cancelled before its time

“It makes me sad to know that all of my favorite Nicktoons were treated unfairly. Danny Phantom was cancelled before its time, Hey Arnold still hasn’t gotten its proper concluding movie, Legend of Korra was thrown to the curb, ChalkZone was ignored, Fairly OddParents should have ended while the show was still decent instead of being beaten into the ground for over 14 years, and TMNT is rarely even shown or promoted anymore.”

DP Nostalgia with Non-Phans

One of my favorite things in the world is when you mention Danny Phantom in real life to a person not in the Phandom and every single time a person’s face lights up. Every. Single. Time. I’ve literally causally brought the show up and a group of people stopped talking, perked up, smiled, and started talking about the show in excited little comments with me. It’s so awesome. 

Plus these comments:

“I remember that show! It was so good!”

“I had a crush on Danny when I was a kid.”

“Man, that was my show!”

“Oh! I remember that! That was my childhood!”

“They don’t make shows like that anymore.”

“One of many cartoons canceled before its time.”

I just…. Danny Phantom caused a big reaction even in non major phans years later. It still makes people smile, even if casually mentioned. I’m not ashamed to say I like the show because of reactions like these. I wanted to point this out because it made me happy and wanted to share with others. 

Danny Phantom brings nostalgia, and honestly, it makes me very happy. 

The Fandom Girl
The Fandom Girl


It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday
The regular crowd shuffles in
There is Jim Kirk, and there’s Frodo too
Followed close by Arthur and Merlin

There’s novels, comics, movies, TV shows
And the night seems to last for weeks
But the sun will still come
When the night’s fin’lly done
So I’ll try now to sing you to sleep

La la la la de da
la la la de da da dum

I’ll sing you a song, I’m the fandom girl
I’ll sing you a song tonight
Well you’re all in the mood for a melody
I’ll make fandom pain feel alright

Now Dean and Sam too are dear friends of mine
Bobby and Cas tag along
The Avengers complain when the world’s gone insane
And they’ll fight while I sing you this song

So the Doctor is going through galaxies
And he’s saving the world with a smile
Scott McCall tries to save Beacon Hills from the grave
With some supernatural friends and Stiles

La la la la de da
la la la de da da dum

Well Sherlock’s deducing with his friend John
And messing with the Scotland Yard
Frozen, and Lion King, and weird foxes that sing
Disney films had us hooked from the start

And now Harry is finally home again
He has gotten to Hogwarts at last
Hannibal is off messing with Will again
No one’s sure what has actually passed

I’ll sing you a song, I’m the fandom girl
I’ll sing you a song tonight
Well you’re all in the mood for a melody
I’ll make fandom pain feel alright

Well, there’s infinitely more to talk about
It seems that I don’t have the time
Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, Buffy, Orphan Black’s clones
Firefly canceled before its time

And the fandoms seem like a musical
With the art and the songs and the pain
Well, we laugh and we cry when our characters die
But half come back home right anyways

La la la la de da
la la la de da da dum

I’ll sing you a song, I’m the fandom girl
I’ll sing you a song tonight
Well you’re all in the mood for a melody
I’ll make fandom pain feel alright
John Cho Gets a Crack at the Leading-Man Role He Deserves
Today a TV series, tomorrow. . .Batman?
By Joanna Robinson

It’s only been two years since Selfie—the little-seen but dearly beloved ABC sitcom—was abruptly cancelled before its time. But in that time, there’s been a bit of a sea change when it comes to John Cho. Thanks in some part to a viral meme called #StarringJohnCho, wider audiences seemed to recognize what Cho lovers, Selfie fans, and Vanity Fair) knew all along: this actor deserves to be a leading man. And now, thanks to a new project at USA Network, Cho may get another crack at TV stardom in a con-artist drama called Connoisseur.

Like Cho, USA has also undergone a fairly rapid rebranding period. With the launch of the critically beloved and award-winning Mr. Robot, “USA Network con-artist drama” no longer means what it once did for the home of shows like Suits and White Collar. Variety reports that the series would star Cho as a con artist named Clay Park who makes sport of duping “the wealthiest, most powerful people in the country into paying millions for fake wine.” As these stories often go, Park’s con gets him in trouble with both the authorities and dangerous criminals, and “unearths the details of a tragedy that fractured his family years ago in Korea.”

With an increasingly vocal pushback on Asian whitewashing in Hollywood, it’s enormously encouraging to see a proposed drama that allows a charismatic Korean-American actor like Cho a leading role that actually explores his own cultural heritage (Cho’s father was born in North Korea). If picked up, Connoisseur could go a long way towards widening the perception of what Hollywood thinks of as a leading man and building on the increasingly diverse world of television. As rare as it is to see major roles for Chinese or Taiwanese characters on the likes of Fresh off the Boat and Japanese characters like Cho’s in Star Trek, Korean characters are even rarer.

And don’t expect this project to lean on any lazy racial characterizations. “I experienced racism, and in my professional life, I try to take roles (and have always tried to take roles) that don’t fall within the parameters of any Asian stereotype,” Cho wrote during a 2014 AMA on Reddit. “And so to me, hopefully, that’s a positive thing I can put into popular culture and so maybe in some bizarrely tiny way that helps people not think of Asians in one particular way.”

Debonair con artists today—who knows what could be next? Cho himself dreams big. Batman, maybe? “After Ben [Affleck] retires, I call next,” Cho joked in 2014. “A serious Asian tech billionaire maybe? Who moonlights as a caped crusader? I’ll buy it!” It seemed a little far-fetched at the time, but with Cho’s star finally (and deservedly) on such a rapid rise, nothing should seem out of reach.

Fact #1189

Classic Doctor Who was cancelled 3 times before its fourth and final cancellation in 1989.

The first followed The War Games in 1969, which is why Doctoho didn’t return until 1970, as “Doctor Who Knows What Just Happened”, referred to Doctor Who onscreen.

The second followed Logopolis in 1981, also explaining why Doctor Who didn’t return until 1982. It was now known as “Doctor Who Cares Now That Tom Baker’s Gone”.

The third and most publicized was in 1985, skipping the 1985-86 season. The final four seasons were produced in JNT’s basement as “Doctor Who Knows How These Were Made”.

The show attempted returning in 1996, but was ultimately canceled for the fifth time.

The show returned in 2005, simply known as Doctor Who. The show was cancelled for the sixth time in 2009, shortly after filming wrapped up on The End of TIme. It was renewed as “Doctor Who Cares Now There’s A New Crew”, which is still running today.


[get to know me meme] 10 TV Shows - Present(*Honorary/10): Community

Real good tv

Farscape is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing Sci-Fi programs ever made. If you have not seen it then you are frelling crazy. I’m just re-watching the Peacekeeper Wars mini series. I am honestly so glad they came back to do that because if Farscape had ended the way season 4 ended I would have been so pissed. I hate it when good programs are cancelled way before their time when we have shit like ‘The Only Way is Essex’ which is in it’s fifth or something season. Ridiculous doesn’t begin to cover it.