canberra centenary


Today one of my classes took a trip to Canberra’s National Arboretum. The Arboretum just opened this year (for the centenary) so all the trees are still very young, but it’s easy to imagine how amazing it’ll look in a decade or two when they’re closer to their adult size. The concept for the Arboretum is “100 Forests” and each area of tree planting is its own miniature forest representing a different species of tree–some native to Australia, some from far away, and some very rare. I was impressed by what an interesting space the designers created considering the only elements used were the rows of trees themselves and slight alterations to the topography of the site. I also appreciated that the horticulturalists responsible for caring for the trees are treating this as an opportunity to continue learning more about arboriculture, tree maintenance, and which species can and cannot thrive in Canberra.