My mom tries to make sense of some of your Tumblr posts.

Okay well I’m doing a follow forever b/c tommorow’s new year’s eve so yeah!!! These people are all really rad and I’m sorry if you didnt wanna be on this!!!

314eater 4chanofficial 5184975 666-slut

Abanclon Ahomeboyslife Allmonds Amethystsapphirepop* Arcanime* Balkhy Blacklistecl Blastoroise Borinq Bulletsera Bumlord Canadumb Candycaning Carloshtedwarf Carriesfirstperiod Chefboyardeezie Christmasdessert Chrono-s* Chunknocaptainchunk Clamianwayne Clannyphantom* Clichepunk* Clocktownmikey Codegeass Communistbakery Condoning Constablevevo Coolscar Cornucation Crasshtopher Croutoncat Cusswordsayer Cyberbabez Cyberturnt
Dadvevo Delicioushotschmoez* Dewgongo Elizabethcomstock* Emeraldbright Enlargers Evanescents* Fallouiboy Falloutblitzen* Fartgallery Figersjaw Flalotubyo Flareyon Florlda Folieablew Frienclzonecl****** Georgeace Gnagster Goatguy Godzillante* Grandtheftautosanandreas* Grandtheftscreamo Grumpysalmon Guitarandmtndew*
Hardcoreteenager Heliolisk Helloutboy Hiimnic Hotdaughter* Howidiotic Howtobeaheartbreaker* Hyclropump* Ibnuprofen Illuminati666hailsatan* Jalex5eva Jalexaremyhomeboys Jerkidiot Jesuschristvevo Jewishsanta Jonwowker Justintimerblake Kawaiibananas Kickfliptomars Kid-kitt* Kldzbop Kthdrck
Lameborghini Landorus Lovellkewar Loveyclovey Lubricatings Luciferslovelies Luigl* Lunatoneitdown Mathemagician Mattg124 Meladoodle Metaknighty* Methfab Michaxl Mliotic Myblackholeheart Nayx Neimen Neongenesisevangaylion* Nervousbreakdance Nighthooker Nighttimemytime* Nintenclo Noobteen* Nxte Nyehs Orgygami Ornawentz Ouijisquiji Panerasexual Panicatthechristmas Parksanclrecreation* Patfrickstump Patrickstumphies Pizzantichrist* Plnkranger Poeticsandrhetoric Poppunklegend Praet0rian**** Psyducker* Publicwifi Punchers Punofficial Pyocomon Pyr0ar
Rabioheab* Radicultist***** Radwiimps***** Realhousewivesofuganda Religiousdad Religiousmom Richvampires Rneerkat Ronaldkn0x Ryblackintons Sadchic Sancly Santanist Saverockandpeterick* Saverockandroll Scientifrick Scottthepilgrim Seventro Sheeranal Skenergyshot* Slavenewworld* Slimshacly Sluttyoliveoil Social-justice-wario Spacialllama Spaghettl Squarenipples Ssoysauce Starllex Strongmarylandcountrygirl Stumpomatic Stupidmars Svveden Svvords Sweatyblogger
Taggedugly Taylorfrannk Teamgents Tentacrueled* Terrapunk Theanti90smovement Theyellowbrickroad Tommypickles Toohardtohear Toymakers Tungstens Turnblrbot Twentyonepilotz Twinks2014 Tylerchokely Underthe-corktree Upsicles* Urnbreon Useless-spazz Vesley Visiblemasses* Vvebuser*
Wank0ff Wanksclub Webbabe Whatsacanada Whitedad Wimpynoodle Wood3nheart Yinx Yongmuney Zackisontumblr Zobb

It’s been a while since I did a mass follower rec, so I figured, “WHY NOT NOW?!” This is going in the “follow forever” pile, at least until I make a proper one. In the meantime though, please check out these excellent blogs. I have categorised and alphabetised, and honestly, if I have missed anybody out I am SO SORRY. Also, if you think you’re in the wrong category, telllll meeee. 

Love you all.  

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thelegendofzeldork  asked:

Tag you're it! State 5 random things about yourself then tag your 10 favorite blogs. :)

The blogs I’m tagging are solely my favorite blogs - not for them to answer these questions!! i just love following them.

  1. I only like games that make me irrationally angry or anxious. If they don’t, I get bored, and it goes to waste. 
  2. I LAUGH REALLY HARD AT PUNS/BAD JOKES. Quickest way to my heart!!
  3. I have a really really close bond with my cat. Exciting I know.
  4. I’ve been to 22 schools from 1st-10th grade. I think completing 3 non consecutive years without switching. (3rd,5th,6th) I then dropped out of highschool and went to college at 16 - completing one semester and taking a year off; which is where I am today!! (I couldn’t complete the second semester because I moved from California to Texas! I didn’t go this semester because holy s*** out of state tuition) I go back to school in the fall.
  5. I am a Taurus/Aries cusp; I was born on APRIL 19!! It’s like having two people in my head and makes everything really hard. but I learn to manage it’s alright like w/e