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Movie Claws [Wolverine/Hugh Jackman TF/MC]

Be Wolverine Today! For just $19.90!
The lining of the cardboard package read just that, its background printed with the new X-men movie, Wolverine. Hugh Jackman staring at the holder with his two metallic claws crossing over one another. Behind its plastic cover laid two claws, the college boy wished it wasn’t just a toy.
Wolf Boy had purchased this item on eBay, he enjoyed the movie “Wolverine” and the quality of the item seemed to be as high quality as it promised. “Though…it would’ve be better if it could be that actor in the movie, like what the label promised.” He thought to himself dreamily.
Hugh Jackman, the actor who played the lead role as Wolverine, is quite renowned for his appearances in X-men, amazing acting skills and a beast-like presence that charmed the audience and critics in the movies he was in. Not to mention, he has this natural gruffness that’s just…just something Wolf B. wished he had.
“Sign this, kiddo.”
Wolf Boy took out a pen, signed right below the terms & conditions section of the clipboard. The delivery guy took a single glance at the form, before giving the customer a smile and leaving. “Hope you enjoy your purchase!”
Wolf Boy shut the door, his two hands holding the item with his very two hands. He starred at it silently, admiring the nicely package item before ripping it apart with his two hands…or so he tried. He mumbled to himself, as he walked towards the kitchen to obtain a pair of scissors.
“…Sucks being called a kid at the age of 24.”
A Boy, yeah. He’d assume that because of his father’s childish last name, shortened down to “Boy” for simplicity, he would not ever grow up. In terms of body structure apparently, it is as if puberty only lasted a few days before it got lazy. As such, despite having a hairy first name, the kid ain’t got a single speck of fur on him.
He shrugged, as he snipped open the toy packaging. The college student didn’t want to waste anymore time being bothered by a word the delivery guy said, shifting his focus to the two plastic claws he held. Taking a minute to admire how oddly similar the claws were to those Hugh wore in the movie. “Definitely worth the price.”
He slipped on the first set of claws, adjusting it so as to try to fit onto his left hand. “Wasn’t this for ages 13 and above?” He thought to himself, astonished by how huge these things were on his small hand. “This is definitely an XL, were they really serious about replicating the size of Hugh’s hand for a toy?” He frowned a little, grumbling about—SWELL!
“What THE–?” Wolf Boy’s eyes widened, as his former S-Sized hand SWELLED into a fitting XL. Inflating with thick muscular juiciness so that it could stick well with the claw, its sharpness sinking into the astonished little boy—
The Wolf groaned in pain, as the sharpness pierced deep into his skin. Merging one with his new meaty palms, clenching his burly fingers as they become one with the new plastic-Adamantium-Bone, special claws that Wolverine wore in the movie. Clicking one with the skeleton underneath and shooting the changes up the veins of his arm.
BULGE! The changes swam through his red, velvety blood. Reconnecting the genes which made the actor, THE ACTOR. Surging in one full BULGING FEROCIOUSITY as the rest of arm lengthened with hard-solid muscle. Maturing with age as they estimated, and doubled to a bombastic 46.
Hair sprouting, beard beardifying, facial hair SPROUTING! Fur grew on his arms as they flicked to the right side of his face. Manlifying there too by growing thick-style sided beard, connecting to several bits of facial hair on his squaring chin, the other end merging with the heavy side burns as they grew more canine and fierce. The trailing fur consumed his mind.
He stomped his left feet with a huge BLLGG! The fabric of his pants started to De-thread themselves, fitting the wearer more as tight shorts than ordinary khakis. Legs and thighs genetically combine manliness and musk as they SHOOT and SCORE with the winning feet. Poking through the shoes with a SPLIT! As the express the overpowering transformation.
He grasped his left arm, holding onto it with his right hand as a desperate attempt to control his newfound power—GRRRRRRR. The spirit of wolverine being channelled to the right side of his brain, wanting to expand and complete this thing the Wolf has gone through. Left eye glaring, eye brows furrowing, aussifying a new perspective of things.
The left side began to overwhelm the actions of the right, transferring long strands of hair follicles over there whilst maintaining the overall growth and proportions of the soon-to-be “a very Hugh-sized bod.” Finalizing the over 6ft wonder’s left Moe eye with a deep, charming squinting ones you see in the better side of Australia.
“What’s happening to me, Mate?!!!” The American turned Aussie look stoned, feeling boned. A new casual, deep voice overtook his former one. Ripping apart the memories of how it sounded like previously.
“It’s not as if I’d need them anymore.”
His left arm involuntarily grabbed hold of the other pair of claws and ATTACHED them to the right. The Wolf man could only watch and stare as he watched the plastic merge with the remaining bits of his youth, turning them palms deep big and meaty as plastic remixes its polymerisation with a familiar material.
Sinking deep into his skin as if it’s part of the character itself. A mixture of realities between the actor and the character, like Jackman with an added bonus. Delicious bits spread throughout his shirt the moment his thick meaty guns are completed, Pecs and abs resisting from exploding as they progressively harden to cobblestone.
His left completed the full-bearded image of the right, granting the full handsome ruggedness most men have in Sydney. Hair being combed backwards, applying some natural gel as it whips up into the fluffy Werewolf’s mane. Eyes clicked, nose jagged, teeth sharpening until it completes his whole bestiality.
His butt crunches, and it squeezes out its unfitness and insecurity. Bouncing as the perfect –solid butt you’d wanna spank and have. His right leg nearly completion as it tightens and explodes the remaining identification of the former 24 year old. Manhood on overdrive as though it’s been worked on for ages, his acting career, his bod N rod, and his confidence.
Wolverine, Hugh Jackman, kicked aside the broken shoes to the trash. “Those are a little too small for me eh?” He chuckled, being 46 years old and all grown up. He’d definitely need Hugher ones to fit his feet. What can they say? That he should’ve been big foot? Haha, mine are just decent sized mate. A Perfect size for someone like me.
He swaggered out of the room, “It was nice of them to give me these awesome powers for a bit!” He chuckled, expressing gratitude for the producers allowing him to have another test-a-go with the Wolverine claws. Hugh Jackman had to prepare for the next movie coming up soon, and what better way than to be in character mentally and physically?
As he began to recite a scene, he ripped apart the torn and tattered bits of the plain T-shirt that clinged onto his body. Hirsute expressed about shamelessly, causing drools to drip as they admire his righteous bod. With a large STOMP, He let out a mighty–


W.I.P Art trade for a friend. @ericetienne aka @ericatnite. Still a LOOOOOT to finish. Such as Light, perspective fixing & details. His two babes have a crazy potential for creativity. I could have done NSFW but i just got triggered by how much charisma for so simple art style they had into them.

Here, I went with his dom wolf girl ‘ Agatha ‘ being a merc with her bud the polar bear ‘ Iva ‘. Motherly, kind and cheerful . Together, they hunt some bad guys in some Canadians landscape in their mighty military truck.

Now they just chilling in their favorite rest road restaurant after a good mission. Dude. The way @ericetienne draw them, would make on of the most awesome duo cartoon network character. Mixing powerpuff girls (old school version) and cowboy bebop. I WANT THIS.

“A modern day Dudley Do-Right, Constable Benton Fraser is a Canadian Mountie who goes to Chicago with his pet wolf to find his father’s murderer. Extremely polite and moral, Fraser eventually teams up with streetwise Detective Ray Vecchio, choosing to stay in Chicago after uncovering corruption in the RCMP makes him persona non grata at home.”