cancel by my mind

in my chemical romance fanfictions where gerard is drinking black coffee all day then getting ass fucked you’ve got to wonder how much shit g

changed my mind post cancelled

was having a good time now that bts comeback is finally going into motion then remembered this means once again losing years off my lifespan waiting for teasers and mv drop….. staying awake at ass o'clock for performances………….. continuous streaming of the album and mv…………………… voting on every account for every music show………….. u know what i changed my mind. bts comeback cancelled. keep it

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Omg I started to write something about Bish but then changed my mind and I thought I hit cancel but I guess I hit ask 😂

Lollll I’m glad there’s context now!! 💙

DE stans: Damon’s going to save Bonnie for Elena! BAMON CANCELED! Damon: I’m doing this for Bonnie, Elena, not for you. DE stans: Damon’s going to let Bonnie get hit by a bus! HAHAHA BAMON CANCELED! Damon: If anything happened to you (Bonnie), I’d lose my mind. DE stans: Damon’s going to desiccate for Elena! BAMON CANCELED! Damon (threatening Enzo): I desiccated myself so I would hurt my friends, but I’m holding you personally responsible if anything happens to Bonnie. I will hunt you down and rip your heart out of your chest. DE stans: Damon loves her the same way as Elena! BAMON CANCELED Damon: When you love someone, you have to go to those extremes./*compares his relationship with Bonnie with that of Stefan and Caroline*/I want to die here, in honor of you (Bonnie).

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one of my earliest gaymemories is that i remember thinking some male mouse from a redwall book was hot as hell (for reasons i can no longer remember, and i don’t remember which character either, but i remember he was in a sequel book, not redwall itself) and i remember thinking to myself like “is this weird?” and then “well he IS a mouse” and somehow the two cancelled each other out in my mind

The main things on my mind

I keep thinking about the opening credits because of this… 

I keep thinking that its there for a reason, like they couldn’t have “accidentally” put it in the credits. 

I don’t believe that at all.

I also keep thinking about EK’s This Is War tour schedule. the tour ends in late June. EK possibly filmed for season 6 already, but if she didn’t that doesn’t mean she can’t film for 6B, which is my prediction for Beth to return. 

the last thing thats on my mind is EK’s panels being canceled. I’m still not understanding why AMC basically won’t let EK talk about Beth’s death or Beth in general.

but anyway this was basically a reminder for TD 

Lesbians Rejoice - The Fosters gets a 3rd Season

Television has been real rough for us this year. It’s really amazing that we got this renewal. All the deaths and separations seemed to be leading to the cancellation (in my mind).

Lesbians are so easily pushed out and around by producers and networks. It’s nice that this little family will continue to show our lives.


   “I hope you don’t mind this but…my last class was
    canceled and I figured I could pay you a visit here?”

                He was awkwardly scratching the back of his neck,
                 standing in front of the building of Brett’s school.
                 Truth be told, he should have realized being the
                 only one not wearing a school uniform would make
                 him draw some attention but… fuck it. Surprising
                 Brett was worth the glances that made him just a
                 little bit more anxious than he usually was.