listen. as an american the only goal i have for this presidential term is for no nuclear bombs to be dropped. either by us or because of us or on us. that’s it.


That Good (Dog) Life 

Smizing to smooth jazz and achieving maximum chill at Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel Owner’s Suite where upon reservation, you can let them know what music you’re into and they’ll scour the lands to curate a record collection to suit your taste upon arrival. Open to both dogs and humans, obviously. 


The Blunder of Fort Blunder,

While today a war between Canada and the United States is laughable, in the early 19th century such a scenario was top on military planners minds.  During the Revolutionary War the Continental Army with colonial militia attempted to invade Canada, with terrible results.  At the beginning of the War of 1812 another attempt was made again, with equally negative results.  The Canadians and British retaliated in 1814, which also failed.  So while relations between the US and Canada are amicable today, back then they were bit strained.

One fear was that the British or Canadians could use Lake Champlain as an invasion route into New York.  This was not unreasonable, as both sides had used the lake to invade one another since the French and Indian War.  In 1816 the US Government decided that it was necessary to build a fort along the lake to fend off a hypothetical invasion. A sandy island called Island Point was chosen as an ideal strategic location as it jutted out into Lake Champlain.

Construction was a haphazard affair as the sandy island which it was built on provided a poor foundation for the stone fortification. Despite the challenges construction carried on.  The fort was even visited by President James Monroe in 1817 to encourage construction to continue.  Building of the fort was based upon an old survey done decades before, however after two years of construction the contractors of the fort decided to re-survey the area.  It was then that they discovered something very disheartening; the fort had been accidentally built on the wrong side of the border, on Canadian soil.  Construction of the fort was immediately halted, then abandoned.

The building project was later jokingly named “Fort Blunder”.  Over the coming years the stone and timber of the fort was scavenged by local Canadians to build houses, towns, and churches.  After a few decades nothing was left of Fort Blunder.  The picture above is of a similar fort called Fort Montgomery, which was constructed in 1842 after a treaty readjusted the border, ceding Island Point to the United States.


Pâtisserie Für Elise in Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Very cute tea house, with nice china and decor. I only would have wished the service wasn’t so awkward, and the food felt lacking. Also tried a banana macaron and it just tasted like sugar. But hey, we had a fun time anyways!

(via Tea Time with Emma)

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Do you approve of Canada’s Prison System? And why or why not?

A prison system that indefinitely detains immigrants who have committed no crimes is not one I approve of:

Indefinite immigration detention is inhumane

Canada: man freed from indefinite immigration detention after six years

A prison system that puts prisoners in solitary confinement for lengthy periods of time to the extent that is considered torture is not one I approve of:

Canada’s use of lengthy solitary confinement in jails is unconstitutional – judge

Indefinite solitary confinement is ‘torture,’ say civil liberties groups

A prison system where inmates have to go on strike to call for basic human rights is not one I approve of:

The prisoners at the Burnside jail are engaged in a non-violent protest; here is their statement

A prison system where Indigenous and Black inmates are disproportionality jailed is not one I approve of:

Canada Has a Black Incarceration Problem

Broken system: Why is a quarter of Canada’s prison population Indigenous? (Note only 2% of Canada’s population is Indigenous)

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How would the 2p allies react to someone making fun of there s/o for wearing black clothing and make up?

2p america: Who ever says something like that again will be seeing nothing but black

2p cananda: sigh, how people want to die. Imma find these shitstains, show them my peace of min’ . Nobody messes with my maple-leaf.

2p england: Pardon? Poppet i’m sorry but i’m going to talk to that piece of scum and let them know they have to bibbity-bobbity-back the heck up. In the meantime here’s some cupcakes.

2p france: wait here, i’ll be back in 10min.

2p china: ExUSe M e, kittin’ you slayin’ and they judging ?????Oh bOy iMMA KICK SOME ASS.

2p russia: hm? Don’t worry you look fine in every way, don’t let them get to you.

2p italy: beLLA, why didn’t you say earlier?Anyway i’m going to skin those fuckers alive.

2p germany: [looks in the camera like in the office] who ever did this is a dead man.

2p japan: Don’t listen to them. They’re stupid

2p prussia: You okay? I’m here if you want to talk and stuff…

2p lovino: Clearly they don’t know what fashion is, tch, don’t worry donna you’re my gf so you know a lot more of fashion than them.