Still Star-Crossed Time Slot vs. Other Period Dramas Time Slots

Eastern Time

Still Star-Crossed (ABC) : 10 pm

Galavant (ABC) : 8 pm

Once Upon A Time (ABC) : 8 pm

Reign (The CW) : 8 pm

Game of Thrones (HBO), 9 pm

Period dramas are a niche and most children and millennials are watching TV between 7-10 pm.

Why ABC did not choose to broadcast SSC on Prime Time to attract a wide audience like every other period dramas ?

How can you put a period drama without sex and violence at 10 PM after Reality TV?

Do you really think that those who watch RTV  are the target audience of period dramas?

Journalists have been comparing the ratings of Mistress and SSC because the first one was broadcast during the same period last year but, you can’t compare a drama TV about adultery with a cutable millennial period drama like SSC.

So with the lack of promotion, this horrible schedule is another proof ABC did not want to do the best to give Still Star Crossed a chance to succeed.


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I'm an idiot!!!

I’m an idiot. As a lot of people know Sense8 was canceled. Which is utter bullshit I mean come on Netflix get your shit together. But I’m an idiot that waited until after the show was over and canceled to start watching it. I literally started watching the show yesterday at 10:24pm. I finished the first episode and was in live with it. I didn’t stop watching until 11:34am. And that was only to take a 3hr nap and keep watching until I finished watching it completely. Then go through the tag. God this show was such a masterpiece. I wish I would’ve watched it sooner. Also Wolfgang is my son he didn’t deserve this he was just trying to go to Paris.

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