canceled way too soon

Six months ago we were given 2 seconds of footage that started a fandom wide excitement for more information. Those two seconds were the footage of the forehead touching scene with Pythagoras and Icarus (We now know it was the confrontation after the betrayal was discovered). It started a ship before the series had even started and even longer before Icarus was actually introduced as a character.

For months we were desperate for this not to be just another case of queerbaiting; we’ve basically been called crazy by other writers of shows for thinking we could actually have a canon homosexual couple when we’re given two male characters who frequently have intimate moments, so naturally because of this we were extremely apprehensive but we still got so invested into this ship and you know what? WE WERE RIGHT.

Atlantis just gave a big ‘Fuck you’ to every writer who thinks it’s okay to build up a homosexual romance but not have it go anywhere just because they want to attract the liberal audience but are too scared to actually make it canon and then completely deny any knowledge of what they are clearly doing. Take note other writers because this is how you fucking do it. You build it up and then you actually give your audience what they want instead of insulting them repeatedly for seeing things that you purposefully write in.

Thank you Atlantis writers because you know how to write a canon homosexual romance and I will always be grateful for that, despite the show being cancelled way too soon.