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The thing, that more than anything else, makes me mad about Sense8 and The Get Down’s cancellation is that I have no doubt in my mind that those would be VERY popular, if not Netflix’s most popular, if they had the right promotion. 

Take the cast to shows, make photoshoots, promote your damn work. Those series maybe aren’t “for everyone” (questionable imo) but if people knew about them maybe they would watch it? If you don’t promote your shit don’t go around talking about missed fandom.


I only gets 3 confirmation, since I can’t do anymore than that because of my health problem.
If you gets sketches, you cannot cancel the commission. Please keep it in mind!!

Currently my health condition isn’t really good. So, I might work little bit late then what you are expecting.
The average work time is 1 to 2 weeks.
What you payed for me will be used as my hospital fee, cost of living, and for my hobby!

Please contact me through tumblr, then I will tell you my email.

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When Dan does his music rants, I feel like I'm doing Phil a favor because at least Phil is getting a break from having to listen to it lol (My headcanon is that Phil doesn't mind canceling his own liveshows, but he does everything in his power to make sure their Tuesdays are free, so Dan can do his philosophy and music rants and get it out of his system)

I hadn’t ever thought of it like that but now that I read this ask I’m absolutely convinced that this is true. 

I’m rewatching the last 2 episodes of still star crossed because I’m still processing everything that’s happened within them. It literally blows my mind that ABC cancelled a show where every episode makes the show more intriguing and more exciting to watch.

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I remembered Gigi has already posted a colored version of that zigi selfie from Zayn's IG. His hoodie is red, and she put on a bomber jacket to make it seem like a diff day. But Zayn didn't even bother to change his clothes. He does less than a fraction of the work she does to make the relationship look legit. Gigi signed a bad deal don't you think? She comes across as a crazy obsessed fan girl instead of a girlfriend. The good thing is she keeps Zayn in the media spotlight with her thirsty act

Oh that’s right! My mind had cancelled that other Zigi Snapchat Gigith posted due to lack of interest.  You are never going to catch me on a day where I will say “Poor Gigith. The ol’ bearding game’s got her down.” I’m just nahhhht. 

 So basically what we have here is that they  took photos on one day (smart time management Yolanda), but then didn’t bother to change out Zayn’s clothes (what the fuck Yolanda, get your shit together):

Ok, I was making some gifs from the Cap'n Toby Show episode and then I stopped ‘cause Langly’s T-shirt made me wonder. Since Yo La Tengo is an indie band, it’s curious. It’s a very different genre of music what he appears to usually like. Was he OK? What was happening with him in 2001 exactly? Was Yo La Tengo the only indie band that he digged or if the TV show wasn’t cancelled the next year we would see more? Like him wearing a Strokes t-shirt? That would be amazing.  

The Ending of Outsiders

So everyone in the Outsiders/ Sasil fandom would know by now that the show is being cancelled. The thought did cross my mind briefly when Kyle Gallner said in an interview “…if the show gets renewed for season 3″ and my radar went off. But I said, nahhhhhh, the show seems to be doing well and has a strong fan base and I continued looking forward to seeing my fave couple every Tuesday night. Now, unless another network picks it up, that will be it for the show. That will be it for Sally Ann and her pregnancy - she will be pregnant in perpetuity… no more Sasil. After all they have been through and all the feels the fans have invested in this show. And now that the other story lines are getting interesting too!


Disappointed does not sum up properly how I feel (and yes, I know this is just a show and the characters are not real, and it is just a story, but it was a good show! some good characters and an interesting story!) and I wonder how shows like this gets cancelled and Big Bang Theory, Taken and The Magicians for example are still on? I guess it all boils down to money but if Outsiders was doing so well, why cancel it?

Anyways, these last few episodes are going to be bittersweet. Maybe they will do an Outsiders movie? Doubtful but a girl can dream. So far it’s been Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Black Sails, Grimm and now Outsiders. Afraid to ask which show will be next!

So long Outsiders! You were great while you lasted!


was tagged by @littlebyuns (a month ago) and recently by my faev gurl @myeoneandonly it slipped out of my mind ksjad im cancelled but im also tagged by @starlightkai

so here’s ur noisy jongin stan rocking my new glasses and recently cut hair. so hi it me trying hard to selfi and im idk asjkashdsajk

im tagging capsquad ( @topfied RIE ISTG @mochibaeks selfi queen @lovinthesoo a tru queen) @asleepykid (val hi i wanna see ur face please) @kahaengchu (i miss u) @silencesneeze (ily) @kyungception hi and if possible im also tagging @t-okiio (ANGELA SHOW US UR BEAUTIFUL FACE) 

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Sana: I cancelled on Yousef btw The girl squad, Julie, The Balloon squad, the Boy squad, the penetrators, the PM girls, the fandom, the world, Yousef: Honey, you thought.

Sana: I cancelled on Yousef btw

Sana (internally): please make me change my mind please make me change my mind pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!!

I hate presentations

Ironically, I delayed working on my thesis because I wanted it to be perfect and it just stressed me out. Now, that I KNOW it turned out really bad, I don’t want to take a look at it again, and I’ve delayed working on my presentation as well. 

And people have no compassion for procrastination at all, telling me I shouldn’t be lazy and start working. Like?? You don’t say?? Really, I’m enlightened.

Like, over the course of a few weeks the panic in me is so big that I feel like fainting and just to anything else, and then after that it reaches an even higher point were I can actually work 24 hours straight.

i heard a little girl talking behind me but when i looked it was a full grown woman in a dragon maid cosplay casually speaking like a seven year old in public and then i actually focused on what she was saying to what i can only presume was her boyfriend

i changed my mind cons are cancelled forever