canadian boys

Shawn Mendes-Paparazzi

Requested: anonymous

Word Count: 743
Warnings: N/A
Summary: You and Shawn try to squeeze by the paparazzi to your hotel. But one move on their part, sets Shawn off.
~ ~ ~

Shawn gets out of his car and walks to the passenger side to get you out.
Luckily you two were in an underground garage in Toronto where the fans weren’t knowing of. The paps though, knew and were blinding you and Shawn while the bodyguards had their sunglasses on as they got to you and the young singer.

Shawn opened the passenger door and extended his hand to you.
You pop your legs out after taking his hand and accepting his help out of his car.

Shawn beeps his car to a lock and pockets his keys before properly lacing his fingers with yours.

A body guard was behind, infront and beside you both.
The crazy paparazzi call your names and ask for you to look at the camera.
But you and Shawn keep your gaze to the ground as you both try to make your way to the hotel Shawn booked for two nights.
It would maybe be a 5 minute walk.

The wind blew your hair back over your shoulders and gave you a slight chill from the misty air.
Shawn still kept a firm hold on your hand, not wanting to lose you.

A sudden pap manages to grasp your shoulder trying to get you to look at him, “Dont touch me!” You blurt out and shrug him off.
The bodyguard specifically beside you, hears and turns around to knock him back in place.
Shawn obviously hears too and stops to tell off the obnoxious pap.
“Excuse me. Excuse me” Shawn says, trying to remain calm as he looked at the man who took this opportunity to snap pictures.
“Shawn” you say gently, trying to soothe him. But he stood firm.
John, the bodyguard who was beside you, knocks the camera to the floor and smashes it.
“Hey man!” The guy booms.
“Look, you do not touch my lady” Shawn begins firmly, “I dont care what you do to me but dont ever think of laying a single digit on her again, you hear me?”.
With that, we continue forward.
It wasn’t long before fans noticed Shawn Mendes on the streets.
They start swarming around us, the bodyguards having to get more firm.

You lean into Shawn’s shoulder, trying to hide your cheek from the cold.
Shawn has his hoodie up but he is still able to look down to you to see that you’re okay.

“Shawn! Shawn! Can I get a picture!?”
“Selfie please!”
“Can you sign my shoe please!?”
“Shawn! Sign my shirt please!?”
The demands from fangirls were endless.
“I’ll be out later guys” Shawn says more nicely than moments ago, as we approach the hotel.
The girls scream in excitement and some start jumping with joy.
* * *
Our luggage was brought up to our room for us, it was too risky for us to do it ourselves.

I sprawl out on the king sized bed, tired from trying to dodge the media all day.
Shawn was talking to his mum on the phone.
But hung up soon after just saying we got here fine and planned dinner tonight at his parent’s.

Shawn comes over to my side of the bed and places a hand on the small of my back,
“Are you okay? The man didnt hurt you?”.
“Yeah, Im fine, Shawn” I tiredly reply.
“Okay, just making sure” he says and bends down to kiss my exposed cheek while the rest of my face was stuffed in a pillow.
He rises and drags his hand to my bum.
I get up from my stomach and turn to sit on my bum while grabbing his hand.
“Sit with me?” You ask and run your hands up his arm, just below the elbow.
“I promised the fans I was going to see them” he says with a cheeky grin, knowing how to bug you.
“Please. I really want Shawn cuddles” you pout with puppy eyes.
He playfully rolls his eyes and then crawls on the bed, more specifically; over and on top of you.
His palms rest on each side of your head as your lips lock and you pull him closer by the collar of his sweater.
It was a passionate kiss dominated by the ever so lustful Shawn Mendes.

“What ever happened to cuddling?” You ask with a smile.
“Changed the idea around” he replied inbetween kisses.