canadian boys

ok so I don’t have time to elaborate much bc I’m walking in downtown Calgary atm but this has been on my mind for the past few days and I just wanted to share

so I’ve seen a lot of Canadian keith headcanons and recently some Texan keith headcanons but consider this:

Keith living in Alberta. Mountain climbing and hiking and camping in national parks and loving the Rockies. Biking through mountain paths and getting hella good at driving. Childhood dreams of flying the helicopters that blow up the snow to set off controlled avalanches when roads are closed. Racing through the badlands. Loving the fossils and collecting the small ones that he finds himself and secretly hoping he’ll find a dinosaur one day. Highkey excited about the Calgary Stampede every single July. Unironically wears cowboy boots and he takes good care of them bc they’re expensive okay.

The boy has Canadian sass and sarcasm and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Also tbh the best part of Canadian Keith headcanons is imagining him butting heads with Lance about the proper spelling for “colour”.