cage the elephant
 leo: the neighborhood
 virgo: fall out boy
 libra: the 1975
 scorpio: the arctic monkeys
 sagittarius: grouplove
 capricorn: paramore
 aquarius: the black keys
 pisces: sublime

the signs as alternative bands
  • aries: the wombats
  • taurus: haim
  • gemini: the kinks
  • cancer: cage the elephant
  • leo: the strokes
  • virgo: the velvet underground
  • libra: passion pit
  • scorpio: catfish and the bottlemen
  • sagittarius: the 1975
  • capricorn: cold war kids
  • aquarius : the vaccines
  • pisces: the xx
The Signs as songs I like
  • Aries: IDFC by Blackbear
  • Taurus: teenage girls by Bad Sports
  • Gemini: In the night by The Weeknd
  • Cancer: Sober by Selena Gomez
  • Leo: prisoner by The Weeknd ft Lana Del Rey
  • Virgo: Bad things by MEIKO
  • Libra: UGH! By The 1975
  • Scorpio: punchin bag by Cage the elephant
  • Sagittarius: The feeling by Justin ft Halsey
  • Capricorn: Angel by the weeknd
  • Aquarius: Ribs by Lorde
  • Pisces: 17 by Youth Lagoon
The signs as Nicolas Cage  movies

Aries: City of Angels

Taurus: The Sorcerer’s Apprentince

Gemini: The Rock

Cancer: Pixels

Leo: Ghost Rider

Virgo: Con Air

Libra: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Scorpio: Dying of the Light

Sagittarius: National Treasure

Capricorn: Outcast

Aquarius: Peggy Sue Got Married

Pisces: Rage

The Signs as Marvel Heroes

Aries: Jessica Jones
Taurus: Steve Rogers/Captain America
Gemini: Luke Cage
Cancer: Bruce Banner/The Hulk
Leo: Tony Stark/Iron Man
Virgo: Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Libra: Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver
Scorpio: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
Sagittarius: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch
Capricorn: Thor
Aquarius: Matt Murdoch/Daredevil
Pisces: Nick Fury

The Signs As Mortal Kombat Characters

Aries: Ermac

Taurus: Smoke

Gemini: Kitana

Cancer: Nightwolf

Leo: Johnny Cage

Virgo: Sub-Zero

Scorpio: Scorpion

Libra: Mileena

Sagittarius: Raiden

Capricorn: Kung Lao

Aquarius: Sindel

Pisces: Jade

The signs as objects

Gemini - Dobbys sock
Cancer - Hedwigs cage
Scorpio - Harry’s Firebolt
Leo - Hagrids Umbrella
Aries - Snapes empty shampoo bottle
Virgo - Neville’s remembrall
Pisces - The twins fireworks
Libra - Hermione’s time turner
Sagittarius - Ron’s necklace
Capricorn - Percy’s prefect badge
Aquarius - Dumbledores penseive
Taurus - McGonagalls hairball

what marvel character u is

based on the date of their first appearance

aries- mystique 

taurus- daredevil  

gemini- luke cage 

cancer- wasp

leo- spider-man 

virgo- hawkeye 

libra- loki 

scorpio- wolverine 

sagittarius- howard the duck 

capricorn- ant man

aquarius - deadpool  

pisces- captain america

the signs in The 100
  • aries: monty green
  • taurus: clarke griffin
  • gemini: raven reyes
  • cancer: lincoln
  • leo: cage wallace
  • virgo: abby griffin
  • libra: jasper jordan
  • scorpio: bellamy blake
  • sagittarius: octavia blake
  • capricorn: marcus kane
  • aquarius: dante wallace
  • pisces: finn collins