Brimstone Canary (Crithagra sulphuratus)

Also known as the Bully Canary, the brimstone canary is a species of finch (Fringillidae) which is a resident breeder in central and southern Africa. Brimstone canaries are often found in open, lightly wooded areas, like hillsides with trees or scrub and forest edges. In South Africa they are known to occur mainly in coastal areas. Brimstone canaries are less gregarious than other canary species, often feeding alone or in limited groups. Like other finches, brimstone canaries feed mainly on seeds, fruit, and occasionally flowers and shoots.  


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Passeriformes-Fringillidae-Carduelinae-Crithagra-C. sulphuratus

Image: Francesco Veronesi