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The Cast of Overwatch as People I've had on the Self Checkouts @ Canadian Tire
  • Soldier 76: Takes him a minute to realize it's the self-checkouts and not just a tiny till. Doesn't ask for help if something goes wrong, just stands there and waits for you to realize
  • Reaper: Curses out the self-checks as he uses them. Constantly telling them to "shut the fuck up", but refuses to use the mute button. Actually punches the self checkout sceens
  • Sombra: She's always done her transaction before you realize she's even there. Never takes her Canadian Tire Money, yet comes in bi-weekly to get it put on her card
  • Tracer (and Emily): Tracer is constantly remembering things to add to the bill last minute, be it a drink, chips, or the thing they came in for specifically. They also stand there and kiss/grab each others asses while they wait for the payment to go through. Tracer's card never is accepted for tapping
  • Ana: She marches right up to you and hands you her item, waiting for you to scan it for her (which you do-- it's your job). Always buys something heavy, but waits until the last moment to ask for a hand out, even if you already asked her if she needed one and she said no
  • Mercy: Shoves her hands in your hair, then informs you that you "have bad dandruff". Always picks the same, broken, SCO, and wonders why we haven't fixed it yet
  • Always has a 5$ bill that doesn't work, but refuses to swap it out. "It's fine, no worries!" she says, putting a crisp, new 100$ bill in for her 3.50$ purchase.
  • Lucio: There's always an issue with his SCO, but he's polite about it. Fluffs the bags when he takes one, and tries to put any that fall off back for you.
  • Reinhardt: Puts his basket of things on the weight scale and acts confused when the machine screams at him to take it off. Somehow manages to fit enough stuff on the scale that it overloads and we have to move things into a second cart
  • Torbjorn: complains because you have to scan in every item individually. Makes jokes about grabbing a hammer and "fixing" the machines for you
  • Junkrat: Lets you know, with pride in his voice, that his disgusting Canadian Tire money was found in a dumpster and that's why it's wet. Uses change for what the bills don't cover.
  • Winston: Very polite, but needs help with almost everything. Leans on the weight scale and you have to ask hm to stop 4 or 5 times
  • Zenyatta: Everything goes perfectly. You joke about them being broken, but "liking him" and he agrees. You feel like you've spoken to the Self-Checkouts master
  • Hanzo: Grunts when you say hello at first, but is friendly when you go to help him deal with a useless UPC code. Forgets his cashback 9 out of 10 times, but you always catch him before he leaves
  • Genji: He buys the weirdest things, and always asked you to help him find things you're not sure you have in store ("Sir, what is a greased nipple used for?") Walks into the window because he thinks it's the out doors
  • Roadhog: Doesn't talk much, but askes for large bags or garbage bags to carry his things in. Never takes his reciept
  • McCree: Complains that we think he's stealing when things have to be walked up, and hits the self-checkouts with more force than nessasary. Wants to know how we can stand being there all day while the computer talks
  • Mei: Double Bags everything, up to and including her bags of chips. Wants a sale or discount price on something with damaged packaging but perfect product.
  • Zarya: Doesn't want help getting her things outside and is, frankly, offended that you asked. Also doesn't let you scan things for her, and complains that the self-checkouts are stealing jobs
  • Widowmaker: Brings ammo up to the self-checkouts, and is disgusted when you tell her she'll have to go through the tills. If she does use the SCO's, she puts her purse on the weight scale.
  • Pharah: Checks and double checks every price for the things she rings in. Leaves 3-4 times to check the price, and is surprised (and happy) when you give her the week before price on something.
  • Symmetra: Hates the Self-Checkouts. Makes snide comments to it, but is v happy about the mute button. Has over 3000$ canadian tire money on her card, but doesn't use it. Lets you know when the till tape is almost finished.
  • Bastion: is a self-checkout

A Shovel with a Hole in it — The MacAdam Shield Shovel,

One of the great Canadian inventions in history, the MacAdam Shield Shovel was an interesting tool designed to give Canadian soldiers extra protection while fighting in the trenches of World War I.  Invented by Ena MacAdams, secretary to Canadian Defense Minister Sam Hughes, the MacAdam shield shovel was intended to be used both as a tradition shovel and as a piece of armor for the soldiers. The shovel was made from 3/16ths of an inch thick steel and had a 3.5x2 inch hole in it.  

The handle was detachable and revealed a spike which was to be driven into the ground. The shovel’s hole served a port through which a soldier inserted the muzzle of his rifle, the hole being just large enough for the soldier to have a small sight picture, and thus the soldier could fire from prone while the shovel would deflect enemy bullets.

Unfortunately the MacAdam shield shovel made neither a good shield nor a good shovel..  Despite being made of thicker steel it was incapable of sufficiently deflecting bullets.  Due to it’s extra weight it became a nuisance to carry and was harder to wield as a shovel.  Finally, it made a terrible shovel for the same reason that a spoon with a large hole in it would make a terrible soup spoon.

24,000 shield shovels were produced, most being ditched by Canadian soldiers shortly after arrival in Europe. The shield shovel project was discontinued, and most shovels were collected and sold for scrap metal.

Members of Operation IMPACT carry the flag draped casket of their fallen comrade, Sergeant Andrew Doiron, onto a CC-177 Globemaster for the final journey home during a ramp ceremony in Kuwait on March 9, 2015. 

Photo: OP Impact, DND

Des militaires participant à l’opération Impact portent le cercueil recouvert d’un drapeau de leur camarade disparu, le sergent Andrew Doiron, vers un CC177 Globemaster à bord duquel la dépouille sera rapatriée, lors d’une cérémonie d’adieu au Koweït, le 9 mars 2015.

Photo : Op Impact, MDN