RIP Rowdy, Labrador Retriever (14 y/o), Canby, OR • “Through all of his funny idiosyncrasies, his near death experiences, and even his rare and unique vitiligo diagnosis, he remained our faithful, loving pup. We are blessed to have had him by our side for the last 14 years. He was a warrior – a dog with a purpose. He will be missed not only by his family but by all those whose lives around the world he touched and changed forever.” @white_eyed_rowdy



[luh-siv-ee-uh s] 

1. inclined to lustfulness; wanton; lewd:
    a lascivious, girl-chasing old man.

2. arousing sexual desire:
    lascivious photographs.

3. indicating sexual interest or expressive of lust or lewdness:
    a lascivious gesture.

1400-1450; Lascivious comes from Late Latin lasciviosus, from Latin lascivia, “wantonness, lust, playfulness” from lascivus, “wanton, sportful, playful.”

“Irwin, wearing Groucho Marx glasses to which a false nose is attached, appears uncharacteristically as a lascivious fellow, the maitre d'hôtel who tries to move in on the girlfriend.”
-Vincent Canby, New York Times


Rowdy, Labrador Retriever (13 y/o), Canby, OR • “He has vitiligo. I’ve seen other dogs that have it, but never so symmetrical. His belly and toenails turned white too (he used to be all black). He’s the ambassador for the American Vitiligo Research Foundation and has built some relationships with kids with vitiligo who may have been bullied because of it. He’s also gone kind of viral. He was on the front page of Reddit for days. They said he looks like Spider-Man, Deadpool, The Hamburgler, Spawn, Venom, Kiss, an orca whale, reverse panda, fried eggs…some people think we bleached his eyes. There should be a movie about his life. He’s declining a bit, but there were many times he should have died. He’s been shot by a cop, survived a poisoning, has had a tumor removed from his ear and the wrong tooth pulled. He’s got some dementia, senior bladder, and barks for no reason. He still acts like a puppy sometimes, too. And he still smiles.”

“That won’t do at all,” scolded Canby, helping him
to his feet. “You can never jump away from Conclusions.
Getting back is not so easy. That’s why we’re so terribly
crowded here.”

That was certainly the truth, for all along the bleak
shore and clustered on the rocks for as far as anyone
could see were enormous crowds of people, all sadly
looking out to sea.

—  Norton Juster, The Phantom Tollbooth
Waking up to Astro


  • he always wakes up before you
  • the short amount of time he has between his waking up and yours he spends as well as he can
  • by watching you while you sleep
  • not creepily hes not a sparkly vampire it is ok
  • MJ likes to press kisses to your temple and wrap his arms around you and pull you into him
  • so y’all are spooning while he’s sort of awake and you’re still in the “delirious incoherent mumbling” state
  • He nuzzles his nose into your neck omfg
  • MJ would smile a lot tbh even in the mornings as long as he’s beside you
  • so he would smile into your neck and press a gentle kiss into your collarbone
  • and he would be super sweet and soft and cute
  • until he slides out from behind you 
  • strategically places himself so he’s kneeling at your side
  • lifts up your shirt ever so slightly
  • and starts blowing raspberries into the soft skin of your stomach like his life depends on it
  • which needless to say wakes you up pretty fast
  • he’ll laugh when you squeak in protest
  • will come up and press his lips to your forehead, and then he’ll drag you out of bed and into the bathroom bc he’s hungry and while its his turn to make breakfast he refuses to eat without you
  • you guys brush and he watches you in the mirror making sure you dont go back to sleep
  • when yall are done brushing he’ll wrap his arms around his waist and finally mumble a Good Morning and while you really aren’t awake yet you find yourself saying it back because you know that, with MJ, it’s always a good morning


  • his normal voice is p low and already has like a back of throat lowkey growl esp when he raps
  • so i’ll be damned if his “just woke up and still really groggy” voice isn’t husky and god even lower than usual
  • he wakes up before you 99% of the time 
  • usually sits up and rubs the sleep out of his eyes while trying not to wake you
  • then he’ll lie back down and throw an arm and a leg over you, running one hand all over your body lightly while the other hand is behind his head
  • eventually he’ll get tired of being up while you’re not but decide against waking up
  • instead he’ll just pull you in very close so your head is in his chest
  • and his lips are just barely, barely touching the junction between your neck and your shoulder
  • him accidentally sighing into your neck and you mumble because it tickles and move in closer to him
  • jinjin’s eyes just roaming your body 
  • him taking in every bit of you
  • jinjin gets up and opens the blinds slightly
  • partially because he wants you awake and partially because you look even more like a goddess when your sleeping form is bathed in the early morning light
  • he really wants to write a song for you when you’re like this
  • however you’ve gotta wake up eventually so he hovers over you
  • presses his face to the part of your neck right underneath your jaw
  • and starts mumbling into your neck about how much he loves you
  • it has the effect he wants because
  • you wake up, moaning about how you really dont want to get out of bed, until jinwoo just gives up and carries you to the bathroom
  • the two of you brush and go to eat but not before jinwoo comments on how great you look when you wear his oversized shirts to sleep 


  • he’s up about an hour before you every day
  • because of this you usually wake up to a sweet sticky note placed strategically on his side of the bed, and the smell of breakfast coming from the kitchen
  • what you dont know is how it takes literally forever for eunwoo to actually get out of bed
  • not because he’s groggy or anything because he isnt 
  • when hes awake hes awake and gorgeous and ready to take on the day
  • its ridiculous and unfair you believe hes some kind of wizard because of it
  • but he just takes like twenty minutes to physically leave the bed
  • its because he really, really loves the feel of your legs entangled with his and your face (and lips) pressed to the area of his chest right underneath his collar bone
  • and hearing your soft breathing
  • feeling it reverberating in his chest
  • this is when Dongmin feels the happiest and lightest and most carefree
  • eventually though he does disentangle himself from you
  • you always whine in protest at your arms feeling empty but don’t wake up
  • Dongmin brushes his teeth quickly
  • while looking like an angel tbh
  • then he quickly writes an “I love you so much beautiful” or “breakfast is your favorite today” or “you gave me inspiration for some song lyrics, they’re on my desk if you want to read them <3″ on a sticky note and places it in the middle of his side of the bed
  • he makes breakfast because he knows you wont be awake enough to handle kitchen utensils when you awaken
  • when you finally come out in your zombie state you’re always clutching the sticky note in your hands, and you make sure to whisper how much you love him back into his shoulder while he cooks


  • he sounds like a kitten when he yawns it is your favorite sound in the world
  • y’all always end up in some weird ass sleeping position it’s actually hilarious bc sometimes his hyungs and even the two youngest members pop in to take pictures of you two while you’re both sleeping and like you’ll be sleeping like diagonally with your head on Bin’s chest and your feel hanging off the bed and he’s sleeping like a wooden plank
  • that picture is Minhyuk’s lockscreen
  • but when he wakes up before you he always straightens you up if you’re sleeping in a weird position
  • and kisses your forehead
  • probably takes like 7 million pictures of you 
  • and tries not to text them to everyone because you just look so cute
  • after putting his phone away Bin likes to hug you
  • he’s just a really huggy person he loves your warmth and the feeling of you in his arms 
  • you’re always fast asleep so he traces circles onto your hip bones and draws things on your thighs with his fingers
  • eventually you’ll roll over in your sleep so you’re on top of him
  • he loves it
  • that’s when you, still asleep, straddle him and rest your head on top of his chest and he holds you tight against him
  • every morning he realizes that he loves you a lot because of this
  • when he thinks you both should get out of bed he just calls your name over and over until you open your eyes
  • the two of you brush side by side while watching each other in the mirror because even in the morning Moon Bin looks amazing
  • and you look gorgeous even with your hair sticking out everywhere
  • you always make breakfast because you’re afraid Bin will burn himself or something but his chest is perpetually pressed against your back and his arms are around your waist while you make food for the two of you


  • Minhyuk prefers your stomach over a pillow, any day
  • he just loves how soft and beautiful the skin on your stomach is and loves to rest your head on it
  • the two of you almost always fall asleep that way
  • whenever Minhyuk wakes up he can hear your breathing through your stomach/chest
  • its so calming it almost puts him back to sleep
  • almost
  • he pretty much groans and sits up in bed and gets out  as quickly as possible because he knows the longer he stays listening to your soft breaths the more he’ll fall into the void that is you
  • Minhyuk pulls the covers over you so you don’t get cold
  • he watches you snuggle into them and let out a sigh when you feel comfortable and honestly it is the cutest thing he has ever seen
  • before he knows it he’s smiling uncontrollably 
  • he can’t control himself
  • the poor boy just really wants to talk to you and be with you and spend the day with you
  • so yes
  • he lowkey jumps on top of you while screaming something along the lines of “wake up, wake up, wake up”
  • obviously you
  • wake up 
  • your immediate reaction is to groan and lightly hit his chest because in an unfortunate turn of events you are now awake
  • and have to actually
  • do things
  • but Minhyuk isn’t having any of it and he takes yours hands and pulls you up so you’re sitting up in bed and pushes you off and shoves you into the bathroom and puts toothpaste on your toothbrush
  • you finish brushing before him because he just watches you brush your teeth and then starts to brush after
  • he loves you so much god
  • so you go out into the kitchen to start making breakfast but you just give up because you have no idea how to use anything and in the end Minhyuk ends up making it for you but that’s all right because your morning is better than it could ever be


  • you don’t actually share a bed
  • but whenever he sleeps over you two end up going to sleep at like 4 in the morning because y’all are watching animated movies 
  • so you guys wake up at like noon the next morning on the couch 
  • you originally wake up before him
  • you find that you’re lying on top of him which you weren’t when you went to sleep but that’s ok
  • however you’re very very tired so you just go back to sleep
  • sanha wakes up not long after however 
  • he’s actually p surprised to find you on top of him too
  • but its not like he dislike it in fact sanha finds himself awkwardly wrapping his arms around your waist so you dont roll off on to the floor 
  • he cant help himself
  • i mean you’re close enough for him to so the boy just
  • does it
  • he presses his lips to your forehead and then once more to your temple, smiling shyly at the second kiss
  • its not like you guys haven’t kissed before but it seems more… intimate, in a way, he guesses, when you’re being kissed somewhere that’s not the lips
  • you stir a little bit but just mumble and burrow into his chest and you wrap your arms around him the best you can in his sleep
  • he has to keep from squealing and it is very difficult
  • he’s on his way to nodding off again when he feels his phone vibrating in his pocket and pulls it out
  • his parents are texting him asking if the two of you have had lunch yet and that they’re coming to get him soon
  • crap it’s 1 pm
  • so sanha shakes you awake as best he can while you’re on top of him and the two of you brush really really quickly and throw together a quick lunch
  • you promise to have a sleepover like the one you just had again and the two of you know without saying it that you really, really like sleeping cuddled up together

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request a thug/gang Jung Taekwoon AU? Thank you 💓

here u go angel!!! hope this is ok!!! i also incorporated @mamamochi‘s req for secret flowers, it is a really small part of this but i hope that’s alright! 🌸💐🌹🌺🌷


  • taekwoon is the right hand man in the gang, but honestly he’s even more scary than the leader hakyeon. because at least hakyeon smiles……….. taekwoon does not smile. ever. at least not in public
  • when the gang started out it was really about money because they needed money but once it picked up taekwoon kinda fell into the role and became a lot stonier whereas hakyeon and jaehwan (the other main man) stayed mostly the same
  • he’s only ever seen wearing black and usually wears a white face mask and has dark circles from not sleeping well everyone (who isn’t vixx) in the gang is petrified of him, it’s been said that once a rival gang member heard the name “jung taekwoon” and that was all it took to get info out of them
  • hyuk is still sort of scared of him. he pretends that he’s over it but one time taekwoon tapped hyuk’s shoulder and he shrieked
  • his role in the gang is a lot of planning w/ hakyeon but he’s also really strong and tall and yknow terrifying so he’s been known to interrogate rivals and also sometimes do some physical damage to them
  • but you don’t know any of this!!! you only know the jung taekwoon who comes into your bakery with his niece and sister once every couple of weeks
  • because taekwoon may be a big scary gang member but he loves his family and he especially loves his little niece minyul, so he and his sister and niece spend a lot of time together and it just so happens that you run a bakery right by his sister’s apartment and minyul loves it
  • and he doesn’t talk to you other than ordering their food but you’ve sort of been entranced by this mysterious man since he first came in
  • because at first….. he looks scary, in his steel toed boots and heavy black wool coat and dark eyes, but when he talks to minyul (you know her and her mom because they’re regulars) his face gets soft and it’s like his whole persona shifts
  • and you can’t help but think that it would be nice to be on the receiving end of that sweet stare, plus it doesn’t help that he’s so handsome and has such a nice voice and carries himself like a prince
  • you feel silly, but whenever he comes in your heart picks up a little….. you tell yourself that it’s not like he knows so who cares
  • but he knows!!! because he has to notice when people are staring at him he can’t miss that sort of thing, it might get him killed
  • at first taekwoon is pretty sure that you’re a rival spy and are undercover to kill him because why else would you be staring like that??? but when he tells hakyeon about it hakyeon is like, “idk why they must be crazy but it sounds like they think you’re cute”
  • taekwoon is like: sounds fake but ok

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try if you can
by aknightley

summary: Keith has liked Lance for so long that you’d think he’d be used to this by now.

“Oh my god,” Shiro whispers incredulously. “You’re ridiculous.”

Keith doesn’t even want to know what expression is on his face for Shiro to say something like that, but he can’t help it.

thoughts: This is literally the worlds best pining fic. Keith was super cute I loved everyone’s friendship dynamic and holy shit I was almost crying at one point. So def worth a read!

Kintpuash, also known as Captain Jack (c. 1837 – October 3, 1873), was a chief of the Modoc tribe of California and Oregon. He led a band from the Klamath Reservation to return to their lands in California, where they resisted return. From 1872 to 1873, their small force made use of the lava beds, holding off more numerous United States Army forces for months in the Modoc War.

Kintpuash was the only Native American leader ever to be charged with war crimes, and he was executed by the Army, along with several followers, for their ambush killings of General Edward Canby and Reverend Eleazar Thomas at a peace commission meeting. Canby was the only general to be killed in the Indian Wars. The Modoc leaders were hanged for war crimes by the Army.


Cape Disappointment

I was perhaps disappointed that the weather may have dulled my visit to this state park, but the scenery was still exceptionally beautiful. This area of the southwest corner of Washington is where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean, and might be what Lewis & Clark had saw when they officially made it to the sea. A short hike from the Fort Canby parking area takes you up to the Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center, down to Dead Man’s Cove and up to the Lighthouse. Pass through the campgrounds and visit Waikiki Beach for a scenic view of the cape from the picnic area and jetty. The setting was tranquil and quiet, and I only wish I could have caught a sunset on this scenery to welcome me into Washington.