A Conversation With My Dad

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(My dad and I, 1983)

So yesterday the TV show based off the twitter feed, and my book, Shit My Dad Says, was cancelled.  I worked on the show for the last year.  It was a bummer, until I remembered that I got a TV show based off a twitter feed and a book and was basically the luckiest asshole who ever roamed this earth.  Anyway, I decided I should call my dad to give him the news.

Hey.  What do you need. I’m busy,” he said.

Do you have a second?” I said.

Is this Justin?” he said.

“Yeah.  Who’d you think it was?

Didn’t know.  Just picked up the phone.

You didn’t know who it was and you answered the phone with ‘Hey.  What do you need?  I’m busy?,“ I asked.

Lets people know not to fuck around with my time,“ he said.

My show got cancelled,“ I said.  

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the line and I wasn’t sure if he heard me.  I was about to say it again, when he spoke.

Well.  Fuck.  Sorry to hear that, son.

Eh, it’s okay.  It happens.  It was crazy I got a show on the air in the first place.

Well, I liked it.  It was kind of shitty at first, but I thought it got a lot better.  You know what show I like? Cheers.  That was a good show,“ he said.

That was a good show,“ I said, wondering if that was part of a larger point he was about to make.

Also I liked The Simpsons.  At first I thought, it’s just a stupid cartoon for pants-shitters, but I was wrong, great show.“  (Pants-shitters is how my dad refers to toddlers.)  

Well, I just wanted to let you know.  I know you’re busy so I’ll let you go,“ I said.

"I’m 75.  If you’re busy when you’re seventy five, you fucked up the first seventy five years.  I want you to know that I’m proud of you.  You didn’t put a bullet through Bin Laden but I’m proud of you.  You’re a bust-ass kid.

Thanks,” I said.

And let’s not forget the big picture here.  You don’t have to live with me anymore.  One less person crawling up your ass every morning.  That’s all anyone can fucking ask for.
This Is How Neena Gupta, An Indian Scientist, Solved A 70 Year Old Mathematic Problem
A math problem that confused the mathematicians around the globe for 70 years has been solved by Indian math mastermind Neena Gupta.

Neena Gupta solved a problem which remained unsolved for 70 long years, until 2013. The problem is known as Zariski’s Cancellation problem, put forth by mathematician Oscar Zariski: if there be a field K and K1 and K2 be the finitely generated extensions of it and let x1 and x2 be transcendental over K1 and K2, respectively; now, if K1(x1) = K2(x2), must K1 and K2 be K-isomorphic? Gupta solved the conjecture with an ingenious counterexample.

Here is her original paper, dating from September 2013:


Motorcity is going through a tough time and we might not be able to get a season 2 if this keeps up. Fellow tumblr users have posted ways to get their attention, I feel like another is this 

On the website there is a Motorcity fan button on the bottom of the page, I personally believe if the numbers are large enough they would consider it and take it into account.

Please please don’t let this show die! 

Edit - I am getting a note from someone that is telling me this is not the case. I am not sure because  had a little reblogg of the issue. I know I usually should look it up before I believe on it on tumblr, but it wouldn’t hurt either that it is giving some more support for the show


We regret to announce that we will no longer be playing Louder Than Life Festival & will unfortunately be unable to reschedule the shows in Mexico City & San Diego cancelled earlier this year. Whilst the surgeries Austin underwent earlier this summer went well, it is important that we allow him time to recover so that we may come back in 2016 stronger than ever. Refunds for the Mexico City & San Diego shows can be sought at their point of purchase.

Brandon Flowers Provides Update on Cancelled Shows

 Brandon Flowers has shared the following post via his official Facebook page:

You can also view this post directly on his Facebook page.


Flowers has also shared a similar message via his official Twitter account.

Now that Syfy has cancelled Dominion, we want to get the show on Netflix’s radar to give it a chance to live on.

From October 18 to 24 (Sun through Sat), we will be having daily half hour-long tweetouts – every day at 10 AM and 10 PM EDT.

Please tweet as much as you can directly to @Netflix, using only the two hashtags #Dominion and #Netflix.

Tell Netflix why they should pick up Dominion (but try to keep the message positive). Make it clear to them that we want a new season of Dominion produced by Netflix (don’t just ask for them to carry Dominion — we don’t want them to think we mean Seasons 1 and 2 only). Tweet images of wings to keep the angels in flight. Post memes or other graphics if you like. Anything goes, as long as it’s not inappropriate.

It will help if you emphasize that you will watch Netflix, either more than you already do, or for the first time if you don’t currently. We will support them if they support us!

If you like, you’re encouraged to change your Twitter icon to something Dominion-related for the tweetouts or the entire week. (Preferably this would have the word “Dominion” prominently displayed on the icon because people outside the fandom might not recognize pictures from the show.)

Please also sign the online petition if you haven’t already.

Let’s spread our wings and light the spark for Netflix to help us out!


Final Fantasy Versus XIII Is Dead?

Kotaku has acquired reports saying that the game is no longer in development, and that the resources being poured into it are being rerouted to other projects.

While Square Enix have neither confirmed nor denied this rumor, they are still expected to have an announcement coming up soon regarding not only the status of the game but also some upcoming title they have been hinting towards. The company is hosting an event in late August/early September, where an update on their dealings is expected to take place.

Hopefully, some light will be shed on this issue, as it does appear that the project is done for. Perhaps resources have been shifted to a rumored Final Fantasy XIII-3?