Being old enough to have watched the L word in real time, I thought I had heard and seen it all in the world lezzie pop culture. I was wrong. So wrong. This absolute fucking treasure and glorious piece of art has been flying under my radar for years! I encourage you all to check it out. It is magnificent! True art I tell you!

Follow the vimeo link below and experience the hilarity of:

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature

by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan, Canadian performance artists.

Lesbian National Parks and Services: A Force of Nature follows the intrepid Lesbian Rangers as they patrol, educate, and illustrate lesbian survival skills. This documentary about the Force archly parodies the so-called objectivity of educational films, while playfully recasting the wilds from a lesbian perspective, calling into question prevalent notions of nature and normalcy. Scenes from tours-of-duty in the Arctic, Banff, Australia and Manitoba are interwoven with interviews, in a style reminiscent of National Film Board documentaries of the 1960s. From Junior Ranger boot camp to the perils of a deep-sea rescue, this valiant team roves the world, asking, “What is natural?” while serving and servicing the lesbian wilds.

thanks @geologick for spreading the good word! 

some rando hypothesises on whats under flugs paper bag

-rick sanchez


-scott, the asshole canadian from south park

-a bagel

-two bagels

-yako katsuragi

-an airplane

-the black box of an airplane


-briefers rock

-young walter bishop

-young william bell

-chuck goodrich


-first impact

-absolutely nthing

-its paper bags all the way down

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Jasper Wetlands 2009 01 – Jasper National Park, Alberta, September, 2009

We don’t choose
what we care about.
We don’t care about
what we care about
because we ought to,
because someone told us to,
because it would be smart to,
because it will look good on our record.
All of that results in posturing,
not caring.
We can pretend to care about
We can say we care about it all.
We have no control at all
over the things we actually
care about.
What are the things
you actually care about?
How do you
the depth and degree
of your caring.
How do you make apparent
what you care about?
How would anyone know
you care about what you care about?
We are here to care about
what we care about
in visible,
concrete ways.
Caring about the things we care about
will lead us into
living the life that is our life to live.
Climb aboard that beast–
if you dare–
and tell them
to open the chute,
you are going
for the ride of your life.