canal st ny


Video Summery: This is a film was made by Andrew Wonder on an underground adventure with Steve Duncan, an urban historian, who explores the City Hall station, Canal St NY, and the Williamsburg Bridge. Totally without permit. Totally illegal. Totally thrilling.

Just, amazing. This person is someone who, god, I would love to meet. He is intelligent, daring, and witty. I mean how could you not admire a man who will risk huge fines opening a manhole cover to have 5 minuets in what essentially is a sewer. Or even befriend a few ‘Mole people’.

Its weirds that I have read about all these places and yet you see so much more from these sort of videos, even these sort of people. Often, they will get vilified by some educators, and I use some because often the uncouth are haled in such areas, and his experience and understanding will be ignored because of this. 

Maybe I am reading to much into this, but the idea that a man will decide to go to see things like the Catacombes in Paris, the cult shelters in Rome, or even just Canal Street NY, fills me with admiration. 

Such a cool guy. Such a good video.

(btw, I have a post about 'abandoned beautiful places’ including City Hall Station on the go, tune in and see it soon!)

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