According to a column by Murray Mandryk in the Star Phoenix, the racism in Saskatchewan (particularly surrounding Colten Boushie’s murder) is indigenous people’s fault, that crime on reservations is the root cause of everything; That if they got jobs, they wouldn’t face any backlash from bigots.

Victim blaming, racist stereotypes…This is journalism in 2016 in Saskatchewan?

Calgary Mom Told To 'Go Back To Your F**king Country' For Wearing Hijab
She had to call police.

A Calgary woman is sharing her experience after a trip out for snacks with her family ended with frightening verbal abuse.

Lubna Akl went to Peters’ Drive-In, an iconic Calgary fast food joint, on Wednesday evening with her three young children. She was wearing a hijab.

While she waited in line in her car to order, she heard blaring music. It was so loud she couldn’t place her order over the speaker.

When she looked toward the source of the noise, she saw a woman waving both middle fingers at her.

The woman was singing “go back to your f**king country you f**king c*nt,” Akl wrote in a Facebook post about the incident.

Akl though she might try to make the woman stop by pretending to take her photo with her phone, but it only aggravated her further.

“I put my phone up like I was snapping pictures only for her to rush out of her truck like a maniac, run to my car, again putting both middle fingers against my passenger window … keeping in mind my six-year-old, three-year-old and two-year-old are in the back seat.”

She got out of her car to confront the woman, who got nose-to-nose with her and told her to take off her “jabib” (hijab) and “go back to [her] country.”

Akl called police, who declined to lay any charges against the woman as there were no threats of violence, the Calgary Herald reported.

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That Study About Extremist Mosques in Canada Is Mostly Bullshit
There are a lot of problems with a study that a bunch of Canadian media outlets were quick to publish.

Another day, another sketchy report alleging Canada’s mosques are a hotbed for extremism.

On Tuesday, the Canadian Press published a story reporting that “many mosques and Islamic schools in Canada are placing young people at risk by espousing—or at least not condemning—extremist teachings.”

The story was published in the National Post with the headline: “Extremist literature common in many mosques and Islamic school libraries in Canada, study says.”

That study—which was purchased by VICE Canada for the outlandish price of $7—claims that “direct evidence shows that extremist ideology and radicalization are being advanced in Canada in mosques and Islamic associations.”

The story says the co-authors “base their findings on research conducted quietly in mosque libraries and Islamic schools.”

The report, called “The Lovers of Death?” says it “takes the reader inside the mosques [In Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto] and other forums to see the messages being put forward which are driving the youth into fighting for ISIS, dying as martyrs in Algeria or blowing themselves up as suicide bombers in Iraq or working against Canadian democracy and values.”

The co-authors’ strategy was to creep into mosques and take photos of bookshelves. The report doesn’t include any interviews with Muslims, young or otherwise.

However, that didn’t stop them from concluding that: “Many of those present during the visits to the libraries seemed sullen and sometimes angry. The traditional greetings of friendship were absent. This is consistent with the increasing general angriness of Islamist/extremist views being advanced in some local mosques.”

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Ravageurs dance. | Leonard Cohen - Dance me to the end of love

Justice For Abdirahman Abdi - events across Canada on Wednesday, August 24th
Justice For Abdirahman Abdi - events across Canada

Organizers are holding events in cities across Canada tomorrow, Wednesday August 24, to demand justice for Abdirahman Abdi, killed by Ottawa police on Sunday July 24, 2016.

The cities include Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener, Winnipeg, Edmonton, and (virtually) Vancouver.

Then on Thursday August 25, a Black Community Town Hall and Healing Forum will be held in Ottawa.

In addition, the Justice For Abdirahman Coalition are asking people to contact their elected representatives to let them know they stand in solidarity with the Abdi family.

Details for each of the above follow:



Ontario FB events: https://www.facebook.com/blacklivesmatterTO/events


Includes media contacts from BLM-TO, and listing of all actions 



The Justice For Abdirahman Coalition is asking people to contact their elected representatives to let them know they stand in solidarity with the Abdi family. A user-friendly online email campaign can be found at www.justiceforabdirahman.ca

Campaign FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/587002694815974
CONTACT: info@justiceforabdirahman.ca, 613-325-7104


Black Town Hall and Healing Forum, Thursday 25/08/2016
6-8pm @ 945 Wellington St. W, Community Room

The Canadian Somali Mothers Association (CSMA) invites anyone and everyone from the black communities of Ottawa to a discussion on collective healing, self-care, and justice following the tragic death of Abdirahman Abdi.

The panelists will discuss anti-blackness in Canada, safety, social and economic inequity that black peoples face on a daily basis, and the effects of systemic inequity on black/racialized peoples mental health and well-being.

The forum will also invite members of Ottawa’s black communities to an action committee that will continue the quest for justice for Abdirahman and the many black/racialized peoples who have lost their lives to state violence because of anti-black and systemic racism.

Food and refreshments will be served.

CONTACT: “Canadian-Somali Mothers Association, canadian.somali.mothers@gmail.com


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Let death of Abdirahman Abdi be last of its kind

Podcast: Anti-Black sanism in the police killing of Abdirahman Abdi, and more broadly

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Yesterday I was mentioning to a friend how much my mat smelled of rubber when I’ve had it for almost a year and have even washed it twice.

Today I found this in my mailbox; amazing smelling mat spray, a calming mist for before and/or after practice and a esstienal oil reliever… What a kind gift!

Excited to try them all out!

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