canal towpath


March 11th - Unusually for a Saturday, I was at work all day, and returned on a pleasant ride that started in daylight, and finished in darkness after a trip to the supermarket.

Hopping on the canal at Bentley Bridge in Darlaston Green, I noted the resurfacing of this section of towpath was well underway, and a nice job it is too - although more beneficial than the previous stretch, the towpath wasn’t that bad here and I don’t really see the point - but it is nice and I’ll use it more. 

The sweep over the derelict arm bridge near the Anson Branch rolls wonderfully and will be fun at speed.

At Pleck I was puzzled by the graffiti sprayed on the wall behind the wine warehouse - anyone any idea what this is about? I feel it’s genuinely historical rather than just being the work of some addled stoner but can’t put my finger on it.


Narrowboat by Robert

March 22nd - A terrible photo snatched in the dark: but spring is here - THIS IS NOT A TEST.

The first spot of my favourite flowers, cowslips on the side of the canal towpath at Clayhanger.

I adore these charming little yellow flowers. Their appearance for me confirms the end of winter and the brightness of a new spring. After the rain and misery of the day’s riding, areal pick-me-up in a dark, wet ride home.