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I only gets 3 confirmation, since I can’t do anymore than that because of my health problem.
If you gets sketches, you cannot cancel the commission. Please keep it in mind!!

Currently my health condition isn’t really good. So, I might work little bit late then what you are expecting.
The average work time is 1 to 2 weeks.
What you payed for me will be used as my hospital fee, cost of living, and for my hobby!

Please contact me through tumblr, then I will tell you my email.

The thing, that more than anything else, makes me mad about Sense8 and The Get Down’s cancellation is that I have no doubt in my mind that those would be VERY popular, if not Netflix’s most popular, if they had the right promotion. 

Take the cast to shows, make photoshoots, promote your damn work. Those series maybe aren’t “for everyone” (questionable imo) but if people knew about them maybe they would watch it? If you don’t promote your shit don’t go around talking about missed fandom.

Pro-lifers need to understand that late-term abortions are not cases of people going, ‘Yeah about that baby? Never mind, I want to cancel my order thanks.’ 


Why are pro-lifers so detached from the real life experiences of pregnant people? 

Stop villainizing abortion. Patriarchy is especially committed to demonising women if they opt out or are unable to embrace motherhood. 

Suga' Suga' Storytime #4: The Accidental Freestyle

Hey ladies and gents,

*The life of a sugar baby is full of ups and downs. If you read my blog, you may wonder why I’m so successful at sugaring, mostly, because I’m successful at nearly everything.

*Ambition. Motivation. Goal setting.

-One cancelled coffee POT date

-One cancelled afternoon SD date

-I was minding my business in Barnes and Noble and man in a suit smiles at me, I approach him to speak and find out he’s a lawyer. 🤑😏He asked if I would like tea and pastries, I said yes. We conversed for 30 mins before I had to leave for another date. Before I left, he bought the book, I was holding. He’s married, but can’t stop telling me how gorgeous I am. I told him I’m looking for a SD and he said, he could be that. 😂 (updates to come)

-I went out with a POT for drinks and left early because his personality was weird.

THAT WAS JUST ONE DAY. This ain’t for the quitters baby.

*I don’t take anything personally. Another. Persons. Behavior. Is. Not. A. Reflection. Of. You. If someone likes me or not. It has nothing to do with me. I know I’m a ball of sunshine and joy. I know I’ll always be that. Regardless of if a guy decides to spend his money and time on me.

*I am worth it all… and more. Sugaring has empowered me to never seek the bare minimum. I don’t give a fuck if a guy works a minimum wage job, give me the most you can give me or I’m gone. BOOM! Even the “poor” men will give you what they can. (I’m in college, so most guys my age, are flirting with “poor”)

*I am the master of my fate. I decide who stays and who goes. I decide who’s money goes into my pockets. ME! I decide who to bless with my beauty. On tumblr and in my head, I flirt with arrogance because the world wants to tear DARKSKINNED BLACK WOMEN down. But, in person and reality; I’m humble and confident. I know my worth.

Just as a side note, I bought a Nicolas Sparks book from B&N 🤓

Cheers to the weekend!!!!!

yours truly,
Cherry 🍒

Everything will be OK.

Alright lovelies. Here is my first story on Tumblr! This request came from a nonnie, so thank you for the request! This was not proof read by anyone, so all mistakes are mine and please forgive them. Its been a while since I have written anything so constructive criticism is welcomed! :)

Pairing: Reader and Sebastian Stan

Summary: Sebastian helps his wife through postpartum depression the only way he knows how.

Warnings: Some depression, fluff, and maaaaybe some smut if you squint. I don’t really consider it smut… more like… husband!Seb being touchy feely but not in a sexual way. 

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When Dan does his music rants, I feel like I'm doing Phil a favor because at least Phil is getting a break from having to listen to it lol (My headcanon is that Phil doesn't mind canceling his own liveshows, but he does everything in his power to make sure their Tuesdays are free, so Dan can do his philosophy and music rants and get it out of his system)

I hadn’t ever thought of it like that but now that I read this ask I’m absolutely convinced that this is true. 

why do I feel like friendships are just placement holders for relationships.

Am I not the person that watched you cry over every other boyfriend? Did I not listen to you vent over them when they annoyed you? Was I not the one to hold back your hair when you were throwing up cos you got stupid drunk over one of them?

my fave episodes / shorts from cancelled animal planet tv shows

i was talking about animal planet tv shows that were WRONGFULLY cancelled recently and i started to realize that i really, really wanted to share my absolute fave episodes or shorts from these shows that have been cancelled; keep in mind this is my personal list so….sorry if urs isnt on here?? lol

[WARNING: these are animal planet tv shows so please keep in mind that there is animal-oriented behaviors in here; i apologize in advance if theres any animal-related fighting or mating, but i’ll try and post any tws for these eps in the description. if ur not a fan of animal documentaries / animal stuff like that, i’d probably skip this list.]

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super excited to go into work today to finish making an orientation binder for the person who is replacing me! super excited to walk them through all the information i never got for an entire day next week! super excited to do this sitting in the office that they won’t have to share with 7 other people!

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I remembered Gigi has already posted a colored version of that zigi selfie from Zayn's IG. His hoodie is red, and she put on a bomber jacket to make it seem like a diff day. But Zayn didn't even bother to change his clothes. He does less than a fraction of the work she does to make the relationship look legit. Gigi signed a bad deal don't you think? She comes across as a crazy obsessed fan girl instead of a girlfriend. The good thing is she keeps Zayn in the media spotlight with her thirsty act

Oh that’s right! My mind had cancelled that other Zigi Snapchat Gigith posted due to lack of interest.  You are never going to catch me on a day where I will say “Poor Gigith. The ol’ bearding game’s got her down.” I’m just nahhhht. 

 So basically what we have here is that they  took photos on one day (smart time management Yolanda), but then didn’t bother to change out Zayn’s clothes (what the fuck Yolanda, get your shit together):

I’m rewatching the last 2 episodes of still star crossed because I’m still processing everything that’s happened within them. It literally blows my mind that ABC cancelled a show where every episode makes the show more intriguing and more exciting to watch.

The Ending of Outsiders

So everyone in the Outsiders/ Sasil fandom would know by now that the show is being cancelled. The thought did cross my mind briefly when Kyle Gallner said in an interview “…if the show gets renewed for season 3″ and my radar went off. But I said, nahhhhhh, the show seems to be doing well and has a strong fan base and I continued looking forward to seeing my fave couple every Tuesday night. Now, unless another network picks it up, that will be it for the show. That will be it for Sally Ann and her pregnancy - she will be pregnant in perpetuity… no more Sasil. After all they have been through and all the feels the fans have invested in this show. And now that the other story lines are getting interesting too!


Disappointed does not sum up properly how I feel (and yes, I know this is just a show and the characters are not real, and it is just a story, but it was a good show! some good characters and an interesting story!) and I wonder how shows like this gets cancelled and Big Bang Theory, Taken and The Magicians for example are still on? I guess it all boils down to money but if Outsiders was doing so well, why cancel it?

Anyways, these last few episodes are going to be bittersweet. Maybe they will do an Outsiders movie? Doubtful but a girl can dream. So far it’s been Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Black Sails, Grimm and now Outsiders. Afraid to ask which show will be next!

So long Outsiders! You were great while you lasted!