canadian stereotypes

Sometimes I feel like a dick running this blog.

Because in order for people to pay attention to these issues I not only have to talk about the issues but I have to break down positive stereotypes and myths about how Canada is a utopia and perfect and all that jazz. Sometimes I feel like I’m crashing someones birthday party.

I enjoy the Canadian stereotypes too. They’re funny and help form part of a Canadian identity, but they also shield people from what really goes on in Canada.

I’m not being cynical without just cause. It serves a purpose.

I think its really fun to embrace the ‘Canadian’ stereotypes (like we are so nice, country is so nice blah blah) and I dont think we should stop because its a positive influence on our culture for sure, but just as long as we can turn around and admit that we are quite flawed and have issues just as serious as the united states (who we like to distance ourselves from greatly despite lots of cultural overlap)


“Rick Mercer on Annoying Canadian Stereotypes”