canadian boys

Tied Up in You

Chloe is frustrated with a certain someone’s hairstyle.

This is a oneshot belated birthday gift for the lovely @twindoodle​!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY + 1 week you lovely bean!!!!🎂 🎉 🎁 (sorry for the delay!) 

This is based off one of twin’s cutest chlonath pieces (JK THEY ARE ALL EQUALLY AMAZING AND ADORABLE) (link for lovely art

(ao3 link)

Chloe glanced over her shoulder. looking towards the back of the room once more with a glare.

Of course he wasn’t even paying attention to the lecture and she scoffed lightly, watching him lean over his sketchbook. His red hair hung like a curtain over his face and how he managed to see what he was drawing was a mystery to her. Just to be sure, for her own well being, Chloe ran a hand through her ponytail, ensuring it was smooth and untangled.

Satisfied, even as she reminded herself to schedule another hair appointment for sometime this week, she turned back to her tablet, trying to catch up on her notes as class continued on.

But not even ten minutes had passed by and again she found herself turning in her seat. She couldn’t even see his eyes with the way his hair fell across his face and Chloe clicked her tongue.

“Miss Bourgeois!”

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